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'Travel to Sweden' Restrictions Eased for Long-distance Relationship Couples

International travel restrictions during the novel coronavirus pandemic have made it hard for millions of long-distance relationship couples (LDR couples) around the world. In many cases, the long-distance part has been forced because of closed borders in the wake of positive cases of COVID-19. However, the restrictions on travel to Sweden for long-distance couples traveling from neighboring Nordic countries such as Norway, Finland, and Denmark have been eased to a great extent. If you're looking to travel to Sweden to meet your LDR partner or spouse, here's the latest information on who can travel and how to go about it.

Finland and Sweden

As of June 2020 (around the middle of the month), border restrictions have been loosened for people visiting their long-distance relationship partner or spouse. You aren't required to be married or even living together but you'll need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days once you get to your destination. You will most probably be asked to give your LDR partner's address and name for verification purposes but the ban on leisure travel has been lifted for people in a serious relationship.

Sweden and Norway

Norway had closed its borders to travelers from most regions of Sweden except a few like Blekinge, Kronoberg, and Skåne, and the Gotland region. On July 13, 2020, those restrictions have been lifted to a great degree. From mid-July, a 90-day travel period is being granted; however, you will have to self-isolate when you get there, you should have met your partner at least once before, and you should have been in the LDR for a period of at least nine months prior to applying for a permit to travel. You'll need to fill out a form in Norwegian to provide these details, but it's more than likely to pass through once verification has been conducted.

Sweden and Denmark

The rules in Denmark are a little different. Although the restrictions on travel from other Nordic countries are still in place, people who have tested negative for the novel coronavirus are allowed to enter even if they're from a region with a relatively high infection rate. The good news is that no such qualification is required if you're traveling to meet a partner of at least three months. The catch is that you should have spent time together prior to applying, even if only for a short while. The partner residing in Denmark will need to fill out a form before making travel plans. Fortunately, there are almost no restrictions for traveling to Sweden from any of these countries. The only travel restrictions in place are in other Nordic countries, specifically for those traveling from these countries into Sweden. Four regions are currently tagged as being "safe" to travel to, and these are the three aforementioned regions (see Sweden to Norway) and Västerbotten. Please keep in mind that travel restrictions for International passengers keep changing at a rapid pace, so always check with the local authorities or the embassy of the country you intend to travel to for the most current information. If you plan to travel to Sweden from - or from Sweden to - any one of the countries we've listed here, be sure to take all precautions that you can. Travel light, carry your own food (home-prepared, preferably) and water, keep your social distance at all times, and wash and/or sanitize your hands whenever you can. Keep yourself safe and you can soon be with your long-distance lover. Good luck, and please visit us again for the latest news on all LDR-related topics in the days to come.
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