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Long Distance Lamps for Couples to Stay Connected

Long distance lamps are essentially digital versions of regular bedside or table lamps, but with a different and more specific purpose. Such a setup for couples in a long-distance relationship, for instance, would consist of a set of two Friendship Lamps. Each would be connected to its respective local Wi-Fi network in separate locations but tied together through the same Group ID. When set up, they work such that if one of the lamps is touched at the top, on the sensor plate, the other one - no matter where in the world it is - lights up in a preselected color. It's a fantastic way for long-distance couples to stay connected with each other across the miles and send moments of love to each other at any time. Friendship Lamps for couples in a long distance relationship Here are some of the other benefits of using Friendship Lamps when you're in a long-distance relationship with someone.
  • Convenience - The lamps are easy to set up. All you need to do is hook them up to a power source, and then use your smartphone or tablet to connect the lamp to your local Wi-Fi network and set up the same Group ID for each device. That's it! Moreover, the units have a relatively small footprint so they won't take up much space. You can place them wherever you spend most of your time - at home or in the office. They can also be used as simple table lamps, but if they're connected then remember that the other lamp will change color every time you tap yours!
  • Cost-effectiveness - Beware of cheap long distance lamps for reasons given here. The ideal balance is a cost-effective Friendship Lamp that becomes even more affordable with discounts and special offers running through the year. Cost-effective is not the same as cheap because there are considerations like quality and safety involved. Be safe and buy an authentic product with appropriate safety certifications rather than something that's a few dollars cheaper.
  • Portability - The lightweight Friendship Lamp has a small footprint, as we said. That means you can carry it from your home to your office or place it in different rooms in your home. The best part is that previously connected Wi-Fi networks are remembered and connected to when you move the lamp from one previously-used location to another.
  • Flexibility - The Friendship Lamp for couples, friends, and family members can either be used in pairs or in sets, even large ones. We know lots of families spread out over the world who each have one lamp and have chosen their unique color when setting it up. There are 10 color options but no limit to how many units can connect to a single Group ID. Some large families even use one color for each branch of the family, allowing them to use literally dozens of units intermeshed with each other.
  • Effectiveness - This is the chief quality of Friendship Lamps. It allows people to stay connected with each other without the need to pull out their smartphones to tap out a message or make a call. Just one touch and your sentiment of "I'm thinking of you" gets instantly sent across the room or across the world. People who have used it regularly attest to how it allows them to stay emotionally close to long-distance spouses, partners, friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, and other close family members.

The Psychology of Long Distance Lamps for Couples

Long-distance couples constantly struggle with one thing - how to stay connected and in touch with each other despite the physical distance between them. Scheduling FaceTime calls every week or sending text messages at random do help, but they often cut into busy schedules and hectic lives. So much so that these scheduled sessions sometimes feel like a chore or a burden. And that can lead to resentment, anger, and other negative emotions. How Does it Work for Couples? What Friendship Lamps do is offer an instant way to connect without the obligation of having to carve out special time to text, chat, or call. All you do is tap the top of the lamp on the sensor plate and it's done. But the effect it has on the other side is absolutely tremendous. Some users say the feeling intensifies over time because of the sense of anticipation. And there's a reason why that's important. When something good happens that we know is about to come, the feeling of anticipation is actually far more intense than the retrospection that happens after the fact. In other words, expecting something does more for you than actually getting it or seeing it happen. As an example, looking forward to a trip abroad or a special gift from someone at Christmas generates far more intensity of emotion than reminiscing about it later. That makes sense, right? Consider the holiday season from a child's perspective. The excitement of coming down on Christmas morning and hoping to see the gifts you asked Santa for is far greater than the actual opening of the gifts. Once the gifts are opened, the feeling gradually goes away and it becomes a mere memory. In much the same way, for couples in a long-distance relationship, it's important to keep that feeling of anticipation at a high level. It's the thought of things to come that will keep you going through your pain of physical distance from the one you love the most. Positive Anticipation is Good for You The same principle is at play with Friendship Lamps. Imagine a grandmother with a Friendship Lamp connected to one at her grandkids' house. The thrill she gets every time it lights up is priceless. It's similar with couples, siblings, friends, and anyone else who is emotionally close to each other. The expectation that the other person will tap the lamp at a particular time is well worth the wait. From a medical perspective, research has shown that positive anticipation activates certain parts of the brain to enhance overall well-being, and Friendship Lamps can do that for you. As a matter of fact, these lamps will help attune your mind to use anticipation for your own good. To elaborate, using these lamps on a regular basis keeps you in a constant state of positive anticipation. When the 'event' happens, meaning when the lamp lights up, the cycle is complete and it starts all over again. Of course, there's no direct scientific evidence to prove this, but it can be inferred from various other studies that show that positive anticipation is not only a great motivator but also an extremely healthy emotion to develop over time.

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