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The Best Long-distance Friendship Gifts for 2021

July 30, 2021. National Friendship Day. Woohoo!

How will you be celebrating National Friendship Day this year? A gathering of close friends? A party with your best buds? How about sending special gifts to your long-distance friends across the country or across the world? This year, as we marathon though the last stretch of the pandemic, let us celebrate our long-distance friendships and long-distance relationships by gifting those special someones with some unique and creative presents.

We've put together a non-exhaustive list of potential gift items you can consider for long-distance friends, relatives, or spouses. Take a look and see what you might like to buy them this year.

Double Circles Necklace

long-distance friendship gift

Sometimes it's hard to say thank you to those you're grateful to for the friendship they've shared with you over the years, but even the slightest touch of generosity can enhance a friendship. Express your gratitude to your true spiritual sisters through this heartfelt gift. It is handmade and the length of the necklace is 18 inches. The height is 11 millimeters and the width is 17 mm. This amazing necklace is made of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. The item also includes a gold-plated gold jewelry box, a blank card to record a personal note (unless sent directly to the recipient) and a velvet jewelry bag.

Hand Stamped Key Chain

keychain gift for a long-distance friend

This keychain is simple, adorable, and thoughtful. This custom hand-stamped keychain features the map of the U.S.A. A hand-stamped heart will be placed near any two cities of your choice. You can buy one for yourself or give it as the perfect gift for a loved one who stays far away from you in a different city. This keychain is perfect for Long Distance Relationships. The size of this keychain is roughly 2 x 1.5 inches and each piece is given a brushed finish. The material used is high quality, lightweight, and tarnish-free aluminum.


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Friendship Lamp

friendship lamp - the best long-distance friendship gift

This friendship lamp is very easy to set up and is the best way to stay connected with your loved ones, anywhere in the world. It comes in pairs and you can keep one in your house and send one to a family member or friend. To connect them, follow the simple setup instructions in the manual and connect the lamp to your home Wi-Fi.

Once the connection is detected, connect the lamp to your group ID and set your preferred color. This lamp will light up with a single touch. It connects with other lamps in the network and they will all change to the same color, which means you can easily connect with your favorite friends and family from all over the world. It doesn’t require batteries to operate as these lamps work via a USB cable connected to a brick on a wall outlet

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Customized Pillow

If your BFF is moving bag and baggage to another city or needs to go away for higher studies or a job to a distant place, gift her a personalized pillow. You can design the pillow showing the route of her home state to her new home away from home or make it more personal with a picture of the two of you. And whenever she looks at the pillow before calling it a day, her mind will be filled with happy thoughts about the wonderful the two of you spent together. This pillow made of soft cotton will give her a good night’s rest and remind her of you.

Lavender Soy Candle

If you have been looking for beautiful, memorable, and unique gifts for your friend, then this candle is a great gift. It is a wonderful reminder of your love for your long-distance friend whether they are an hour away from you or somewhere else in the world. This candle is a perfect gift range for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, reunions, traveling parties. These aromatherapy candles are made with high-quality natural soy, cotton cords, and lavender essential oil, to ensure relaxation and will destress your loved ones.

'Why I Miss You' Journal

Gift your long-distance friend this "Why I Miss You" journal who will surely appreciate it as they will read about your feelings for them in this handwritten journal. . It has got heartfelt prompts like "Next time we hang out, let's ___ until we ___" and "We should start a long-distance ___ club." *Weeps.* You can fill in the blanks with words of your choice. The size of this journal makes it easy to carry and it is hardcovered with a removable transparent plastic jacket. The dimension of this journal is about 4.5 × 3.25 inches and it has 112 pages.

Bluetooth Bracelet

These sets of hi-tech Bluetooth bracelets work similarly and throw the boring concept of traditional friendly bracelets out of the window. They vibrate and light up in different colors so you can create codes and send buzzes with different meanings. The buzz in the bracelet will feel like a human touch and will remind your friend of you. It is much closer than a text message and creating secret patterns is a fun way to communicate between you and your friend. Connect with your loved ones while apart, by experiencing the natural vibration of their loving touch. You can even customize the bands that come with this bracelet to give it a new look.

