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How Friendship Lamps Work to Instantly Change Your Life for the Better

If you've never heard of Friendship Lamps, Touch Wi-Fi Lights, Long-distance Lamps, Relationship Lamps, or any of the other terms used to describe this revolutionary product, you're missing out on something big. Essentially, Friendship Lamps are a proprietary brand of touch lamps designed to connect with each other over the Internet. It's as simple as that, but beneath that simplicity lies a game-changing way to communicate with others, whether they're down the street, across the country, or on the other side of the world. That's what makes these Friendship Lamps such a compelling Christmas gift option or just a chance to give someone something that touches their hearts and minds on any day of the year. Let's explore the wonder that is the Friendship Lamp by looking at it from various angles.

Friendship Lamps: The Technology

The tech behind the Friendship Lamp is not cutting-edge in any way. It's a simple connection between your lamp and your Wi-Fi network. What makes it so magical is that another lamp in another part of the world can connect the same way to its own Wi-Fi network. Not magical enough for you? Well, now we bring something called a Group ID into the picture, and VOILA! The two Friendship Lamps can now communicate with each other because they are Internet-connected! How awesome is that? Although it might sound complicated to some users, it actually takes just a few minutes to take the Friendship Lamp out of the box, connect it to a power supply, and make the changes to your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings to add the Group ID and set up the lamp. Most users have said that they set up their lamps in under 5 minutes. Older users may have some trouble but the instructions are very clear and they can call in to our customer support line to get a helping hand, too. Okay, so how do two or more Friendship Lamps communicate with each other? That's simple. The lamps come with a variety of lighting color options - 10 of them, to be exact, as well as light and dark hues of those colors. When setting up a unit and hooking it up to your Wi-Fi and then associating it with a Group ID, you will also assign a specific color to that lamp. Of course, you can use the unit as a table lamp, a night light, a reading lamp, or an ambient lighting unit with any of the available colors, but the assigned color is the one that matters to others. Why? Because every time you touch your lamp, all the other Friendship Lamps that are associated with that same Group ID will instantly light up in that color! And that's how these lamps communicate with each other. That's also how you communicate your message to the person at the other end of that connection, through their lamp. When that person sees their lamp light up in your color, they'll know you're thinking of them. Similarly, they can set up their lamp in their own preferred color. When they touch their lamp, yours will immediately light up in their chosen color. How cool is that?!

How Do You Operate the Friendship Lamp?

The operation is even simpler than the setup. As long as the lamp remains connected to a power source, it's on. All you need to do in order to communicate with other connected lamps is to tap or touch the sensor plate at the top of the unit. The tactile signal will be converted into an electrical signal and then travel through your Wi-Fi signal to be sent out through your Internet connection. The receiver's Wi-Fi will pick up that signal and convert it back into an electrical signal that turns on their lamp in that predefined color. It sounds like a lot but it happens in a matter of milliseconds, especially with faster Internet connections. Okay, so that takes care of the technical and usability aspects. Now for the real meat and potatoes of the product - the key features and the positive effects that it has on long-distance communication.

Key Features of Friendship Lamps

To give you a quick snapshot of what to expect from Friendship Lamps, here are some of its core features:
  • Wi-Fi ready - The products support all currently-available bands so it doesn't matter what type of modem you have.
  • Globally available - Order from anywhere and send your new Friendship Lamp anywhere else.
  • Fast shipping in the U.S. - Domestic orders are shipped out right away and will be with you in 2 to 5 business days depending on which state you live in.
  • Easy to connect - Use your smartphone to set up your Friendship Lamp in minutes.
  • Terrific idea for gifting - As the holiday season marches on, you're probably looking for some great last-minute gift ideas - this one's definitely it!
  • Quality-conscious manufacturing - Our materials are responsibly sourced and we use the most exacting manufacturing standards to give you the best quality possible. If you don't like it for any reason, just return it and we'll refund 100% of your money.
  • Buy online - Our online portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Simply select the product, enter your payment details, provide the shipping address, and confirm payment and we'll start processing it immediately.

