51 National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas for Him that are "Affordable, Not Cheap!"

National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 every year. This year, surprise your boyfriend with an affordable yet memorable item from this extensive list of gift ideas for him. He's probably one of the two most important men in your life right now so, if he's a catch, these gift ideas will keep him hooked on you. To be honest, every day is National Boyfriend Day as far as we're concerned. We don't care, do we, boys? The gift ideas for him are divided into five different categories - for the outdoorsman, for the handyman/DIY lover, for the artistic man, for the man with a funny bone, and generic gifts if you have a new boyfriend and you're not sure what category he fits into. We've also added a 51st gift idea as a bonus. That one's really special because it will help you bond together and 'stay connected' like little else can. Do check it out before you go. Enjoy!

10 Gift Ideas For the Outdoorsy Type of Boyfriend

If your boyfriend loves spending time outdoors, going on hikes, backpack traveling, going camping, fishing or hunting, or even hosting cookouts and barbecues in the back yard, these gifts will be perfect for him. 1 - Portable Espresso Machine - Fresh espresso as he looks out from his tent onto majestic mountaintops or expansive lakes? Why not? this portable coffee maker will definitely make it to his must-carry checklist for every outdoor trip he'll ever go on. And you might, too! 2 - DIY Fire Pit - For those aromatic barbecue nights in the backyard, what can be more perfect than a 'do-it-yourself fire pit turns into a standing barbecue with a grill on top'? Unless you're an outdoorsy kind of girl yourself, you might need some help using power tools, so why not ask one of his buddies to help create this innovative gift? 3 - Destination Map - If your boyfriend is a frequent traveler constantly looking for new places to visit, you can consider buying him a destination map so he can mark his trails. Depending on whether he prefers international or domestic travel, get a map of the world or the country and have it put up as a wall hanging. 4 - Hiking Refreshments in a Pouch - You can put together a collection of snacks, tea, and other refreshments for your hiker boyfriend on Nation Boyfriend Day or any other day of the year. Consider adding some nutritious foods like nuts, energy bars, tea squares, peanut brittle, etc. that are convenient and healthy. Switch them with low-carb and low-cal options if that's his thing. 5 - Portable Hatchet and Machete Combo - A 'Hatchete', we suppose? This cool tool is a must-have for any man who pits himself against the wilderness, but it's also great for clearing an overgrown backyard! High utility factor and quality materials - make sure you get something that's rated high by customers who've bought it before. The Omniblade shown in this image is a great choice but there are also a lot of other design variations. 6 - Hiker's Compass - To make sure your boyfriend doesn't get lost on the trail and always comes back to you, get him a hiker's compass. These rugged direction pointers will steer him right in any situation. Oh, wait, isn't that your job? 7 - Popup Lantern and Bluetooth Speaker - Light and music. Who doesn't love that on a camping trip? This cool Bluetooth speaker pops out into a bright lantern to light the way or create a beautiful ambiance on your next trip to the wild. Who says an outdoor experience has to lack modern facilities? 8 - Sleeping Pad - This camper-friendly sleeping pad is a proprietary model, but you can easily find something similar on Amazon. Essentially an air-mattress, the pattern on this particular item from Klymit minimizes heat loss on those cold nights outdoors. 9 - Hand Warmer by Zippo - Perfect for carrying around when snowboarding, skiing, and pursuing other icy sports. Also great for stargazing on a cold night from your porch. Runs for about 12 hours at a stretch. 10 - Headband Lamp - During nighttime outdoor activities, a headlamp will keep your hands free for other things. They typically come with adjustable straps but see if there are size options before you buy one.

