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How Do I Safely Celebrate Easter Sunday 2021?

That's a question a lot of us are asking this year. In 2020, most of us never even had the chance to celebrate this important holiday, but Easter Sunday 2021 can be different. We're now more aware of the dangers of social interaction without proper precautions and most of the country is starting to reopen again. With nearly 30% of the population now having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, things are already looking better. So, how can you safely celebrate this year's Easter Sunday? Let's dive in...

10 ways to celebrate Easter safely from home this year

Of course, the first point should be the most obvious:

#1: Stay at home if you can

Don't risk it when we're this close to being at the end of this nightmare. It's tempting to want to visit friends and relatives on this special day but please be aware of the risks now, more than ever. We're too close to the finish line to put everything on the line. If you want to go to your local church, make sure you follow all social distancing and mask-wearing norms.

There are tons of things you can do at home. Order your Easter eggs online and have them delivered in a contactless manner. Invite some kids from the neighborhood for a treasure hunt in your yard. But do it all at home to ensure your safety and that of others around you. Provide hand sanitizer and washing soap outside and insist that everyone wear a mask. Better safe than sorry!

#2: Have a Virtual Easter Brunch

Get together online with friends and have a virtual brunch on Easter Sunday. Some great food ideas are mushroom-stuffed baked potatoes, a simple quiche, or a biscuits-and-gravy bake.

For dessert, you can try making something yummy like cinnamon rolls or a classic lemon cake. Be sure to order your ingredients online. Most cities now have one or two-hour delivery services for groceries so don't risk going to the supermarket when you can get everything delivered safely to your doorstep.

#3: Drop gifts and food off at your neighbors' homes

People love getting surprise gifts on their porches, and Easter Sunday 2021 is a great occasion to gift little knick-knacks and food items - Easter eggs, cookies, candy, etc. A quick trip to your local dollar store will yield a ton of treasures without your wallet feeling the pinch.

#4: Visit church online

If you're comfortable doing it, attend an online service rather than going to church in person. Don't dress casually - dress up in your Easter Sunday bests so you can take family photos after the service. If you like, you can invite some close friends or family over and attend a virtual service together. You may need to cast it on your big TV for everyone to be able to see clearly.

#5: Bake a cake

This is an absolute must-do for Easter Sunday 2021. Why break tradition now? Put on your most colorful apron and get baking. There are tons of ideas to choose from depending on your level of expertise with the oven. A simple sponge cake with frosting will do nicely.

#6: Drive around and wish people from the safety of your car

This is the best way of getting yourself seen but staying safe at the same time. Take a drive with the family and wave to everyone you know. Keep the windows up, though, and make sure the car’s ventilation is set to internal circulation only.

#7: The Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Ah, those childhood memories of destroying the house and the yard looking for those rare and precious  - not to mention absolutely delicious - eggs that had cute little gifts and candy inside them. Bring those memories back with a safe Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in 2021. Leave clues and make it as hard or as easy as you want. The point is to have fun, not to attempt to outwit Sherlock Holmes with your clues!

#8: Host a Bible discussion or study group

If you’re not the religious type, you can swap the Bible reading for more secular options like children’s books or an Easter-themed movie like Hop! Invite friends or family over and make it a memorable session. You can have the kids or even adults take turns reading various parts of the book.

#9: Meet the family

We often get so wrapped up in our own worlds that we tend to forget that we have family out there. Set up a virtual family get-together on Sunday evening after the celebrations are over. Get some talking points ready ahead of time, such as cousin Greta’s new baby or that new car Uncle Jack just bought. You don’t want everyone to talk at the same time so having talking points is a good way to subtly moderate the call.

#10: Appreciate the spirit of Easter

Easter is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. It is a time to look forward, not backward. We’ve been given so many blessings this past year despite the ongoing challenges so be grateful and thank God for them. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

This Easter Sunday 2021, remember that we’re so lucky to be alive and well. Things are getting better by the day and life is slowly getting back to normal. Pray for things to go smoothly for the remainder of the year but be grateful for what you have today.

Happy Easter!


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