Friend Lamps: The Psychology (The Impact of Friendship Lamps on Long-distance Communication)

A little-known fact about Friendship Lamps is that they can have a tremendous positive psychological impact on users. Review after review from real-world users of Friendship Lamps testifies to the fact that these lamps have forever changed the way they communicate with loved ones who live in another location - another town, another country, etc. Most people today use email, phone calls, texting, and social media as ways to keep in touch. The Friendship Lamp takes it a step further and makes the experience even more personal. Do you remember the days when getting an email from someone was the highlight of the day? The ping of your computer and that much-anticipated "You've Got Mail" message popping up on your screen - it was absolutely to die for. Remember, those were the days when email was just getting popular. There was no spam and no advertising. If you got a mail, it was from someone who knew you. That's what made it that exciting an event. But technology moves on, and today, hardly anyone is ever thrilled at receiving an email. It's become so much a part of the fabric of our lives that we don't give it a second thought. Now take that same feeling and imagine getting a light signal from someone on the other side of the world! It's that exact same feeling multiplied by a factor of 10! To those who are old enough, it will bring those "You've Got Mail" memories rushing back.

How does this have such a positive impact?

The answer to that lies in the reward system that's hardwired into our brains. When we expect something positive, our minds are in an anticipatory mode. This triggers the release of dopamine into the bloodstream. This neurohormone is responsible for a lot of things in the body, among which is the feeling of euphoria and happiness. So, when you tap your lamp and grandma sees hers light up in your color, you're helping her brain release this very beneficial hormone that positively impacts cognitive flexibility and performs numerous other critical tasks that keep her healthy. In simple words, anticipating that the lamp will light up at any moment will keep the other person in a better mood right through the day. And when it finally does light up, their mood spikes as if they've just been given an extra shot of energy. When something positive happens to us, it releases a flood of good emotions because of the hormones that the brain releases into the bloodstream. Psychologically speaking, these natural mood elevators make us mentally healthier in the long term. Who knew that a simple concept like the Friendship Lamp could have such a massive positive effect on the brain and your mood?

How it is different from getting a text or an email?

The visual part of the brain is far more powerful than the other senses. Most of us take sight for granted, but it is a very powerful medium to stimulate the brain in a good way. As we saw, the lighting up of a Friendship Lamp has an immediate effect as well as a prolonged effect, and that happens because it's a visual mode of communication. In contrast, text and email are more abstract because you have to read them and glean the meaning from the words before it can become a positive stimulant. Simply getting a text or email does nothing for you, but seeing your Friendship Lamp light up in a color chosen by your friend, a sibling, a grandchild, or anyone you're very close to sends an immediate signal to your brain that it's time to be happy!

The Best Ways to Use Friendship Lamps

Although two people in different locations will certainly find their Friendship Lamps engaging, entertaining, and thoroughly fun, it can be used by groups of people. Here are some examples of how actual users of the lamp have reacted to this amazing product:
"This product seems amazing. My lamps came quickly in the mail. Very easy to set up. I bought them for my sister and me. She is in and out of the hospital a lot and with Covid we are unable to visit her so this seemed like a great idea so she knows we are thinking of her even when we can’t be there for her. We are giving her her lamp for Christmas so I haven’t tried it long distance yet but I set them up in my house and they work just a described. I would definitely recommend them for any long distance relationship." "Bought these for family who live provinces away from eachother. Fun way for the kids to communicate with their grandparents." "I love it! It’s a great way to connect friends and family all across the world." "These are amazing! The best thing I’ve ever seen to give to my best friend, and he adores it" "I got this as a Christmas present for me and my mother. I live in California and she lives in Florida. We talk on the phone, text, you know the usual stuff, but this will be so wonderful and such an easy way to send a warm smile any time day or night. My mom suffers from chronic pain and I know doesnt sleep well. I know sending her an "I'm thinking of you, mom" will make her feel less alone during those nights. I'm very excited to use them!" "My experience with purchasing Friendship lamps was very easy. I placed my order and my 3 lamps were delivered damage free within 2 weeks of my purchase. These lamps are going to help my granddaughter’s with separation anxiety. These lamps are not just a cute way to stay connected, but also a way to help little ones feel close to their loved ones. They have helped out my granddaughter at ease, and for that thank you 💜" "It’s super fun to a different way to communicate with someone outside of just texting. I like waking up to the orange light which we’ve determined as “I’m thinking about you”" "Absolutely love these friendship lamps. I bought these as an early Christmas gift from my girls to my husband. He works away a lot during the year and they will keep us connected when he is not with us. They are really beautiful, so easy to set up and shipping was much faster than they said. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of buying them. I am so glad I found them 😍" "It’s super easy to use and set-up! I bought them for me and my 9/yo half-brother because he moved to another state hours away. He’s my best friend and we use it to talk to each other and even used each color to mean different things. It makes me feel so close to him like he’s still in the same city. He loves it too! He thinks technology like this is so fun and unique and he’s right! My other siblings even like sneaking into my room to send him messages. It’s a cute way to stay connected without feeling like you need a phone to talk! HIGHLY RECOMMEND" "My boyfriend and I love them! They help us stay connected since our colleges are far apart from eachother." "bought this for my best friend that lives 8 hours away from me for her birthday and her and i both love it! i think we are gonna make codes based on colours. ex. purple @ work, green @ school etc. the set up was a little bit difficult but i found a video on you tube and it made things go a lot smoother, definitely recommend." "Omg these lamps are so perfect. My daughter and son in law are both active duty military and it’s a nice way to say hey and I love you without always disrupting what they have going in their home in Colorado while I’m in Alaska" "Despite all of this Corona situation going on, it arrived within a few days of time in Germany. Thank you so much for the fast shipping. I cannot wait to give it away to my fiancé as a christmas present <3" "Perfect gift for someone who has everything."

