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41 Gift Ideas for a Long-distance Boyfriend

A long-distance relationship or LDR (if you’re new to the acronym) is a tough course to navigate because it puts in your way an obstacle that potentially has the power to break the strongest of bonds - removing physical proximity.

Of course, romantic relationships between lovers from different cities, countries, and continents are not new. History is replete with stories of love letters from celebrities to their paramours, often sent from great distances: Napoleon’s letters to Joséphine, the mysterious letter to his “Immortal Love” written by Beethoven that was only discovered after his death, the romantic ramblings of Mark Twain to his future wife Olivia Langdon, and many such penned ponies that swiftly galloped away to deliver their mushy messages across the miles.

Okay, so fast forward a few decades or centuries and we still struggle with long-distance communication in romantic relationships. But we don’t write letters anymore. We send emojis instead. Regardless, communication is still the keystone of any relationship, whether it’s a geographically proximal relationship or a long-distance romance.

But there’s also another secret weapon in the fight to stay connected in an LDR, and that’s called gifting. And it’s even more fun than traditional communication. Sometimes, it’s a little bit of both, like our first showcase long-distance boyfriend gift for today:

Long-distance Touch Lamp: These touch lamps are another way to make you feel close when you're apart. Each person connects their lamp to their respective WiFi network, and when one person touches their lamp, the other person’s lamp will light up in the color assigned to the first lamp. A unique way to tell him you are thinking of him without worrying if he’s available or not.

Pillowcase: A nice gift for your boyfriend who loves receiving hugs. This microfiber pillowcase will fit a standard size pillow and is super soft with words printed saying “ Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me”. Wish him sweet dreams every night while gifting the pillow and he will love it.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand: This adjustable stand is compatible with any iPhone and most Android phones. Gift your boyfriend this cell phone stand. Video calling or facetime will be much more convenient. He can place it on his desk or even his bedside table which will remind him of you. 

Travel Pillow: This adjustable travel pillow is useful for long flights, or train and bus journeys. This pillow encircles your neck to give you extra support and is fully adjustable and built for custom comfort. You can adjust the pillow according to your sleeping position. It is lightweight and compact and comes with a waterproof carry bag to protect your pillow. A great gift for your boyfriend who travels a lot.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smart Watch: This smartwatch with tools for heart health, stress management, and skin temperature is trending on several e-commerce sites. A lovely gift for your boyfriend on his birthday if he is a health and fitness freak. He will cherish your gift forever.

The Fragrance Duo: This is a pair of irresistible Eau de Parfum fragrances crafted by
Russel Wilson and Ciara held within two entwined magnetic bottles. They’re a great gift for your boyfriend that you and he can split when you’re apart and combine when you're together. 

10 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame: This is a digital picture frame that allows you to email and upload photos directly to the frame’s display. You can surprise your guy with new pictures on a daily basis. A thoughtful gift for your boyfriend who is oceans apart.

Why I Miss You Book: This will make a good gift for your long-distance boyfriend. You can personalize it by filling in the blanks of this small volume. This book comes in hardcover with a removable, clear plastic jacket; the dimensions are 4.5 x 3.25 inches, and it consists of 112 pages. You can fill in the blanks with “I miss you because you mean the world to me”, “I miss you because you are my sunshine”. You can write a number of I miss you notes that your man can enjoy at leisure.

Long-distance Message in a Bottle: You can write love messages and put it inside the bottle. Open one message a day. Let him keep the gift as a remembrance, You can write any message, it could be a funny message or a love note. It’s the best gift for a boyfriend who’s a romantic.

Letters to open: You can fill this book of letters with words of encouragement, motivation, love, etc. Seal each envelope and send the book as a gift to your long-distance boyfriend. He can open a letter when he is feeling low, sad and needs encouraging words.

A Digital Photo Frame: Nixplay 10.1-inch smart photo - frame WIDF black - digital WiFi picture frame with 1280x800 HD Display. This frame gives you control over images and to share them where you want to. This will make a great gift for your long-distance boyfriend. You can email photos of the two of you for instant display or any other pictures that bring back memories of the time that you both spent together, Create different photo playlists or you can send multiple playlists. A wonderful gift for him to think of you every time he sees it.

