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Why You Should NOT Buy a friendship lamp Cheap

The Friendship Lamp is a proprietary brand of connected table lamps that work with your Wi-Fi connection. When two lamps are connected to their respective Wi-Fi networks in different locations (across the room or across the globe), touching one lamp automatically triggers the other one to light up in a particular color. As such, the Friendship Lamp is an ideal tool to instantly communicate your affection across the miles and stay connected with the people you love. Unfortunately, a slew of other brands that offer so-called "affordable" touch lights or Wi-Fi touch lamps have been spawned based on the success that we've had with the Friendship lamp. But buying a friendship lamp cheap is probably the worst thing you could do, for several reasons that we've outlined here. To avoid any confusion, please note the F and L capital letters in our proprietary model versus the lower case f and l in other products.

Why buying a friendship lamp cheap is a bad idea

Reason #1: Quality

The obvious reason for not buying an "affordable" Wi-Fi touch light is that the build quality will be equal to the price of the product. Our own Friendship Lamps are carefully priced and have very reasonable margins, with the bulk of your money going toward the manufacturing process and superior materials used. In addition, we need to pay our employees and keep advertising the product so we can reach more potential users, so what you're doing is actually supporting our company and allowing us to stay in business, and profitably so because profits only come at scale. You are actively helping us achieve that scale with every purchase or referral. As for the quality of our Friendship Lamps, you can rest assured that the materials are sourced responsibly and sustainably. There is a high degree of environmental stewardship involved at both the procurement level for materials as well as the manufacturing level. Moreover, your concerns as a consumer are prioritized as part of our 100% money-back guarantee and various warranties we offer. All you need to do is take a look at the reviews from our existing patrons and you'll see that we deliver on what we promise - both figuratively and literally. On the other hand, unscrupulous operators who offer a cheap friendship lamp (notice the lower-case f and l) will usually make big promises but cut corners wherever they can. The build quality will be poor, the defect rates will usually be high, and the materials likely won't be sustainably sourced. The end result is a cheaper price for you, but tons of headaches and problems to deal with down the road. Besides, there's no way you'll be absolutely satisfied with the lamp's look, performance, or value for money.

Reason #2: Safety

Since this is an electrical product, the way the electrical components are assembled is very critical to the safety of the end-user. In other words, you! At FriendLamps, we source superior materials and components and combined that will skilled assembly expertise to give you a product that's safe enough for your child to use. Additionally, once the Friendship Lamp is set up, all you need to do is tap the sensor plate, which is conveniently placed at the top of the lamp; hence, safe enough for a child to simply tap to let her grandma miles away know that she's being thought of at that very moment! No fiddling with switches and sliders to activate the lamp. One tap and your color message is instantly received at the other end.

Reason #3: Visual Appeal

The Friendship Lamp from FriendLamps has a thoughtful design that's lightweight and easy on the eyes. An appealing blend of touch-friendly materials ensures that the lamp goes with any interior decor theme, whether it's a traditional wood-panel room or an ultra-modern den. The lamps also have a small footprint to make sure they take up very little space. That expands the options you have for placing it where you want to - in the living room, your study, the kitchen, or the bedroom; the choice is entirely yours because the Friendship Lamp looks great anywhere.

Reason #4: Experience

A product is only as good as its user experience. That's why we've made sure that you enjoy a delightful experience with our Friendship Lamps. From how the controls and ports are located, to how the lamp is operated, to how easy it is to set it up, to the sheer pleasure you give to the person with the other connected lamp when you touch it, our entire process is based on how convenient and pleasurable your experience will be.

Genuine Friendship Lamps: Experience the Difference

In addition to that, we've made sure that you're not stuck with a plug pin that won't work in certain countries. Since we ship globally, we only send you a USB cable in the box so you can use it in with any mobile phone charging wall brick or wall block that you already have. That way, you won't need to hunt around for an adapter in case the pin is a mismatch with the wall outlet. In stark contrast, when you buy a friendship lamp cheap, you'll experience all sorts of difficulties. The controls might not work properly, it might be too hard to set up, the Wi-Fi connection might keep dropping, there might be delays in the signal being sent over the Internet, and so on. What you save in dollars or pounds, you will certainly pay in frustration. That's no way to experience the beauty of such an innovative product as the Friendship Lamp. That's like buying a fake iPhone. We wouldn't do it, and we're sure that you wouldn't, either.

Reason #5: Value

Possibly the hardest thing for a physical product like the Friendship lamp to achieve is that elusive thing called value. Some people see value from a price perspective. While there's nothing wrong with that, true value comes from how much you're getting in return for what you've paid. With our Friendship Lamps, you'll see the value as soon as you start using it. Many of the value aspects are totally intangible. For instance, what price would you put on that grandma's feelings when she sees her lamp lighting up in the color her granddaughter picked? That's the kind of value we're talking about, and the Friendship Lamp offers plenty of that, for friends, long-distance lovers and spouses, family members who live far away, and just about anyone separated by physical distance who needs an instant and highly effective tool to communicate a simple "I'm thinking of you right now." Very few products offer that sort of value nowadays, which is what makes Friendship Lamps stand out from the crowd of connected products. We prefer connecting people.

Genuine Friendship Lamps: Experience the Difference

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