How do Friendship Lamps work?

How do Friendship Lamps work?? If you have just purchased a friend lamp, you’d want to know how it works and what comes in the pack. Friend Lamps are extremely unique and advanced devices that allow you to connect with someone you love, across the miles. These lamps are extremely simple and our global company sells them in pairs or single units. Every friendship lamp comes with its own user manual and a USB cable. This means, it is very easy to plug in your friendship lamp in any location across the world. Our products are also covered by a 12-month local warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. Each friendship lamp is manufactured under stringent quality standards which means you are assured of the best products at a great price. Aside from this, we also understand that you would be eager to get your friendship lamp once you have ordered it. This is why we offer very quick shipping and you will get your lamp in a matter of 1 to 3 business days after you have placed your order. This means if you want to get a friendship lamp to someone who is traveling, or you need one for yourself, you are assured of quick delivery. How Friend Lamps Work Friend lamps are very easy to operate and this is how they work: When your lamp is delivered to your doorstep, you only have to unbox it and plug the device into any USB point. Connect it to a Wi-Fi network and begin using it without delay. If you have some doubts about how to use the friend lamp, you can always send us an email asking for assistance. However, the setup is extremely easy and a user Manual has details about the steps to follow. Once you have connected the lamp to the Wi-Fi, you can set up your own personal family ID and choose a color of your choice. Every time you touch the lamp, it would light up in your specific color. The lamps that are interconnected within that particular group would also light up in that same color. When someone else from your group (regardless of where they are in the world), touches their lamp, your lamp will light up in the color they have set. The Fun And Unique Way To Connect This is one of the most amazing ways to instantly connect with someone you love. It’s true that you can always pick up your phone and make a call to that person. But sometimes, this doesn’t become feasible. People lead busy schedules and may also live in different time zones depending on which state and country they are in. This also means it isn’t practical for them to call someone every time you think of them. However, touching your lamp and sending them a powerful and sweet message is one of the simplest and most non-intrusive ways of telling someone you care. As you can see, this is a very interactive and fun way to keep in touch with people you love, regardless of where they are. For any more information, feel free to contact Friendship Lamps via this Online Form.
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