Customized Mug

Gift a customized mug to your long-distance friend so that whenever they drink their favorite beverage from this mug, they will think about you. Look for 11 or 15 oz ceramic mugs that look classy and has high-quality prints on both sides. You can imprint the name of your friend on the mug or you can print yours to give it a personal touch. It is handmade and microwave safe, and you can order it on most sites that offer personalized products.

Photo Collage Canvas Print

Let your long distant friend know that you are there for them through this beautiful photo collage to cherish all your memories together. The adorable saying, Side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close at heart, will surely make them know how special they are for you. You can customize and add your name to this gift to give it a more personal touch.

Necklace made with Dandelion Seeds

What does dandelion seed mean? To fulfill your desire, lasting happiness, and the joy of youth, to survive all the challenges and difficulties.
A dandelion seed necklace will be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your long-distance bestie. You can customize and select the number of seeds according to your choice.

Customised Socks

When your bestie moves to another state, cheer him/her up with these socks with both of your faces. This will be a great travel gift and they will never forget your face. It looks funny and is a unique gift for your long-distance friend. It is made of 60% Polyester 10% Acrylic 25% Nylon 5% Spandex and is very comfortable to wear.

Wine Glass

Do you remember the drinking sessions between you and your bestie? This lovely glass of excellent wine will help you alleviate your grief for your long-distance friend and will remind them of the lovely moments that you spend together. This wine glass has two double-sided phrases that read "Never too far to wine together" with a cute heart. The back of the glass has two states and a heart on each state can be colored in the color of your choice.

Customized Hanging Dish

This good-looking dish will make a perfect gift for your long-distance friend. This versatile dish can be used to store her/his accessories or they can keep it as a decorative item in the kitchen or bathroom. It is crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic and is carefully packed with styrofoam and a white box.

Wooden Coaster

Do you want to keep reminding your long-distance friend of what they mean for you? Then this wooden storage is a great gift for them! With the adage "Distance means too little if someone means too much", this is guaranteed to put a smile on their face every time they put their tea or coffee on the table. This item is handmade and is made from pure wood to give it a classy look.

Scented Candle

This item is all you need to awaken fond memories of the time you and your long-distance friend spent together. The sweet, fragrant scent will remind your long-distance friend of the place they grew up in and quickly light up their day. This scented candle will ensure that their heart and home are always bright. It's available in rose Petals, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Lemon, and Red Plum aroma.

Canvas with Puzzle Map

They say friends are like puzzle pieces that come together. Gift your long-distance bestie this unique puzzle map that has been mapped to the countries where they have lived. It is a unique gift and will remind them of the memories from the places that they have lived.

Lovebox with Spinning Heart

No matter how far away you are, you can now send heartfelt messages to your long-distance friends, even thousands of miles away. (We're not talking about FaceTime or Skype). This unique long-term friendship gift is more modern than traditional love. The heart keeps pounding until they open the box to read the message from you.

Customised State Key Chain

Stay connected to your long-distance friend with this customized and attractive key chain. Choose two locations, one for you and one for your friend, and keep one chain for yourself while the other will be sent to your friend. The item is handmade and made with Aluminium to last long.

Planter Box

Your long-distance friend will love this beautiful planting box with pressed sinner pots. You can customize three mason jars and a planter. This decorative gift is perfect for long-distance friends to remind each other of the beautiful moments that they have spent together. The size is just 12 inches which makes it compact and easy to carry.

Friendship Ornament

This Christmas, if you are missing your best friend overseas, give them this beautiful decoration to put in the garden or they can even use it as a magnet. You can get a state map on both sides to make customize it or you can even get a quote of your choice. Keep your friendship alive with this precious gesture of love.