I Love You Keychain: This is an engraved wooden key chain, made with the highest quality of walnut wood, preserving its natural wood grain and with words “I Love You More Than the Miles Between Us” and an image of a world map. This makes a beautiful gift for your boyfriend, who is miles apart. One way to show him that distance doesn’t matter when you are in love.

Travel Duffle Bag set: This makes an ideal gift to your long-distance boyfriend. If he travels a lot, then this is a wonderful gift idea. This bag is designed to be carry-on luggage and comes with a shoe compartment at the side of the duffle bag to keep your shoes separately. It can also double-up as a toiletries bag that is convenient for storing your essentials. 

Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earphones: These Powerbeats wireless earbuds are sweat-resistant, and they’ll give you about 15 hours of listening time. The built-in microphone will shut out all the external noises when your boyfriend is on a call with you. A wonderful gift to your long-distance boyfriend. He can speak to you for hours without worrying about the battery being drained out.


Dual Time Zone Wall Clock: This will make a good gift for your boyfriend who lives away from you. The clock will show two different time zones, one in the large dial and the other in the smaller one. With this clock, you don't have to look further, every time you see the time, you’ll know your partner’s time. You will not get confused about the timings with this dual time zone clock. This clock will make calls, skyping, or video calling more convenient because he’ll know when exactly to call you.

Oceanstar Bamboo Recipe Box:  You can gift this Bamboo recipe box to your long-distance boyfriend, who would love to try his hand at cooking. You can store recipe cards, with step-by-step instructions on cooking your partner’s favorite dishes. This recipe box comes with a divider for organization. You can write and put your recipes in the box and send it to your boyfriend as a gift. He will really love to try those recipes and cook himself his favorite meals.

Keepster Book: this is a customizable book, where you can pick and save your most important or favorite messages and organize them into folders that can be printed into a book. You can save messages that you and your partner exchanged, be it funny, serious, or sweet messages. You can open whenever you miss your partner and read those conversations you have had with your partner.

HoMedics Shiatsu Select Foot Massager with Heat: A thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, whose work involves a lot of walking around. This foot massager will soothe his tired legs without him having to touch his feet. This is a smart massager, with rotating heads and 12 massage nodes for a full rub-down. It also has a built-in heater to private low-grade, relaxing heat to help increase the relaxation factor.

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket: This is a soft blanket with your favorite song personalized in the middle with a shape of a heart. An ideal gift for your long-distance boyfriend on his special day, to remind him how much you love and care.

Custom Made Socks: These socks are made from high-quality polyester and are very soft and comfortable. You can custom-print your personalized photo on this lovely pair of crew socks and gift it to your boyfriend. When he wears the socks, it will show your image (the person he loves) to everyone, and will go wherever he goes. It’s a perfect gift for your long-distance boyfriend.

Handwritten letters: Send your boyfriend a whole bunch of your handwritten love letters. You can pack these letters in an envelope and seal them. It will be the best gift because you have poured out your emotions, your heart into the letters. He can preserve and cherish these handwritten letters and read them when he feels lonely.

Love you candle: This candle comes in mahogany teakwood, lavender and earthy wood scented soy wax candles that will last for almost 40 hours. A good gift for your long-distance boyfriend. These candles smell and look great. The aroma from the candle will make your boyfriend feel your presence around him.

The Trimmer: This trimmer is waterproof and handles coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls. It is rust-resistant and hygienic. It has a replaceable ceramic blade module featuring extra sensitive technology to prevent nicks and snags. An ideal and useful gift for your long-distance boyfriend.

Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine: This comes with a travel case Grey/White 2 piece set (Pack of 2). This will make the best gift to your partner if he lives in a noisy environment. White noise is a collection of sounds that has the same intensity through the audible range, creating a uniform sound, perfect for turning loud disruptions into nothing. White noise “smooths” out your audible environment for sleeping, studying, focussing, and more!

