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Good Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2020 with Fast Shipping (2-5 Days for Some)

Father's Day this year falls on June 21, 2020. Are you looking for unique gift ideas for Father's Day that also ship quickly? This year, there may be delays with shipping because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, which means the earlier you buy your Father's Day gifts for dad, the more likely it will arrive in time for his special day. Finding a Father's Day present can be hard, especially if you're used to buying socks and underwear every year! Here are some good Father's Day gifts that ship quickly, typically within 2-5 days in the contiguous United States but possibly a little later this year, depending on where you both live and what the lockdown situations are like at the time of ordering. For your convenience, we've categorized the gifts based on the type of relationship you have with your dad and the kind of person he is. We've also provided buyer tips to make it easier for you. Hopefully, it will help you make a better decision for this year's special day for daddies around the world. But move quickly or you might miss these great gifts for dad.

Relationship Gift Ideas for Dad

This category of gifts will give your dad lasting memories through to Father's Day 2021 and beyond. They're meant to enrich and nurture your relationship with your father over time, acting as constant reminders that will last a lifetime.

Friendship Lamps

Friendship Lamps - the ideal gift for father's day June 21, 2020 A pair of friendship lamps - one for your dad and one for you - would be a great Father's Day gift idea if you live away from your folks. Once these Internet-capable lamps are set up, touch your lamp and his lamp will light up in a color you chose. It's that simple. These friendship lamps, or long-distance touch lamps, work on Wi-Fi. Your lamp is connected to your local Wi-Fi in your home and his lamp will be connected to your parents' home Wi-Fi. The setup is super-simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. The lamps are a great way to send your love any time of day or night without worrying about disturbing dad's nap or daily schedule - it's perfect when you're in a different time zone as well. No more fretting about what you're going to say to dad when you call him - just touch the lamp and it's lights on! This is one of the best gift ideas this Father's Day because it will mean a lot to him every time he sees the lamp light up in the color you chose. It will help strengthen your relationship without the need for words, which is useful if your dad is not usually very expressive. Tips for Buyers: FriendLamps offers high-quality products that ship within 2-5 days in the contiguous United States. Some delays may occur due to the current restrictions on the flow of e-commerce goods, so hurry up and order your friendship lamps now. Please place separate orders to ship to different locations.

Digital Photo Frame with Wi-Fi

Great father's day gift - digital photo frame with wifi There are tons of digital photo frames on sites like Amazon but not all of them have Wi-Fi support. If they don't, they'll only be able to rotate through a bunch of photos. On the other hand, one that supports Wi-Fi and has an app to control the images means that new photos can be sent from anywhere in the world! Imagine being on holiday in Australia and sending your dad a photo of a kangaroo or a koala in real-time. He'll be enjoying the moments as you're experiencing them. What a fantastic way to foster a dad-son/dad-daughter relationship, right? Useful Tips for Buyers: Go to Amazon and type in "digital photo frame with wi-fi" and see what options are available in your price range. They start somewhere around $70 for a 7-inch frame and the sizes go all the way up to a massive 19 inches that's perfect for an accent wall. Also, be sure to check that it ships in a few days as opposed to a week or more.

Teach Dad How to Use Technology

daughter teaching dad with laptop If your father has always been a technophobe, you probably don't want to get him a new iPhone for Father's Day. However, you can certainly set up a Netflix account or buy him an Amazon Prime subscription. Show him how to use these platforms so it creates a stronger bond between the two of you. The time you spend on teaching your father will remind him of all the things he taught you when you were younger. The nostalgic effect combined with the bonding power of such activities will do your relationship a heap of good. If your dad lives in a different town or country, why not show your dad how to use Skype or Zoom and connect with you whenever he feels like it? You can gradually work your way up to bigger things, and it will be time well spent on strengthening your relationship and rapport with your dad. If you didn't have a very good bond during your early years, this is the chance to fix things with your father. Useful Purchase Tips: Make sure that he'll actually use what you buy him, even if it's a simple thing like a Spotify subscription. Put yourself in his shoes when shopping for Father's Day gift ideas like what we've suggested here. And DO make sure that you follow-through on the 'let's figure out how to use this thing' part of the equation, which is sort of the whole purpose.