10 National Boyfriend Day Gift Ideas for the DIY Hobbyist Dude

Okay, so your man is not into 'the great outdoors', but he might be a keen handyman or have a hobby he's passionate about. For that kind of boyfriend, we've got some great gift suggestions that you won't need to mortgage your home for. 11 - Magnetic Wristband - Is your boyfriend constantly looking for places to keep the nails, the screws, the screwdriver, the spanner, and so on while he's working? A magnetic wristband works like an amazing little 'hold this for a minute would you' assistant so the smaller stuff is always within reach. 12 - Power Tools - Men who love working around the house always seem to want that awesome-sounding power tool with a name like ChainMaster 2000 NailBlaster 5000 or AutoMech Pro X or... well, you get the idea. So, why not indulge his craving for powerful-sounding power tools and get him a one-handed cordless saw (sounds like the bad guy in a gory movie, right?) or a rotary hammer and watch his eyes pop out of their sockets when he opens your present. 13 - Leather Toolbelt - Every handyman needs a toolbelt, but make sure you get a good brand that will last a long time. Not all toolbelts are created alike. If you want, you can complement them with a new set of tools to replace his rusty and aging ones. 14 - Golf Gear - It's not cheap, but if your boyfriend is into this expensive sport (wait, it's a sport???), then some trendy golf pants or a nice golf cap might just make him pay attention to you again. 15 - Make your Own Hot Sauce Concoction Kit - Yup, there are ready kits available with some of the more popular hot sauce brands and other paraphernalia that your boyfriend can use to create his own unique style of hotness. Make sure, though, that it comes with gloves included, or use your own - but use them. 16 - Sunography Kit - If you've never heard of it, solar photography or sunography is a way to develop photos in sunlight, giving the photos a blue color and, hence, their name: cyanotypes. The kit comes with six sheets of photography paper (photosensitive paper). You can place an object or a photo negative on the paper and leave it in direct sunlight until the image is formed. 17 - Molecular Gastronomy Kit - Molecular gastronomy is an increasingly popular style of cooking involving chemical and physical transformations. Most kits come with recipes and all the basic tools like pipettes and special ingredients. 18 - Metal Stamping Kit - This beautifully assembled work of art helps you create your own works of art on metal - jewelry and other metallic objects. Everything you need is in there - the hammer, the straight tape, the anvil, and, of course, the metal stamps themselves, all neatly packed in a portable plastic box. 19 - Kombucha Brewing Kit - Why pay so much more at the store when your boyfriend can make his very own blend of kombucha right at home? Kombucha is a kind of fermented sweet tea that's delicious and healthy - but in moderation, of course. 20 - Recording Gear for a Laptop - Does your boyfriend fancy himself as a guitarist or a bass player? If he's into that, encourage him to start recording his tunes with some basic recording gear that's compatible with any laptop, Windows or Mac. Such kits are readily available, or you can put together various components on your own. A little research goes a long way!

10 Gift Ideas for Your Artistic Boyfriend

Is your guy more of an artist? Does he have a good eye for color and design? Maybe he loves interior design or a little rock-scaping in the garden. Perhaps he paints or does sketches. Whatever his artistic tilt, there's bound to be a perfect gift for him. 21 - Temporary Tattoo Kit - You don't have to be a biker to love tattoos! This home tattoo kit (temporary, of course) will have your man on the edge of his seat as he tries to put his designs on everyone he knows. Let him do his thing. 22 - Sketching Wallet - This is a neat little sketching kit for those who love to be outdoors and draw whatever they see. It comes with a sketch pad, an eraser, a sharpener, and graphite pencils. The foldable pouch neatly tucks into his trouser pocket or the back pocket of his favorite denims. 23 - 3D Printing Pen - This one allows your man to fly free with his creativity and draw realistic 3D creations. 24 - A Painter's Palette - For serious painters using oil pastels and other mediums, a professional artist's palette will be the perfect gift. A good quality palette should last him for years and years. 25 - Block Printing Kit - Block printing can be a lot of fun once you really get into it. If you think he'll give it a go, get him a linoleum block printing starter kit with all the basics - the inks, the lino cutter, the bench hooks, the inking plate, and so on. It also comes with detailed instructions on how to get started with our very first block print design. 26 - Natural Oil Paints - If he's already into oil painting, buy a set of natural oil paint colors. The kit includes colors, the medium, and the solvent. All of them are eco-friendly and natural, which will be perfect for the environmentally conscious boyfriend. 27 - Fabric Printing Kit - If your boyfriend loves wearing printed tees, why not get him a fabric printing or painting kit? Those are two different things, of course, so see what he'll prefer. The printing kits are easier because they usually come with a bunch of templates or stencils. 28 - Artist's Apron - Painting is a messy job, so save his clothes by getting him to wear a cool artist's apron with a custom saying printed on it. Something like "This is What a Superstar Artist Looks Like!" He'll absolutely wear it and love it every time he does. 29 - Wood Sculpting or Whittling Starter Kit - Maybe painting's not his thing. If he's better with working wood, you can try getting him a whittling kit for wood. It'll keep him occupied for hours and it might not give him enough time to miss you, so be warned. Wood blocks are usually included. 30 - Camera Accessories - Of course, the best DSLR cameras and main accessories like the lenses can be very expensive. However, other accessories like tripods or carry cases come in generic brands as well. Do an inventory of what he already has and what he needs. That will help you zero in on that perfect gift to complement his photography kit.