The Sill Hoya Heart Plant: This is a lovely gift for your boyfriend who is a plant lover. This succulent is heart-shaped. It doesn't require water daily and it is easy to maintain. He can place it on his desk.

Sun Basket Meal Kit Subscription: This is a nourishing gift of a meal kit, like Sun Basket which provides your boyfriend with easy and delicious meals to make at home. You can customize their plan from there with options. You too can subscribe to the same plan and book your meals together and have your meals over a zoom call.

 A camera backpack: This makes an ideal gift for your long-distance boyfriend especially if your boyfriend loves traveling and taking pictures. This backpack is compact, lightweight, and functional. The jumper uses dividers to configure your camera setup. It’s removable padded divider makes it easy to fit your gear. He can carry his camera whenever he travels without the fear of it being damaged.

Personalized face pillows: This will make a thoughtful gift to your boyfriend, if he is missing you a lot. Get the image of your face on a pillow. He will feel your presence and can cuddle your face everytime he misses you. This pillow is made of high quality material.

A weighted blanket: Weighted blanket is made with super soft cotton material and is carefully constructed for breathability and temperature control. Gift this blanket to your boyfriend and make him feel that you are close to him.

A spinning heart messenger: This is a love note box you can give your long-distance boyfriend and send him your sentiments via the app. When the box receives your message, its red heart spins around like crazy till they open the lid to read it. A wonderful way to say how much you love him.

A microwavable omelet maker: This gift will make him try one more dish. He can make his own omelet. It is made of plastic and measures 12x12x5.25 inches (LxWxH). He will appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving it to him.

You are my Sunshine Wood Music Box: It is a cute little laser-carved music box with a good sound. Keep cranking the handle to play music. This melodic gift will make a great gift for your long-distance boyfriend.

Brass Easel and Calendar: This is a stand-alone piece that artfully combines a solid brass easel with premium quality papers to bring you a beautifully unique desk or tabletop display. A beautiful gift to your long-distance boyfriend. Just add 12 of your best-loved pictures of you both in the calendar, design it, and gift it to him. He can place it on his work table. A reminder of your constant companionship and love.

What I love about you and our memories: A fill-in-the-blank gift for any occasion, be it for your boyfriend's birthday or on Valentine’s Day. Fill in the blanks with what you love about your boyfriend and then gift the book to him. He will be thrilled to know how much you love him and value your relationship.

Instant Camera - Fujifilm Instax Mini: If your boyfriend is a photographer and loves to improve his talent, then this would be an ideal gift. He can instantly print photos from the camera itself, or take pictures on his phone and send them to a portable printer over Bluetooth. With this, he’ll be able to print photos instantly and can choose frames and filters that he likes.

Missing you Notes: These missing you notes come in mini decorative envelopes to be opened each day or anytime they’re needed. These kinds of notes will keep you connected despite the distance that separates you. Your boyfriend can pick up one note a day and read the message. A nice gift for your long-distance boyfriend. These notes will show him how much you care and love him.

Personalized Coordinates Bracelet: This is a cuff bracelet, with both latitude and longitude coordinates stamped on the outside and it makes a very personalized and romantic gift for your long-distance boyfriend. You can personalize the inside with a sweet message.

Long Distance State Coffee Mug: If you and your boyfriend stay oceans apart, then this will be a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. This is a personalized mug, featuring a map of the states you both live in, and the cities are marked with a heart dotted line and a heart connecting the two maps. He can sip his favorite cup of coffee from that mug while talking to you.

Personalized hand stamped Keychains: These personalized hand stamped couples keychains make a good gift for your long-distance boyfriend. You can give it on his birthday or any other occasion. He will love it.

Gift him a ticket: When you are in a long-distance relationship, and you miss your boyfriend dearly, book a ticket to ride for him to visit you. This can be a surprise gift for your boyfriend on his birthday and you both can celebrate it together. He will be excited to meet and spend time with you. 

Our Moments Couples: This is a conversation starter for relationships. It will help your long-distance boyfriend to start conversations easily. Gift your boyfriend and he won’t run out of topics to converse with you or anyone else. Our Moments is a series of thought-provoking games, ice breaker questions.
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