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How an LDR Couple Can Benefit from Friendship Lamps

An LDR couple or long-distance relationship couple knows only too well the pain of separation and the sheer logistics and effort that go into staying connected to each other. Most long-distance couples tend to gravitate toward one mode of communication over others. For example, iPhone users might prefer FaceTime over Zoom; PC users might prefer Skype over other options. But what if you, as an LDR couple, had a new mode of communication that didn't require either of you to speak to or see each other, yet offers an equally powerful way to stay emotionally connected to each other? Huh? A communication tool where you don't speak to each other?

Okay, let's elaborate on that. Study after study has shown that two people in a healthy and communicative long-distance relationship can withstand anything that life throws at them. If you don't believe that, have a look at these three celebrity couples who weathered the LDR phases of their lives. Studies also show that communication is one of the key factors in keeping a long-distance relationship vibrant and fresh despite the stress of physical distance. However, none of the studies show that one type of communication is better than the other.

Of course, talking to each other all the time certainly helps strengthen any relationship, but there are also other ways to communicate, such as touch. And that's where the friendship touch lamps come in. So, what are friendship lamps, exactly? These Wi-Fi touch lights work together using a single Group ID that both of them are connected to. In addition, they need to be hooked up to their local Wi-Fi signal. The best part is that they can be situated in adjacent rooms or across the globe - it doesn't matter. What's important is that they allow two people to communicate through the power of touch. Put simply, when one of the lamps is touched on the sensor plate at the top, every other lamp connected to the same Group ID will light up in a particular color.

Imagine this scenario: You and your spouse are an LDR couple. You're reading a book late at night and you're feeling pretty low because you haven't spoken to your long-distance spouse that day. Suddenly, your lamp lights up in a vibrant blue. Your spouse is thinking of you at that very moment! Can you imagine that feeling? Even better, you can tap your own lamp and send your unique color to your partner. Instantly. That's the power of friendship lamps.

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Friendship lamps are quickly becoming the communication mode of choice as our domestic lives blur into our professional lives because of the threat of COVID-19. We're so busy even though we've cut the daily commute to work because we've literally brought our work home with us. As a result, we're finding less and less time to communicate with the people that are truly important to us: family, friends, even spouses, lovers, and partners. It's ironic that spending more time at home actually makes us busier than ever; sadly, it's true. According to a recent article in Forbes:
"One of the fundamental elements of good mental health is autonomy, self-expression and a sense of control. Many of us have been sent home and no longer have the choice to go to the office or work in our usual ways. This lack of choice can be frustrating and even disorienting."
Thankfully, friendship lamps offer an easy solution to this burning problem.

Why are Friendship Lamps So Effective?

There are several reasons why these long-distance relationship lamps, as they are also known, are so good at helping you stay emotionally connected with your partner, whether they're across town or in a different time zone.
  1. They offer a way to communicate instantly, without any delay. When you touch your lamp, the other one lights up immediately. It's better than sending a text or making a call because it has no strings attached regarding what you're going to say and whether or not your words will be interpreted in the manner intended. In short, communication with a Wi-Fi touch lamp removes a lot of hurdles to clear communication and is always available. Communication-on-demand, so to speak.
  2. It instantly lifts the mood of the person who sees their friendship lamp light up in their partner's color. Our brains tend to release "feel-good" hormones when something pleasant is experienced, and your long-distance lamp is a channel for that experience. In the scenario we drew for you above, the moment the lamp lights up, your brain releases a small amount of serotonin, which instantly elevates your mood and makes you feel better.
  3. Friendship lamps can be used by two or more people. Whether you have family spread out all over the globe or siblings in different locations, you can connect several friendship lamps together to create a network of lamps. Simply touch your lamp and all the lamps on that Group ID will light up in your color. Countless users have said that it is a refreshing way to tell others that you're thinking about them. And all it requires is for you to touch the lamp. Even Aladdin would be proud!
  4. They're easy to set up and operate. The set-up procedure takes less than two minutes. As long as both locations have access to Wi-Fi and the lamps are plugged into a power source (you can also use your phone charger's wall brick or adapter or any USB power source for this), the lamp is instantly usable at all times.
  5. They're highly portable and have built-in memory to remember previous Wi-Fi connections. That means you can easily take it from your home to your office and back, and you won't need to set it up each time. As soon as you turn it on, it connects to remembered Wi-Fi signals.
  6. If the person is available, you'll probably receive a 'return tap' from them. That elevates your mood as well as theirs - the perfect way to feel better almost immediately!
  7. Unlimited lamps on a single Group ID. There's virtually no limit on how many friendship lamps can connect to the unique ID that's provided when you purchase the lamps. So, even if you have a large family spanning three or four generations and thousands of miles separating you, a set of friendship lamps can help all of you stay connected to each other.
  8. Worried that your grandmother in her 80s living alone won't be able to set it up? No problem! Just have her call customer care and they'll walk her through the process. You can even do a conference call so you're there when it happens. Or, you can set it up for her when you're visiting. What a fantastic gift that would make! And your grandma will be thrilled every time one of her grandkids taps their lamp and hers lights up in a specific color. <Useful Tip: Make a color chart for your grandmother so she knows which color belongs to which grandchild.>

There are so many benefits to using a friendship lamp that an LDR couple is not the only people it can help connect to each other. Families living in different homes, friends in different locations, brothers and sisters scattered across the country or the world, and anyone separated by distance from a loved one can benefit from this unique gadget.

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In conclusion, long-distance touch lamps serve as a simple yet effective way for long-distance couples to stay connected and feel closer to each other. With just a simple touch, couples can send a message of love and support to their significant other, no matter how far away they are. These lamps not only provide a unique way to communicate, but also serve as a reminder of the love and commitment shared between two people. As technology continues to advance, it's reassuring to know that even when distance separates us, we can still find ways to bridge the gap and stay connected with the ones we love.

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