Do a Project Together (woodwork, electronics, etc.)

fathers day gift - dad and son woodwork project Men love a hard day's work hammering, sawing, planing, and generally goofing around with wood projects. You can consider buying whatever you need for a birdbath, a dog house, a tool shed, etc. Everything is available online these days, even building materials. Besides, there are even projects that you can do that can be sold online. Who doesn't like to make extra cash and feel productive at the same time? If your dad is more tech-savvy, you can buy a robot assembly kit or an electronics hobby product. For car lovers, you can consider buying the parts he's always wanted but never had the time to go out and buy. The two of you can then putter around the garage for a few days putting the parts in. There's little that compares to working on a car project with your dad. The time you spend together will never be forgotten by either of you, and it will keep coming up in future conversations for as long as he's alive. "Hey, remember that time when we put in the retrofixemupathingamajig in the old family Buick?" Handy Buying Tips: Along with your gift, be sure to set aside some time for the project as well. You don't want it sitting in the garage forever just because you failed to plan ahead. Things tend to overtake you, like life. Even if all you can manage is a couple of hours on alternate weekends or collaborating over Skype, the results are worth the effort. The mode or method doesn't matter; the time spent together does.

Practical Gifting Possibilities for Father's Day

Whether they're used for special occasions or on a regular basis, these utilitarian gifts keep giving and giving. They offer the perfect balance of uniqueness and usability, offering a lifetime's worth of value.

Whiskey Stones

whiskey stones - father's day present These premium pebbles are great for Father's Day if your dad is into Scotch. It also comes in other variants for wine, etc. They make an elegant gift that your dad can proudly show off to his friends with a flourish and a "see what my boy/girl got me for Father's Day!" Useful Tips for Buyers: Whiskey stones add an elegant touch to the evening but you can also consider other materials like stainless steel chilling cubes or balls. Whiskey stones are typically made from solid soapstone, a natural material that has been used by man for 5000 years. Since it's softer than granite, it won't scratch your whiskey glasses, which is why it's perfect for making whiskey stones.

A New Pair of Glasses

gift your father a pair of uv protection eyeglasses for father's day Take your dad out shopping for a new set of reading glasses or sunglasses. It'll be a fun experience and the gift keeps on giving long after you've forgotten you even bought it for him. Believe us, he's not going to forget the gesture. If he wears seeing eyeglasses on a regular basis, get an expensive pair that will last a while. Also, make sure the frame is sturdy enough to last a long time. Try to sneak a copy of his most recent prescription or just make up a story to get it from him. Buying Tips: Select the type of material for the lens carefully. You may want to consider coated lenses that provide UV protection, as well as anti-reflective lenses for people with photophobia or extreme sensitivity to light. The lenses also need to block blue light so if he's used to reading on a tablet before bed, it won't mess up his circadian rhythm and cause insomnia. That's always something to consider as we grow older. You may want to get an eyeglass chain or strap to help your dad avoid misplacing his glasses all the time. We've all done it even at our age, haven't we?

Stuff He Used to be Passionate About

dad at the grill - the perfect father's day gift Help dad to be more active during the day. A hobby book on a subject he'd like will fill up his hours and avoid the monotony that often comes with growing older. How about a cookbook with healthy recipes with simple ingredients? Or, if he's already a culinary buff, a new modern oven might be just the thing. Remember, he's bound to love a $20 book on easy baked dishes as much as a $1000 electric appliance, as long as it's coming from the right place. Guidance for Buyers: If you're unsure about what to buy, casually talk to your dad about his younger days and try to find out what he was passionate about before life and family consumed all his spare time. You might be surprised to learn that he always wanted to learn the guitar. Ping! There's your cue.

