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The Biggest Problem in a Long Distance Relationship - And the Solution!

Long-distance relationships can be extremely difficult, especially if one of the partners is not comfortable with the distance. Long-distance relationships include one partner living in a different city than the other or even in another country. These types of relationships are often referred to as “long-distance” or “LDR”. However, long-distance relationships are not new and have been a part of society since the invention of communication technology. Over the years, people have developed strategies to enhance their long-distance relationships, especially when they experience challenges. Taking note of these strategies can help anyone who is currently in an LDR.

The Problem of Distance

Distance obviously plays a large role in long-distance relationships; being separated from your significant other can make you feel lonely and depressed. To have a strong relationship, both partners need to be comfortable with their physical distance from each other, which is a prerequisite to bridging the mental distance that often sets in after the initial period. For this reason, it is important to regularly communicate with your partner— either by phone or FaceTime, or any other means— to keep your relationship strong. Additionally, try to stay positive so that your mood doesn’t affect your partner’s mood when you speak with them. Any negative feelings towards your partner will undermine your relationship, causing you and your partner to feel lonely and depressed.

Regularly communicating with your partner helps your relationship stay strong; however, if you miss a scheduled communication, it can negatively affect both of your moods and throw off your relationship further. To avoid this, make sure you plan ahead when communicating with your significant other via long-distance methods such as email or text messages. This way, you won’t forget or neglect a scheduled conversation and end up creating extra stress for yourself and your relationship. By planning ahead and communicating regularly with your significant other, you can avoid any negative effects this has on both of you and keep your relationship strong!

But there's also a problem here; and, sometimes, it can be the biggest problem in a long-distance relationship. The problem is initiating the conversation. In the early days of an LDR, you want to constantly keep in touch and tell each other about your day. Over time, that attitude often changes because each of you has their own lives to live outside of your relationship. That's when communication starts getting harder, because you now have a psychological aspect to that distance separating you from your loved one.

Why Friendship Lamps?

Friendship lamps or long-distance touch lamps are unique because they can help you bridge that psychological distance and allow you to communicate with each other in a very important way - non-verbally! Yes, non-verbal cues such as physical touch, vision, sound, etc. are crucial to any relationship. But when we’re in a geographically close relationship or GCR, we tend to take simple things like sounds, sights, and touch for granted. Friendship lamps compensate for those ‘missing links’ by providing a way to instantly let the other person know that you’re thinking of them. In simple words, you touch your lamp, and his or her lamp lights up in a color you’ve chosen beforehand.

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How Do Friendship Lamps Work?

The basic mechanics of touch-triggered Wi-Fi lamps are quite simple. Each lamp connects to its local Wi-Fi to access the Internet. You then sign into the same network using a Group ID and the lamps are now interconnected. During the set-up, each lamp is assigned its own unique light color. When everything’s ready, touching one lamp triggers the other (or all the others, in the case of multiple lamps within the same Group ID) to light up in the color selected for the triggering lamp.

It works the other way, too, so whomever you reach out to can respond by touching their own lamp, which will cause your lamp to light up in their color. Simple, but brilliant, right?

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Why is Such Spontaneous Communication Important in an LDR?

Staying positive is key in any relationship; anything that makes you sad will make the person whom you are speaking with feel sad, too. If one of you has a bad day at work or is experiencing any other kind of stressors that make you feel unhappy, staying positive can be difficult while speaking with the other person. However, there are ways to help ensure that no matter how unhappy either of you feels at any point in time, both of you will remain positive while speaking with the other person via long-distance methods such as FaceTime or phone calls. One way to do this is by focusing on what makes each of you happy instead of dwelling on things that make one or both of you unhappy. Once both people are happy and focused on making their loved ones happy too, staying positive will be much easier while speaking via long-distance methods!

The Solution to Distance in a Long-distance Relationship

And this is exactly what Friendlamps offer: the opportunity to get on the same positive bandwidth before you speak to each other on the phone or through text messages. That’s why it’s crucial because it acts as a preemptive statement of acknowledgment that says “I’m thinking of you.”

Long-distance relationships are tough; staying positive while speaking with someone who lives far away from you can be tiresome and draining. To have a healthy long-distance relationship, both parties need to be comfortable living far apart from each other without feeling lonely or depressed. Regular communications between both parties help prevent this as it keeps strong relationships. Additionally, staying optimistic will help prevent misunderstandings between both parties as traveling blues will cause misunderstandings.

Using Friendship lamps will help you overcome that initial psychological distance because you are no more than a touch away from letting the other person know you’re thinking of them. Once that initial contact has been established, you’re both in a positive mood to extend that conversation into a chat or a talk.

Traditional methods of communication are great, but they often feel cumbersome or uncomfortable, and Friendlamps can help overcome that feeling because they’re non-confrontational and non-intrusive.

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