Friendship Lamps

Tap your lamp and your friend’s lamp turns on!

Friendship lamps are the unique way to connect with people you love across the States and around the world!  Simply tap your lamp and your friend’s lamp will turn on!  Send colors, convey messages and bridge the gap in the distance that separates you!

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How do Friendship Lamps work?

Friendship Lamps help you stay connected with friends and family! When you see the lamp lighting up in another color, it indicates that your loved one is thinking of you.

What are the features

Wi-fi Ready

Simply plug in your Friendship Lamp and establish a Wi-Fi connection.

Global company

Friendship Lamps are a global product, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

100% quality assurance

At Friendship Lamps, we are passionate about our work and the lamps we manufacture

Easy to connect

Our Friendship Lamps are amazingly easy to set up. All it needs is the touch of a hand to connect with someone you love anywhere.

Great gift idea

It’s natural for people to know that the people they love, care about them too.

Available online

You can purchase your Friendship Lamp conveniently online.

We ship globally too

We operate globally and our objective is to help people everywhere connect with their near and dear ones, regardless of where they are.

Easy to set up

The Friendship Lamp can be set up very easily and if you need any help or have any questions, simply contact us and we will respond quickly.


Plug it in

Simply plug in your Friendship Lamp and establish a Wi-Fi connection.


Connect it

Connect the Friendship Lamp to your personal group ID.


Enjoy it

Touch the lamp and let your special ones know that they are on your mind!

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Product Reviews

  • Shellie Smith
    Wednesday, January 20, 2021

    LOVE my friendship lamps! I chose these lamps because I love the clean classic style. It looks beautiful on my mantle next to my pillar candles. They shipped quickly and the customer service was outstanding! I emailed them with a question and they were so helpful and responded within an hour of my request. Thank you Friendship Lamps for keeping my family connected!

  • Nicole
    Tuesday, January 19, 2021

    I purchased these for my daughter and her best friend. They have so much fun communicating back and forth with the different colors. Very fast shipping and easy to setup!

  • Trisha
    Monday, January 18, 2021

    Friendship lamps are a great idea! My boys bought one for their dad for Christmas so that they can stay connected while they aren't together. Love the look and super easy set up. The lamps did take a while to arrive but I ordered them at Thanksgiving and they were still here is plenty of time for Christmas. My only complaint is that if we want to get one for the grandparents, I need to buy a new set. I wish you could have multiple groups set up so that we wouldn't need another lamp at our house, grandma could receive one, and not be on the same group as my ex-husband.

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