Mix & Match Bundles

Mix & Match Bundles

Save an additional 10% by mixing & matching from our wide range of Friendship Lamps! Our connected devices talk to each other and can even share colors. Make your own bundle by picking from any of the designs below.

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“We love our lamps! I ordered 7 and gave them to all of my moms grandchildren and great grandchildren for Mother's Day because we are all spread out across the country 💜”

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“Absolutely love it! My bestfriend moved to Florida in August and I'm in New York. It definitely makes me feel a lot closer to her ❤️”

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“We purchased these awesome lamps for our grandkids. The family is stationed in Japan. We are going to buy another light for our newly deployed son... So we can all know when the other is thinking of them”

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“It's a smart idea to sync light colors and send messages via this cute lamp. The set-up instructions are easy to follow. You can record messages and send them to the other lamp- which is very cute. The app lets you create any color and send it to your lamp and the other. It's a cool gadget and I enjoy using this to connect with family that's far away.”

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