Why All the Excitement?

You've seen instances of how Friendship Lamps have helped people stay connected, bond closely with each other, help someone with their loneliness, and even give virtual company to someone in a hospital. The lamps have helped so many people get connected to each other even if they don't have time to talk on the phone or do a video call. Grandkids and grandparents, siblings, parents with children living away from home, best friends, lovers, and just about anyone can benefit from the sheer thrill that these lamps bring into their lives every day. The reason it's so special and creates an aura of love and closeness wherever it's installed is simple: it offers a unique way to communicate. Here's how it's different from making a call or sending a text/chat to someone:
  • It's far more personalized than sending a text
  • It's convenient because you don't have to pick up your phone or allocate special time for it
  • It helps set a rhythm to your life, especially if you agree on a schedule or a code for when the lamp lights up in another person's color
  • It is non-intrusive in that they don't have to respond to you; the message will be received loud and clear - or bright and clear, actually
  • There's virtually no limit on how many lamps can be connected to a Group ID
  • It ships to any physical address inside the United States or overseas
  • It offers great lifetime value - you'll find a lot of copycat products that are cheaper, but you'll only get what you pay for

Some Nuts and Bolts, a.k.a. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions about Friendship Lamps

Here are some of the questions we usually receive from customers looking to purchase Friendship Lamps:

Is it safe for kids to use?

Absolutely. As long as an adult has set it up properly, kids can just touch or tap the top of the lamp to use it. Adult supervision is not necessary but please make sure they don't tamper with the unit. After all, it is an electrical device.

Can I order a unit to be shipped to a different address?

Yes, you can. Most of our customers place an order for their own lamp and then one to be sent to another address. Make sure you place multiple orders for multiple addresses so we can get them dispatched quickly and without any confusion.

Will it be Hard for My Grandmother to Set Up?

Yes and No, to be honest. How tech-savvy is your grandma?! If she's comfortable operating a smartphone, she can easily set up her Friendship Lamp. If not, someone may need to assist here. But don't worry, all she needs to do is give our customer service team a call and they'll walk her through the process.

Can I Move it from One Place to Another?

Yes, you can. If you set it up with a new Wi-Fi network, you'll need to know the password. The Friendship Lamps themselves have some onboard memory to remember Wi-Fi networks they've been connected to before. For instance, if you're using it in your home and at the office, you'll only need to set it up once in each place. After that, it will automatically connect to the known networks as soon as you plug it into a power source and turn it on.

Does it Come with a Wall Block/Brick?

The Friendship Lamp will ship with a USB power cable but not a brick or connector. You can use any mobile or tablet charger to connect the unit to the wall socket. Most of our customers simply plug the cable into a USB port on their computer or laptop, which makes it convenient to use as you work from home or at the office.

Do You Offer Special Discounts for Festivals and Holidays?

Absolutely! We're always throwing money away (JK!) We know how much value our Friendship Lamps brings to the people who buy it, so we're constantly innovating with new offers and discounts so you can get more bang for your buck. For instance, our Cyber Weekend offer was a whopping 50% off, and it's quite usual for our website visitors to see pop-ups that offer 20% off or deals with 30% off for special days like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. If you don't find a discounted price when you make your order, simply give us a call and we can work something out for you. We don't want you to leave without buying and thereby missing out on the fantastic benefits we've outlined in this article.

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