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Friendship lamps - the perfect accessory

Friendship lamps are a perfect accessory for two friends who are several towns or even several states apart. These friend lamps are good for best friends or significant others who are not able to be by each other's side. With just a touch, someone can let their companion know that they are thinking of them. A responding touch to a lit up lamp can be a unique and special way of saying "hello" or "I miss you". These friendship lamps aren't just for two people who are married or in a committed relationship. They're good for any two people who share a close relationship with one another. This long distance touch lamp can be used for a parent when their child goes away to college. Touching these lamps can be a non verbal way of saying good night or just to check in before going to bed. Or maybe someone has a sibling who is away at college. These lamps are great for siblings who are also best friends. If your childhood friend is moving away, get them a lost distance touch lamp. It makes a memorable going away present that doubles as a way to "keep in touch". If you currently have a long distance friendship, you can send them this touch lamp for their birthday. They will no doubt love the idea of friend lamps (and possibly finally having a lamp for their room). Friendship lamps can be unique and special friendship gifts. It can be a graduation present for two best friends who have been together since kindergarten. There isn't a more "touching" way to signify a lifelong friendship. DSCF6329 (1) Long distance touch lamps no doubt make special relationship gifts as well. It would be an appealing gift for a boyfriend to send to a girlfriend for Valentine's Day or her birthday. The same can go for a husband and wife. If the husband has to go away for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, a friendship lamp can be left behind. A friendship lamp can be meaningful to a wife for a husband who may be away from home often. When you touch your lamp, its connected lamp(s) will light up to alert your companion(s) with your chosen color. The response to them touching their lamp will be your lamp changing its color. Multiple lamps can be connected so that a whole group of friends can "communicate" and "stay in touch". Once all siblings are adults and moved out of the house, they can all have a group of lamps. Parents can stay connected to their children into adulthood with friendship lamps. Each lamp can be set to a certain color in order for everyone in the group to be color coordinated. Long distance touch lamps can be purchased online and shipped to wherever you are in the world. For United States residents, lamps can be shipped to your location along with a location in another state or country. Whether you have a spouse serving overseas or have a group of friends on another continent, you can get friendship lamps. It doesn't matter how close or far you are, you can easily stay connected to everyone you love through these lamps. These long distance touch lamps have no limitations. It doesn't matter if your relationship is romantic or platonic. Friendship lamps can be for any amount of people you care about. They're suitable for relationships of any kind. No distance is too far away for a connection. High school sweethearts, high school besties, single parents with an only child can all enjoy the joy and meaningfulness of a long distance touch lamp.
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