10 Generic Gift Ideas for a New Boyfriend

If you don't know enough about our boyfriend yet to know the kind of person he is, then a generic gift will be playing it safe. 31 - Grill Tools - Barbecue grill tools are a safe bet because the majority of men love a good cookout. You can buy a quality firestarter, a meat thermometer, a drumstick grill rack, or anything to do with grilling. 32 - Touchscreen Cleaning Kit - Everyone's got gadgets, so a cleaning kit for touchscreen devices will be perfect for any type of boyfriend. 33 - Grooming Kit for Men - This is another safe standard gift that appeals to most men. Most such kits come with a trimmer, some shaving gear, foam, lotions, after-shave, etc. There are plenty of great brands out there with products ranging from $20 to $100 and above, perfect for any budget. 34 - Emergency Phone Charging Power Bank Keychain - There are power banks and there are power banks. But if you need something to get you out of a pinch when your battery icon flashes red and your phone's about to die, a keychain emergency power bank is exactly what you need. Give your man that extra surge of power at the end of a tiring day - for his phone, that is. 35 - Portable Laptop Stand - Health experts say that it's harmful to have your laptop on your lap when working. The ideal solution is a portable stand for your boyfriend's MacBook Pro or Windows laptop. There are tons of variants - plain, with a mouse tray, height-adjustable, etc. - for you to choose from and they're not that expensive. Even the good ones are well under $50. 36 - Utility Bracelet - A cool leather and metal bracelet with a screwdriver and a pocket knife built into it might be an ideal gift for any guy. However, there are plenty of poor-quality knock-offs on the market so it's better to pay a little extra for a genuine leather strap and high-grade stainless steel components. 37 - Gadget Organizer - You can think about getting a cool leather portable gadget organizer for your boyfriend's phone, charger, wireless, mouse, USB drives, smartwatch, and a lot more. Elastic bands keep each item in place and the whole thing can be folded and zipped up to keep them safe during travel or when not in use. 38 - 3D Laser-cut Metal Model Kit - This awesome 3D model-building kit is made from neatly cut metal pieces and looks awesome when put together. It's a great way to spend time together with your boyfriend on a project before placing it on the mantle for a very modern look. 39 - SSD External Drive - SSDs, or solid-state drives, are faster than standard HDDs. If your boyfriend runs his laptop's operating system off such an external drive, the startup and response times are much faster. He'll think you suddenly 'teched-up' to buy him such a thoughtful gift. He's guaranteed to love it no matter what device he uses. 40 - Car Mount for a Smartphone - A suction-cup-type smartphone car holder is a great thing to have when you depend on your phone for everything. He can play music or make calls using the car's Bluetooth system. Hands-free is always the safest approach to in-car phone use.

10 Fun Gifts for a Humorous Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day

If your boyfriend has a humorous side or a funny streak, or just likes to play gags on you, here's your turn to dish it out! These gifts are fun for all and pretty harmless. 41 - Beard Baubles - Why just dress up the Christmas tree and not your man. If he sports a mean beard, here's a way to soften up the look. These colorful baubles come with or without lights - battery-operated if they do, so they're safe enough. 42 - Target Light for the Toilet - Is the toilet seat always wet when you want to use it? Yuck! Get him to aim better with the toilet target light. It's useful (to you) and (for him), too. It's actually meant for toddlers but you know what they say - boys will be boys! 43 - Finger Twister - Remember the hours of fun you had as a kid playing Twister? This is a table version of the famous game, but for your hands. Even more hours of laughter as you twist your fingers into impossible positions to win the game. Who's more dextrous? You'll definitely find out, with this fun game. 44 - Love Candle - with an Offer He Can't Refuse! - From finger twister to arm twister! The message on this candle starts out nice but adds an unmistakable tinge of Fatal Attraction at the end. It's funny ha-ha, for sure, but keep a serious face on when he opens it up and watch the expression on his face when he reads the message! 45 - Snoop Dogg Recipe Book - Really? Sure, what's rap without 'great thyme-ing'? Get your man in the kitchen with these delectable recipes from The Doggfather hisself! 46 - Darth Vader Toaster - Slices of toast with Darth Vader's imprint burned onto them? Sounds like fun, right? The Empire toaster costs about thirty bucks but will get a lot of laughs when you and your boyfriends have guests over for breakfast. 47 - Funny Face Masks - Face masks are going to be the new normal for a long time, so why not invest in some fun face masks depicting his favorite superheroes or non-fictional characters. 48 - Candy Cigarettes - Boyfriend trying to kick the habit? Help him out with these candy cigarettes. They're delicious and they'll give him something to hold between his fingers other than their nasty-smelling tobacco counterparts. 49 - No Tear Toilet Paper - Switch his regular toilet paper with this non-tearing roll. You will have him begging for mercy after the next big job! Psst, get him to promise you a diamond ring when he cries out: "I'll do whatever you want... pleeeeeease!" 50 - World's Hottest Gummy Bear - Is your boyfriend constantly taunting you about your inability to handle spicy food? Give him the real acid test with the world's hottest Gummy Bear. The package contains 1 Lil' Nitro Gummy Bear piece, which is the equivalent of 900 jalapenos! More than enough to set his tongue on fire, wouldn't you say? He'll never taunt you again, and that's a promise!

51 - Bonus Gift Idea for Him and Her: Friendship Lamps - Set of 2

Friendship Lamps for couples in a long distance relationship Friendship Lamps are all the rage today. They're basically two lamps connected to their respective Wi-Fi in two different locations. That can be in two rooms or in two cities on opposite sides of the world. It doesn't matter. As long as they're connected and turned on, if you touch the sensor plate on one of the lamps, the other one instantly lights up in a custom color you can pick during the setup process. The way it works is that both lamps are connected to the same Group ID. One lamp for you and one for your boyfriend. It's perfect for long-distance couples or couples who don't live together. Use it as a signaling device to say "Good morning", "Good night", "I love you", "Thinking of you", and so on.

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