Yellow Frame

Revive the times when you and your pal have laughed at an old friend's episodes with this amazing gift. The gift features a yellow frame coming out of Monica’s apartment and a hole sticker with it. This is a great gift for a fanatic ‘Friends’ who is now living far from you.

Pinky Swear Ring

When your best friend is moving to another location, this pinky engagement ring will be the perfect travel gift. This high-quality ring is great to look at and will be a reminder of your friendship forever. The item is handmade and made from high-quality silver and aluminum.

Desktop Photo Plaque

gift idea for a long-distance friend

The message on the desktop table will warm your long-distance friend’s heart who lives far away from you. This gift can be customized with your own words and with a memorable photo of you and your best friend. This item is small and inexpensive and can be a perfect birthday gift for your long-distance bestie.

Enamel Pin

This emotive heart-shaped enamel pin is a perfect gift for your best friend who is traveling abroad for a long time. The words best and friend are parted with two broken heart pieces to signify how you would feel without your best friend who is going to be separated from you for a long time.

Telinga Greetings Card

When it comes to gifts for long-distance friends wisdom is key. One of the leading companies in this establishment is Tellinga . Tellinga has changed the way we think and interact with greeting cards. The company focuses on the development of custom greeting cards featuring hand-drawn love cards. Customers submit their love stories, and Tellinga's team of talented designers creates greeting cards which are enclosed in a 6 "x 9" brown food bag style envelope with the customer's address. Before your card is sent to the desired location, a stamp is stamped, along with a wax layer seal. After that, digital copies of the story are uploaded to the "Download Your Story" section of this website and sent to the buyer's email to share online with family and friends.

'Think of Me' Spoon

We know how much you miss your friend who lives far away. If he/she is a tea drinker, gift them this unique teaspoon. Make sure they think of you every time they enjoy their tea. It is a wonderful gift that your long-distance friend will appreciate.

Face Mask

Many areas across the world have been affected by COVID. This global epidemic threatens the lives of millions. Let's stay safe together so we can get together again when the epidemic is over. A beautiful mask like this is a thoughtful gift for your friend during this epidemic. It can protect them from the virus and on the other hand, they will think of you whenever they wear it.

Sleeping Mask

Help your long-distance friend relax, sleep well at night, and wake up with soft, light skin. This mask is made from lavender and other reducing ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, and calendula. It helps to soothe all skin irritations, so your friend can wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Fuji Film Instant Camera

When your best friend travels to a new place, this little camera will be his/her perfect companion when they go to explore some new places. It is small in size which makes it easy to carry and it is powerful and easy to use. With the help of this camera, they can simply point, shoot, and print high-quality color photographs.

Cinema Light Box Message Board

Give your long-distance friend something nice to decorate their new room. This enlightening message board will allow them to organize short quotes and inspirational quotes for daily inspiration. It comes with over 200 characters, symbols, numbers, and emojis to give their room an amazing touch.

Moon Necklace

This item is a simple and elegant necklace to let your long-distance friend stay in your heart, no matter how far the distance is between you two. The moon and the glorious star symbolize your enduring friendship, like the everlasting moon.

Soy Wax Candle Set

Gift this candle set to your long-distance bestie to make their room smell good when they move into a new apartment. It comes with six candles in a box of aromatherapy to amplify their emotions. It has six beautiful blends of floral, herbal, and herbal ingredients that will add flavor to their room.

Hair Ties

Good stuff is meant to be shared. When you discover how beautiful these silk scrunchies are, you do not want to miss out on sharing your bestie even though it is miles away. She will love these good-looking hair ties.

Bunny Tote Bag

Gift this fly a heart balloon bag to your long-distance BFF. Send your love and thoughts overseas to them. Whether they are a rabbit lover or not, they will love this leather tote. This bag is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable. It looks very stylish and your bestie can carry it around when she is hitting the mall.

