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Long-distance Friendship Lamps... For Your Kids Overseas... And Other Gift Ideas

by Editorial Team May 31, 2022 11 min read

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Mother's Day 2022: Long-distance Gift Ideas for Moms and Mom-alikes!

by Editorial Team May 02, 2022 30 min read

So, this Mother's Day 2022, what have you planned on buying for your Mommy Dearest?
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50+ Long-distance Friendship Gifts for Easter 2022

by Editorial Team March 31, 2022 28 min read

One of the top long-distance friendship gift choices that rapidly rose through the ranks of popularity when the pandemic originally hit - it's a simple but powerful concept based on two devices communicating with each other across the miles through their respective Wi-Fi networks. Nope, it's not a digital device - it's a table lamp!
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Long-distance Friendship Gifts for Easter 2022

by Editorial Team February 28, 2022 20 min read

The best long-distance friendship gifts for Easter 2022. Let's use the season of new life to bring a few sorely needed smiles to faces around the world - grandparents living alone, a friend who just moved to a new country, a widowed aunt living alone, your sister across the country that you haven't been able to meet for several months...
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The Best and Most Thoughtful Long-distance Relationship Gifts - Tech and More

by Editorial Team January 31, 2022 12 min read

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Common Mistakes that Long-distance Relationship (LDR) Couples Make

by Editorial Team January 30, 2022 20 min read

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2021 Christmas Gift Ideas for Long-distance Family Members

by Editorial Team December 01, 2021 27 min read

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Long-distance Couple Trouble? These 15 Tips Can Help You Sort Out Your Issues

by Editorial Team November 26, 2021 11 min read

Don’t get jumped by advanced symptoms just because you weren’t aware of a few practical ways to short out long-distance relationship issues. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.
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70 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Long-distance Family Members, Friends, and Special Someones

by Editorial Team November 23, 2021 20 min read

This year, whether you're Thanksgiving dinner is virtual or in-person, there's one thing you can make sure of - that everyone you love gets the gifts they're so eagerly waiting for from their favorite aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, spouse, partner, or sibling.
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How to End a Long-distance Relationship with a Guy and Still Stay Friends

by Editorial Team November 01, 2021 20 min read

It takes a lot of work and effort to keep a long-distance relationship going strong. But when the time comes for the two of you to part ways for good, there's little you can do except soften the blow so you can remain friends after it officially ends.
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