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Gifts for Grandma that are Practical and Thoughtful

Confused about what to get the woman who bore the woman or man who gave you life? Here are some practical gifts for Grandma that will put a smile on those wizened lips and guarantee that $5 check this Christmas. She'll absolutely cherish these thoughtful gifts and show them off to all her bingo friends - or maybe her skydiving buddies.

A Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Gifts for grandma - lightweight vacuum cleaner Grandma loves keeping her little space neat and tidy but she's probably struggling with an old-fashioned, bulky old Hoover. Upgrade your gran to the latest lightweight cordless vac as a blessing to her bad back. She won't give up cleaning the house herself so why not make it easier for her and make this one of your gifts for grandma in 2020?

A Set of Expensive Bath Towels

Set of expensive bath towels for your grandmother Who doesn't love baby-soft bath towels? You know grandma's not the kind to splurge on luxuries for herself, so go ahead and splurge on a beautiful set of blended Egyptian cotton towels for the lady who taught your parents how to properly swaddle you. They also make a great gift for a child going off to college or a present for a long-distance relationship partner living far away from you.

A Knitting or Crochet Kit as a Gift for Grandma

Gifts for gran - knitting kit If your granny is a die-hard knitter (remember all those sweaters in your closet?), you can look at buying a high-quality crochet or knitting set. Besides, experts say that the repeated moves in activities like needlework are not only relaxing but also lower the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Such pastime passions also keep blood pressure and heart rate levels down. In other words, it's great for your grandmother's health and will keep her occupied. Guess what you're getting for Christmas... again!

A Costly Throw Blanket - Think Cashmere, Cheapskate!

Gifts for granny - cashmere throw blankets Elderly people tend to be cold all the time because of reduced metabolic rates, a thinning of the skin, less supple blood vessel walls, anemia, side effects of medication, and other factors. You can buy your gran-gran a beautiful, hand-made throw blanket or a shawl that she'll be extremely grateful for. Bring some warmth into her life for anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand bucks. Truly a wonderful gift idea for grandma.

A Gardener's Tool 'n' Stool

Gifts for meemaw - tool and stool gardening set This will make a great gift for meemaw if she has a green thumb and can still do some gardening. It's convenient and lightweight so she doesn't feel like she's lugging it around. Make sure you get one that will last a few years.

A Grandkids' Names and Birthdays Printable Poster

Gifts for gram-gram - personalized poster with grandkids' names and birthdays Make it convenient for your nana to remember her grandchildren's birthdays with this personalized printable poster. You can order this gift for your grandma online and have it printed out and set in a nice little frame for her to put on her nightstand or hang on the wall.

A Touch-free Trash Bin

Touch-free sensor-activated trash bin Go all tech on your nana with this convenient touchless trash can. She just has to wave her hand in front of the sensor to open the lid. Get a few sets of tall trash bags or liners and you're good to go. It's a great addition to any kitchen, and you know how nana likes to keep her space clean, right?

A Touch Friendship Lamp to Let Grandma Know You're Thinking of Her

A touch lamp or friendship lamp is an amazing piece of technology that you can gift your grandma on Mother's Day or just about any day of the year, including Christmas. It's essentially a pair of lamps where your grandma's Wi-Fi-connected lamp will light up in color whenever you touch your own lamp. Every time it lights up, she'll know that she's on your mind. A touching gift in more ways than one! These are all great ideas for gifts for grandma and we'll keep adding to this list on a regular basis. Stay tuned for a lot more thoughtful and practical gifts for grandma by bookmarking this page. We look forward to seeing you again... and again... and again.
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