Wooden Friendship Home Décor

Sometimes distance makes the bond of friendship stronger. Send this wooden box to your friend who is living far away. This beautiful wooden décor will look great on a shelf or a table. It can also be hung on the wall. It is an emotional gift for your long-distance best friend who will appreciate it and through this item, you can let them know how they motivate you.

Friendship Keychain

When you come together like pieces of a puzzle. One of your besties and yours because side or side for miles, great friends always stick to the heart. Gift your long-distance bestie with this puzzle key chain to make them feel special.

Mini Waffle Maker

You sure remember the old time when you had brunch together. Treat your distant friend with a delicious breakfast full of love. Now they can enjoy their day with this compact waffle maker.

Straw Clutch

Your long-distance bestie will thank you for this lovely grass bag and use this stylish bag when the weather is warm. The design of the bag is simple and it has a large space. It looks stylish. This bag goes well with any sundress and is perfect for a picnic day or a beach holiday.

Camera Airpods Case

When your long-distance friend is a music buff who can't live without their Airpods, they need a good case to protect them. Surprise them with this green camera Airpod case. It is stylish and will last a long time. It is an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys a little retro touch in their life.

Leather Bracelet

long distance friendship bracelet

Externally, it is a smooth leather bracelet, available in 11 different colors but inside, there is a secret that will touch your long-distance friend’s heart. You can customize this bracelet with your own personalized message, enter a message like "I miss you already," or come up with your own unique one to make them feel special.

Throw Blanket

If you need to hug your bestie but she is not around you, this outfit is here to give her a virtual soft hug whenever she wraps it around. Apart from wrapping it can also be used as a wall hanging and the writing on it will make her feel special whenever she will look at it. It is machine washable and will last for a long time.

Powerbeats Wireless Headphones

Gift your long-distance friend a pair of these powerful wireless headphones to make sure their roommate's loud music doesn't interrupt your next Zoom call. This good-looking earphone offers up to 15 hours of listening time and your bestie will love it if he/she is a music lover.

Compass Keychain

Every time your long-distance bestie opens their car or opens their front door, they will have a reminder of where you are with this compass keychain. It is made from stainless steel and looks cool. Your bestie will love getting this item as a gift.

Customised Journal

Have you ever considered sharing a magazine with someone? Now that you're in a long-term relationship it is time to fill in a few pages with details about your date and how you feel, and submit it to your long-distance friend to learn and add to their thoughts. As you continue to post it back and forth, you can add motivation to encourage stories from your long-distance friend.

Poster with Luggage Tag

Another way to shorten the distance between you and your long-distance friend is this luggage tag poster. You can customize it to your destination where you both meet for the first time or the city where you live. Every time your friend looks at it on their wall they will be reminded that, while they are not living there with you, somewhere else you had made memories together.

Olivewood Recipe Box

You and your long-distance friend may not be able to cook together yet, but this recipe box is the next best thing to make you feel like cooking with your long-distance bestie. Inside, they can keep recipe cards with step-by-step instructions on making famous dishes that they love to eat or a few dishes that you both enjoy. This recipe box will make it seem like you are not too far away from your bestie.

Insta-friendly Photo Album

If you are looking for an emotional gift, this photo album is a good choice. It's actually an Instagram feed. Every time your bestie mises you, they can search for tons of snapshots and special memories stored inside this amazing album.

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

ceramic toothbrush holder - long distance friendship gift idea

Everyone uses a toothbrush and this amazing toothbrush stand is just the gift that you are looking for your bestie. You can customize this handmade toothbrush holder with your own words or nicknames for each other as a reminder that they are always in your heart no matter where your bestie is living in the present.

Phone Stand

Ideal for all those long, late-night video chats, this popular phone stand is sure to bring a smile to your friend's face. Compatible with almost any iPhone and most Android phones your long-distance friend will appreciate this useful gift.

Chocolate Jelly Beans Cube

They say that stomach is the way to the heart, so why not send a heartfelt or a stomach full message to them? This box contains eight different flavors of jelly-bean with cubes covered in milk chocolate and is shipped free of charge anywhere in the U.S. Your long-distance friend will love this gift and they will think of you while taking a bite on these yummy delightful chocolates.

