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Long-distance Lamps as a Gift for Your Grandparents: What, Why, and Where?

Buying the right gift for your grandparents is one of the hardest things in the world. On the one hand, you can buy any casual gift and they'll love it just because it's from you. But that's not really what you want. The magic formula you're looking for is far more than a pair of socks for grandpa and a nice shawl for granny. On the other hand, it's really about putting the effort to get them something that is functional, meaningful, and will add value to their lives. That's the challenge as your scour and trawl through pages and pages of Google search results in the quest for "The Absolutely Perfect Gift for My Grandparents!" Truth be told, you'll never find something that's "absolutely perfect" anywhere. But there are things that come very close to it. One of those gifts we'd like to talk about today is the Friendship Lamp. Essentially a pair of table lamps, Friendship Lamps are digitally connected to each other in a sympathetic manner that allows you to communicate between each of two or several lamps in different locations. Let's get into the details by answering a series of questions to help you understand the mechanics of the Friendship Lamps, how they work, how to get them set up, how to operate them, and how to order them. graduation gift under $200

What Are Friendship Lamps?

As mentioned, Friendship Lamps work best as a pair or even a group. Two or more lamps are connected in different locations (across the house, across town, or across the globe) to their respective Wi-Fi networks. Once they are connected in this manner, they can be grouped into a single Group ID. From then on, users can 'communicate' with each other just by touching the sensor plate at the top of each lamp. Touching one lamp will cause all other lamps in that group to light up in a particular color. The color for each lamp is selected during the set-up process and can be changed at any time. Using such a 'color code' enables users to identify the person who triggered their own lamp.

How Do They Work?

Let's look at an example scenario: one lamp is set up at your grandparents' house, one at yours, and one at your sister's. Your grandparents live in Texas, you're in New York, and your sister's family are in London. Your grandparents chose the color blue, you chose green, and your sis chose red. Now, once each of you sets up their Friendship Lamp by connecting it to your respective Wi-Fi networks via a smartphone, touching one lamp will cause the other two to light up in Lamp 1's chosen color. For instance, if your sister touches her lamp, yours and your grandparents' lamps will instantly light up red because that's her lamp's chosen color. Similarly, if you touch your lamp, your grandparents' and sister's lamps light up in green, and so on. So, if your lamp suddenly lights up in blue, you'll know that your grandparents are thinking of you. This way, any of you can instantly communicate with all the others just by touching the top of your Friendship Lamp.

What is a Group ID?

The Group ID is intended to provide you with a secure and closed connection with other lamps in your group. The ID is entered on the smartphone when setting up the initial Wi-Fi connection and automatically creates a secure group. The purpose is not just security, though. If you want to add more lamps to the group in the future, you can use the same Group ID when setting up those new Friendship Lamps.

How Can My Grandparents Set Them Up?

The set-up process is relatively simple and there are step-by-step instructions that are easy for anyone to follow. However, if they do need help setting up their Friendship Lamp, they can contact us directly and we'll guide them through. Alternatively, if you visit them once in a while, you can set up the lamp for them on your next visit. You can still have it shipped to them directly.

Are They Easy to Operate?

Once they're set up, there's really nothing you need to do except touch the sensor plate to trigger all the other lamps in the group to light up in your chosen color. Make sure the unit is on power at all times. For your convenience, a USB cable is provided so you can hook it up to your laptop, another USB power source, or use a wall brick to plug it into a wall outlet. Other than that, it's basically a 'set it and forget it' thing. Of course, don't forget to use it! Anytime you want your grandparents to know you're thinking of them, just tap the sensor plate at the top of your lamp. That's it!

How Do I Get One for Them and One for Me - We Live in Different Cities/States/Countries?

You can place separate orders if you want to ship to different addresses. Each order will be dispatched from the fulfillment center nearest the shipping address for that order. U.S. orders are usually received in just a few days, while international orders are typically received in a week to 10 days, at the most. We expedite every parcel to make sure you get your hands on the lamp as soon as possible.

Are They Portable?

Yes, as long as they're plugged into a power source, turned on and connected to Wi-Fi, they'll work anywhere. You don't have to set it up more than once in a particular location. For example, if you're taking your Friendship Lamp and using it at your office and bringing it back home to connect it every evening, it will remember both Wi-Fi networks and connect automatically once it's powered on. They're not portable in the sense of having their own power supply unit such as a rechargeable battery.

How Many Can I Mesh Together on the Same Group ID?

There's virtually no limit other than the fact that there are only 10 colors to choose from, so they're ideal for groups of up to 10 separate lamps in 10 different locations. However, there are additional hues for some of the colors so that expands the color limitation. There's no limit on the number of Friendship Lamps on a single Group ID - you can hook up as many as you like.

Do you Ship Worldwide?

Yes, if you have a physical address anywhere in the world that's part of your local postal delivery network, we'll send you the Friendship Lamp there. Of course, due to the pandemic situation prevalent around the world, some countries or specific areas may experience delivery delays. For the most part, we've seen the our packages get to their customers within 7 to 10 days for other countries and about 2 to 5 days for the United States. Shipping to the United States is free; for other countries, your shipping fee will be calculated at checkout based on the shipping address provided.

Recent Buyer Reviews - See What Grandparents Who Bought Friendship Lamps for their Kids and Grandkids are Saying...

Over the last 14 months we collectively have purchased 7 lamps. I have 3 of them. One group with my daughter and sister. One group with my grandson and one group with my granddaughter. One more grandchild to go. It’s the perfect solution to social distancing. I highly recommend these lamps. - Terri on October 21, 2020
I absolutely love these lamps!! I bought a set a couple of years ago for my grandsons that live in a different state. We call it our love tap light. When we tap the light it means I love you and I’m praying for you please pray for me. I recently bought another set for my one your old grandson that also lives in another state. I can’t wait to give it to him so we can start the tradition with him. Many thanks for a wonderful product that brings love and helps bring hearts Closer that are far apart - Gretchen on October 14, 2020
We just love our lamps and it is such a treat to see our light glow when our daughters are thinking of us. I probably should have given a 5-star rating but my daughters had some difficulty setting up our lamps. Customer support was fabulous and even reset our lamps for us. When our granddaughters get their lamps, they will have theirs set up in minutes. - Kathleen on September 29, 2020 i bought 2 lamps one for my daughter in Vt. one for my granddaughter in Alaska. then i felt left out so i bought a third for myself so we each have a color so we know who it is it keeps us connected over the long distance. - Sally Spear on August 24, 2020
It's easy to see why all these people are so thrilled with the product. It's a unique way to communicate and it's fun to use. Don't worry if you don't know how to set it up or even if you make a mistake. The customer service is par excellence and the folks at FriendLamps are so friendly and cordial. None of that "Please hold while we connect you to the correct department" spiel! As great as their support team is, their product quality is even better. The carefully chosen and responsibly sourced materials are assembled in a contracted factory with stringent quality assurance metrics in place. That's why FriendLamps confidently offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases. After all, if you're not happy with the product, why should you be stuck with it and have to pay for it? Go ahead and get a pair today - one for yourself and one for your grandparents.

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