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What is a Long-distance Lamp or Wi-Fi Touch Light?

A unique type of table lamp has been creating an online buzz lately, and it is called a long-distance lamp, a Wi-Fi touch light, or a friendship lamp. What is it and what does it do? In this article, we'll explain what a long-distance lamp is, where you can get one, how it works, and why it's one of the best gift ideas for nurturing your long-distance relationship with a spouse, friend, or family member.

What is a Long-distance Lamp and Why is it also Called a Wi-Fi Touch Light?

A long-distance lamp is an Internet-connected table lamp that pairs with another lamp of its kind to form a sympathetic connection. The second lamp can be set up in the next room or across the world... it doesn't matter where. The two lamps are set up in such a way that if one of the lamps is touched (the sensor plate at the top), the other lamp lights up immediately in a specific color that you can choose during the initial set up. The reason it is also called a Wi-Fi touch light is that each lamp is connected to the Internet via your Wi-Fi network. This wireless capability gives you the freedom to place the lamp anywhere in your home or even office where the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. You can set up as many lamps to 'sync' with each other in this manner, and all of them will light up when one of the lamps is touched.

How Does the Second Long-distance Lamp Light Up in a Particular Color?

When you set up your lamps, both of them are connected to a single Group ID, which is a digital ID that is unique to your set of lamps. Any number of people can have their lamps signed into the same Group ID, which makes it possible for families or groups of friends or siblings to have their own individual lamps set up at their location. There are up to 10 color options you can choose from, which means 10 people in a group can have their own unique color. When they touch their lamp's sensor plate, all the other lamps in that group will light up at the same time, and in their chosen color.

Where and How Can I Order a Long-distance Lamp for Myself and My Friends and Family?

FriendLamps.com offers competitive rates, free shipping within the United States, a money-back guarantee, a one-year product warranty, and several other benefits. The best way to order multiple Wi-Fi touch lights is to place separate orders, each with its own shipping address. Once your payment goes through and the order is confirmed, it will be dispatched to the address provided. You will also receive an email containing set-up instructions and a unique Group ID you can use to connect several lamps to each other via the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. It's a fantastic gift idea for that special someone.

How Do I Set Up My Friendship Lamp?

The set-up process takes about two minutes and uses your smartphone to establish the connection between your home Wi-Fi and the lamp. The same process must be repeated for each individual friendship lamp. The video below explains how this is done and how to choose your preferred color during the setup process.

How Can a Relationship Lamp Help My Long-distance Relationship?

The psychology behind a friendship lamp or long-distance relationship lamp is quite simple but very powerful. It essentially offers a unique communication tool to convey to another person that you are thinking of them at that very moment. Dozens of our customers have attested to how it's a game-changer and how it helps them state mentally close to the ones they love, whether that's a long-distance relationship, a family member in another country, or a loved one who lives alone. Many say that it's one of the best gift ideas for grandparents because it encourages the grandchildren to literally reach out and touch their hearts by touching the lamp. A grandma living alone has her life figuratively light up when her lamp lights up in one of the colors of her grandkids. Imagine the thrill and joy you can bring to the loved ones in your life, especially senior citizens who may be feeling alone and unloved. You can read more about the psychology of relationship lamps here.

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