Love Poems

Not the poet yourself? Give this gift to your long-distance friend to put your feelings into words. They can read a poem in a day at times and it will remind them of you. This book has a collection of several famous poems by award-winning authors.

Travel Pillow

This consistent travel pillow is another great gift for your bestie who can use it on a flight, train ride, bus ride, or wherever they visit. It wraps around the neck to give your bestie the extra support and has a neat storage bag and outer washable scarf, so they don’t have to worry about all those germs.

Culture Cakes Kit

Do you miss sharing food with your friend? If yes, this snack box has you covered until you visit your long-distance friend on your next trip. Sign up for each of you, and you both will get a world-class snack that you can test together over a zoom call at the same time.

Acrylic Pouring Art

Your long-distance friend doesn’t have to be an art expert to get this acrylic paint set because it’s all about embracing their invisible inner skills. This acrylic set from Arteza has 32 beautiful pre-assembled and ready-to-pour colors from metallic, neon, and pastel that can be a great gift for your long-distance bestie.

Introvert Retreat Box

If you have a long-distance friend who is an introvert, this can be the perfect gift for them. There are various boxes to choose from. Each box can contain a set of best-selling books, imported candies, snacks, drinks, bath salt, and more. Gift this box to your long-distance friend if they need a small withdrawal from their surroundings.

Plant Lover Box

This subscription box is perfect for your long-distance friend who appreciates house plants or is perhaps just a little crazy plant lover. You can make them happy by providing them with a registration box as a gift. Your friend will find plenty of good plants, pots, and utensils.

Long Distance Friendship Mug

Sunflowers are also known as "happy" flowers. A gift of sunflowers can bring happiness to a person's life. This beautiful sunflower mug makes a meaningful gift to your long-distance friend. It has a pile of sunflowers scattered all around and a level of empathy that reads: “There are so many miles between us but it somehow still makes me smile.”

Scratch-off Chart

A scratch-off chart featuring premier league ballparks scattered throughout America that can be crossed off your bestie's list whenever they go to a new stadium to watch a ballgame. Make your friend sing with joy the lines : Take me out to the ballgame, I need to scratch off everything on this list. Your long-distance friend will love this unique gift.

Sticker Pack

A waterproof sticker pack to cover everything they have – They can stick these stickers on their laptop and cell phone and whenever they look at these funny stickers, they will think of you. This gift is unique and will bring out the child in your long-distance friend.

Personalized Rings

An attractive personalized ring that can be personalized with their favorite cityscape (or the one they're currently living in now). Think places like New Orleans and New York to Paris and Prague being adorned by these cute-looking rings and cities that are much smaller but unique. This can be a creative gift for your long-distance friend.

Adventure Book

An empty 80-page adventure book stolen from the set of the popular movie UP is brought into the hands of your adventure-loving friend. Fill this with items such as photos and ticket stacks, then use colorful corner stickers, special scissors, colored pens, sticky cords, and postcards to add extra decoration. They will love this cute-looking and customized adventure book.

Galaxy Baby Groot

An adorable Groot Pot can be the perfect gift for your long-distance friend. They will be excited to get this little guardian of the Galaxy. This is great for storing drinks (designed for drainage and everything) or any of their knick-knacks that need a home. Think of this as a perfect gift idea for your friend who lives ~ a ~ galaxy ~ away.

Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Gift this unique Silicone cube tray to your favorite Scrooge this Halloween or Christmas. These ice cube trays form the shape of a skull and look unique. Your bestie can pour some icy cold skulls in their drinks and it will remind them of you. This ice cube tray is dishwasher and microwave safe.

LED String Lights

Gift these unique LED curtain string lights to your long-distance friend to help give their new out-of-state apartment a super cool look. This is perfect for people who enjoy dim mood lighting while spending their Friday night bingeing the newest Netflix series. The warmth of this cool LED curtain string will remind them of you.

