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The Best Memorial Day 2021 Gift for the War Veterans in your Family

Nearly every family in the United States has one, two, or three generations of men and women who served the country in some capacity in the Armed Forces. Today, May 31, 2021, is a very special Memorial Day because we now have a chance to truly appreciate the freedom and liberty they fought for. Over the past year, things have been almost war-like at home, which is all the more reason we make this day as festive as possible, remembering the fallen and celebrating those who returned.

At FriendLamps, we've dedicated the weekend to making our Friendship Lamps available at a steep discount so you can honor your family's soldiers in your own way. These Internet-connected lamps will be the highlight of the day for any veteran or military spouse living on their own. It's a way to connect with them any time of day or night to show that you're thinking of them and that you love them.

How Do Friendship Lamps Work?

Two lamps are connected in different locations (across the house or across the globe!) to their respective Wi-Fi networks and linked to each other with a unique Group ID. You can add as many FriendLamps to this ID as you like. Once connected, each lamp is assigned a color chosen by you. Every lamp comes with a range of colors you can pick from. When everything is set up, if one of the lamps is touched on the sensor plate at the top, every other lamp in that Group ID will light up simultaneously in the unique color of that lamp.

For instance, let's say you have one at your home and one set up for Grandpa Joe at his house. If you've chosen green and he's picked blue, each time you touch your lamp, his will light up in green. He can communicate back by touching his lamp, which will then cause yours to turn blue. It's simple to use and very easy to set up. But the value it brings in terms of being able to stay connected with the ones you love is much more than the sum of its parts.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Friendship Lamp?

If you follow the detailed instructions, it shouldn't take you more than two or three minutes to set up a lamp. You'll need your smartphone to help connect it to the local Wi-Fi network but there's no special app that you need to download for this. The best part is that you can move it to a new location and set it up with a new Wi-Fi network, but when you return to the original one, it is automatically remembered and connected to. That means you can carry it to work and back home to make sure you never miss any 'touch message' left by a close relative or friend.

Can I Get Help Setting It Up?

To be honest, the instructions that come with the lamp are all you need. Nevertheless, we want our customers to have a seamless experience so if you're facing any sort of difficulty setting up your lamp, just give us a call and one of our experienced customer services executives will walk you through the process until it's up and running.

Who Can Use Friendship Lamps?

Any two or more people who want to stay in touch using a unique system can use our Friendship Lamps. Our customer profiles speak for themselves:

  • Parents who want to stay connected with kids in college or working in a different city or country
  • Siblings who live in different parts of the world
  • Best friends separated by distance
  • Long-distance couples
  • Grandparents wanting to connect at any time with their grandkids far away
  • Close relatives living in different cities or different countries

Any number of lamps can be connected to the same Group ID, effectively linking them together in a closed-group network.

Creative Ways to Use the Friendship Lamp

Based on the usage reported by some of our customers, these lamps can be used to communicate in creative ways. For example, one long-distance couple uses back and forth codes for different things. One person touches their lamp. If they receive a response within 30 seconds, it means the other person is free to talk. If the first person touches the lamp again after receiving the response, it means 'get on FaceTime!' If the second person changes their mind or something suddenly comes up, they touch the lamp again to convey that.

You can set up your own coded messages with the person at the other end of the connection. For instance, touching your lamp on the hour, on the half hour, or at a random time can mean three different things. All you need to do is agree beforehand. One grandmother who bought six lamps for herself and her five grandkids says she's put up a little printed note on the wall above the lamp that tells her which color belongs to which grandchild. That way, she immediately knows who's connecting with her when the lamp lights up.

Are the Materials Responsibly Sourced?

Yes, our FriendLamps are manufactured at certified facilities that are accredited for best manufacturing, sourcing, and hiring practices. We also conduct random checks to ensure that they are always in compliance with the regulatory norms that are globally accepted.

What Are Your Quality Standards Like?

We value quality above all else. That's why we are confident in offering a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back policy on all purchases. We want to make sure that you're happy with your product and that it works as promised. At the back end, we do everything in our power to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met in every batch of Friendship Lamps produced and assembled.

Do You Offer a Manufacturer's Warranty?

Absolutely! Our 1-year warranty covers any product defect, and we will either repair or replace any faulty unit and bear any additional costs. All you need to do is let us know what the problem is and our customer service representatives will help with whatever you need. Please note that product defects are very rare because of the tight quality control systems we have put in place that cover the time from when a product is made until it is shipped to you.

Where Can I Buy These Friendship Lamps?

You're in the right place. You can place your order online here. This link will take you to the product page on this site (opens in a new window so you can keep reading here.)

If you need them shipped to different locations, please place multiple orders to help expedite the dispatch process.