A Memory Charger for his iPhone

MEEM iphone charger with automatic backup - memory charger If you haven't heard of this one, it's a normal iPhone charger that comes with an in-line USB drive to back up all the data on the phone whenever it's plugged in for charging. It's a great device to have, and all the data is stored locally on the drive so there's no security risk. It will ensure that his phone is clean all the time and there's plenty of memory available for new media. It usually comes with an app where you can see all the backed-up data. Your dad will need to periodically transfer the backups to a PC or laptop each time it's full, but it's a relatively simple process that you can teach him in a few minutes. Besides, it won't be that often because it comes in a 128GB variant, which is plenty of space for the average iPhone user. Tips for Buyers: A cheaper alternative might be to turn on automatic backups to iCloud on your dad's iDevice. That way, you'll only have to pay for space upgrades when the free limit is used up. The pricing is quite reasonable, but don't forget that it's a recurring cost. See what works best for your wallet before choosing either option.

Quirky Father's Day Presents and Gag Gift Ideas

These are fun gifts that will delight dads with a sense of humor. They're not all silly but all of them are guaranteed to put a smile or ten on his face.

Bucket of Laughs

gag gift bucket for day's day If your dad has a well-honed funny bone or loves practical jokes, why not brighten up his special day with a bucket of laughs? Literally. Buy a plastic bucket and several gag gifts and pack it in a box that you previously bought something expensive in. Some ideas for small gag gifts: fake gnarly teeth to bring out the hillbilly in him, tin foil hat to prevent alien brain scans, inflatable moose head trophy for his den, nose flute (yup, it's a thing), etc. Advice for Buyers: There are hundreds of gifts you can choose from for well under $10 each and pack the bucket of laughs to the brim. Also, consider adding small magic tricks he can use to impress party guests. Wrap it up in cellophane and make it look classy.

Custom Bobblehead

father's day present - custom bobblehead Who doesn't love a bobblehead, especially if it's made to their likeness? All you need to do when ordering the product is to send a photo of your dad and tell the seller about his favorite hobby or passion. The made-to-order bobblehead typically takes a little longer to ship but it's well worth the wait, according to what many customers say. Tips to Purchase: Make sure you send a few photos with front and side profiles. The better the images, the easier it is to make the bobblehead look like your dad. Keep the hobbies to just one to avoid confusing the seller. You can even tell the seller what his profession is; that might help, too.

Ostrich Pillow

man using ostrich pillow asleep on a table - practical gift for father's day Dad having a hard time sleeping on the go? Here's a funny yet functional gift he can use whenever he travels. No more annoying conversations with people he barely knows on the airplane. Just peace and quiet until he's caught up on his sleep. The dark interior cuts out all light, giving him a night-like experience that increases the production of melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone. The covering also cuts out ambient noise, helping him sleep better. Buyer Tips: The pillow also comes in several differently-shaped variants so you have more of a choice. The entire head is covered so he can sleep just about anywhere - sitting on the couch, at a table, on a plane, in the car, etc.

LIfe-sized T-Rex Skeleton (no, really!)

Life-size replica of a T-Rex skeleton - ultimate father's day gift For the man who has everything. If money is no object and your dad has the space for a 40-foot T-Rex skeleton, you can consider this ultimate $100,000 quirky gift for Father's Day. This full set of 190 bones is a same-size replica of the one that archaeologists found in South Dakota in 1992. For that kind of money, you obviously expect some add-ons, so a complimentary assembly crew will be sent to your location to set it up. You can choose any pose for the T-Rex as long as it's anatomically practical. Of course, it won't ship fast because of the size and weight, but you can call the company (Hammacher Schlemmer - 1-800-227-3528) and ask them about special delivery for Father's Day. Buyer Advice: If your budget is a lot lower than that, you can purchase a replica of just the T-Rex's skull, which will set you back about $9,500.

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