Palm-sized Map

Get your long-distance friend this palm-sized map in which each city is connected by a red string and held in place with two monogrammed brass hearts. The red string is of importance as in Asian customs, being connected by a red string means those two people will always be connected to each other, despite changing paths or situations.

Illustrated Playing Cards

This item is a unique playing card set featuring some of the most badass women throughout history that can be a perfect gift for your long-distance friend. The set includes famous icons like Wilma Rudolph and Sacagawea. The illustrations are drawn by famous illustrator Zeb Wahls which makes these cards look amazing.

Knit Sweater

This item is an ultra-soft knit sweater and your long-distance friend can slip it over any ensemble for a hint of both warmth and softness. This layer truly matches perfectly with everything in their closet, from that tight LBD to those favorite leggings of your friend. The warmth of this sweater will always remind them of you.

Library Kit

Gift this personal library kit for the reader long-distance friend of yours who loves to read and wishes to have a home library one day. Send them this gift along with a copy of their favorite book, then prepare for an emotional Zoom call in which they're crying tears of joy.

Wooden Wall Hook

Your long-distance friend will love these classy hooks as they've just moved into an apartment and are in desperate need of extra storage space. These gorgeous wooden wall hooks will transform their bedroom walls into an extension of their closet, where they'll be able to hang everything from hats or their bathrobes.

Suitcase Bank

This suitcase bank is a great gift for your long-distance friend which can help them save all their pennies and put them toward their next adventure with you. Gift this unique item to your favorite travel buddy along with a list of the travel destinations that they plan to visit.

Embroidery Kit

Spoil your crafty long-distance friend with this bouquet of embroidered flowers that they can themselves get to embroider. This amazing kit comes with everything they need, from the wooden hoop to the intriguing DMC thread, and will make a cheery piece of wall hanging that they can appreciate for years.

Puzzle Keychain

Gift this puzzle piece keychain set with your state and their current state. The best part is that when these keychains are joined together, they’ll fit. When your bestie is living apart they will appreciate the keyring and it will always remind them of you. Give the state you’re in to your bestie and keep the state they are in for your own keyring. It will be a unique gift for them.

Mask Subscription Box

Set your long-distance bestie up with the essentials for a virtual spa night by getting them a monthly sheet mask subscription which they will appreciate. At the beginning of every month, they will get five or seven sheet masks (your choice) that target various skincare needs like aging or hydrating.

Soul Sister Necklace

Your long-distance bestie is your North Star and you are her’s. When she wears this dainty compass necklace, she'll be reminded that you're always there to guide her home – no matter how far you are. It's classy and looks attractive. It is handmade and about 18 inches in length.

Picture Frame

Fix one of your silliest or sweetest snapshots in this 4" x 6" picture frame and gift it to your long-time bestie. Go ahead and stick a few other options in the card, so that your friend can select them out to highlight your best moments together. It is a compact picture frame and will look beautiful at your bestie’s desk.

Pop-Open Cards

Before sending this item as a gift to your long-distance friend, take some time to write a few sentences on the back of all 30 cards. Utilize this moment to pen down your favorite inside jokes, revisit memories spent together, or share just how much you miss them.

Monthly Candle Subscription

Gift your long-distance friend this candle stash for a monthly refreshment with Vellabox. Every month, a candle, either 5 oz. or 8 oz., scented for the season will be mailed to your friend at their doorstep and they will surely appreciate this unique gift every month.

'Going Out' Top

Now that we all use Zoom parties and virtual happy hours to celebrate our virtual outings together, this tongue-in-cheek tee is a wardrobe staple for your long-distance bestie. Ask them to pair it with their favorite sweatpants for a stylish look.

Clay Jewellery Dish

Your long-distance bestie can pick exactly what she desires to store in this attractive trinket dish, whether it's her regular jewels or small mementos that remind her of you. This item even has an engraved message that reads "Today I will slay."

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