Do You Ship the Lamps Overseas?

Yes, we can ship nearly anywhere in the world. If there's a physical address that accepts deliveries, we can send it there! U.S. orders are shipped free and they'll reach you faster due to our location. Orders to the contiguous United States are usually delivered within 2-5 business days and international orders are usually delivered in 5 to 15 business days. However, based on lockdown and other restrictions in specific countries, it's best that you order well in advance of when you need it.

What Are Your Customers Saying?

Our customers LOVE our product and keep coming back for additional units for other family members, friends, and loved ones. It's hard to describe the experience if you haven't used Friendship Lamps before, but many, many customers have been kind enough to tell us how they feel about FriendLamps. Here are a few testimonials from customers who have recently bought our lamps:

Dana T.
I love this lamp. Three of us have them and nothing makes me
happier than to see the lamp lite up with my friends different colors. Get one.

Holly L.
Purchased one for my mom, she lives in South Carolina. She loves it & we couldn’t be happier. Set up was easy even for my nontechnical mom. Definitely recommend.

Ranna M.
Just as an aside, we love the lamps. Last week several of my siblings noticed Dad's color on in the middle of the night. This was immediately after Mom's death. We were able to call Dad's doctor for some anti anxiety meds to allow him to sleep. He doesn't like to cause a fuss and I'm confident he never would have asked for help on his own. Now if one of us sees his color at 2 AM we can immediately call him to offer reassurance and company. As hard as losing Mom has been for us kids, it's harder for Dad as he hasn't lived alone in 55 years and we are all scattered across the country. Thank you so much for this simple, magical lamp.

Zaira J.
I bought one for my boyfriend and one for myself but there was a problem during shipment with my boyfriends lamp and it got lost, so I had to contact customer service. The people that helped me were all so great and understanding! They sent out a second lamp with no problem which I appreciate. We received the second lamp pretty quickly and we really love the lamps! Thank you!

Rebecca N.
I'm divorced I have joint custody with the ex. SO week on week off is hard on my 17 year old daughter. This lamp helps us to have more interaction on our off weeks away from each other.

Dana T.
I love this lamp. My BFF lives in Colorado. I bought a pair to share and it makes us feel so much more connected than a text. Noah, her son, taps each night to me: 1x for hug 2nd time for kisses. He’s 4.
I just bought another one for a friend that moved to Texas. I have several more friends to send to. I love this product.

Kimberly G.
Received my lamp for Mother's Day and it is the best present I could have ever received. Took a bit for this old soul to set-up but once I did it was amazing. This is the perfect gift for me and my daughter to stay connected with living oceans's better than texting! Thank you for making a Mom feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Janet L.
I got a set of two for a friend that was moving out of state for continuing her medical training as she would largely be alone during the time. We've enjoyed using it as a means of communication when either of us don't feel like using words to communicate. Pictured is her cat tapping the light to join in :)

Oh, we definitely had to show you the photo!

Nicole O.
I got for my best friends birthday because I’m moving schools and she almost cried!! She has been wanting it for a while and we got them!! I’m so glad I get to experience this great friendship tool with her!!

Crystal S.
I really like this purchase. Got a set for my close friend and I to bring us closer together, especially during the pandemic. Even while having a small issue with one of the lamps the company has been great at handling the issue!

Kathlene M.
I got this for myself here in USA and my bestie of 20 yrs who lives in Germany. She was surprised and happy. It feels great to see she is thinking of me. It’s awesome to be able to tell her I’m thinking of her. Just seeing my light makes me remember how much I luv n care for my friend. This is the best thing ever for those who care for others who live apart far or near!!!


Are you ready to buy your first pair of Friendship Lamps yet? If you need more information, we invite you to read this article.

All good? Here's where to buy Friendship Lamps!


Afterthought: Why Are Friendship Lamps Such Great Emotional Gifts?

Friendship Lamps make great gifts, but do you know why? The psychology behind it is very simple. When we see something that we associate with something or someone positive, it immediately uplifts us. If we're in a bad mood or worried about something, our brain immediately releases hormones that make us feel better. At the end of the day, how something makes you feel is far more relevant to your mental well-being than what that thing is.

And that's exactly what happens when your lamp lights up in the color that a loved one has chosen for their lamp. Your mood improves almost instantly, you start to feel better about yourself, and it's great for your heart and physical well-being, too. Scientists have proven that we feel better about ourselves when someone recognizes our value, and that's what's happening when something thinks about you and there's visible evidence of that in the form of your lamp lighting up.

We haven't commissioned any psychological studies on the benefits of using Friendship Lamps, but we've seen first-hand the way it improves relationships between people who love each other. And we're tremendously proud to be part of making that happen.

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