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7 Gifts for Girlfriends (Teenage to Early 20s) for Modest Budgets

"To-Do List: Item #1 - Google gifts for girlfriend (birthday coming up) - $50 limit!!"

Looking for unique gifts for a girlfriend in her late teens or early 20s? That's the hardest category to shop for because there are just so many options out there. Take heart! Even if you're a young man (or woman) who's barely starting to make their way up in the world, buying a gift for a girlfriend doesn't mean having to rob a bank - or piggy bank, depending on how young you actually are! These 7 timeless gifts for the girlfriend of your dreams are affordable as well as unique. Don't be surprised if she's all over you once she's seen these gems we've curated for you.

Best Gifts for Girlfriends When Your Budget is Tight

Quartz Jewelry - The Hard Rocks that Rock Hard!

types of quartz - quartz jewelry as gifts for girlfriend Well, she asked for a rock, right? Kidding aside, quartz jewelry is all the rage. It offers the perfect blend of style and uniqueness to make her stand out in a crowd, which is all anyone's really looking for, isn't it? The neat thing about quartz is that it is available in a range of colors so you can even consider getting your girlfriend a set that she can match with her daily clothes. 7 colors for 7 days of the week, for example. The image above shows just a few of them but you can find them in an amazing range of colors and hues. The best part? A pair of quartz earrings in a 14k gold-plated setting won't set you back more than $15 or so if you buy from popular sites like Etsy.

Scented Candles (meh), But Hot Chocolate Scented Candles? Not so meh!

Gifts for girlfriends - hot chocolate scented candles Who doesn't love the warm and fuzzy memory of a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's night? But what if you could gift your girlfriend that same fragrance year-round? That's exactly what these hot chocolate scented candles will do. As gifts for girlfriends go, these are sure to be at the top of the charts from January through December. They retail from anywhere between $13 and $20 and can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and other eCommerce websites. Look for something that's locally made so you support a local business. Tell your girlfriend that and she'll love you all the more!

Stovetop Espresso Maker

Gifts for girlfriend who loves espresso - two cup stovetop espresso maker This one's for girls in their late teens to early 20s; basically, for espresso lovers who need that early morning rush before they head out for college or work. It's a real looker and will go fabulously with any style of kitchen decor - from shabby chic to uber-stylish. The one in the image above is a Bialetti Mini Express that makes two cups of espresso at a time and retails in specialty eCommerce portals like WorldMarket.com. The retail price is $45 for the two-cup model but you can find cheaper ones on Amazon as well. This is one of the best gifts for girlfriends who can't do without their morning caffeine. Another great thing about this is that it's not a very common model in the United States, so that makes it even more special.

A Long-lasting Perfume within Budget (Because They're Just So Darn Tootin' Hard to Find!)

Gifts for girlfriends - long-lasting perfume It's a myth that long-lasting perfumes for women are notoriously expensive. Not true at all. Of course, the best ones are upwards of $100 a bottle but there are several mid-range and budget options that are equally long-lasting. Besides, even really expensive perfumes come in smaller sizes, so that's an idea you could try as well. For example, the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds perfume comes in 1 fl. oz. bottles that only cost about $17 a pop on Amazon. And for about $40, you can get the entire gift set, which comes with 2 EDT spray bottles, a body wash, and body lotion.

Custom Name Rings - You and Her

gift ideas for girlfriend - custom name rings Personalized gifts are so much more... well, personal. A couple of custom name rings would make perfect gifts for girlfriends who are romantic and sentimental (aren't we all?!) She gets one with your name and you get the one sporting her handle. These rings need to be ordered in specific sizes, so know what her ring size is before you splurge on a pair. A set of two custom name rings cost in the neighborhood of $30 if you don't want her finger (and yours) to turn green two days later! You can also get both the rings in her size so she can wear them on two fingers, as shown in the image above. That way, everyone will know she's with you!

AirPod Case with Her Initials

present for girlfriend - engraved leather AirPod case Who doesn't love bespoke stuff? These amazing-looking AirPod cases come in engraved leather in brown and black color options. They look really expensive but they retail for less than $20 on Etsy. It comes with a little loop she can use to attach it to her day bag or tote. She can just slide her white AirPod case into it and instantly upgrade her chic-ness. You also have the option to have her full name or both your names engraved on it when ordering. It might be a little extra but well worth the additional dollars.

Special Places Marked Map

gifts for girlfriend - customized map of special places This one's a real tear-jerker. It's a custom map that's like a timeline of where you met, where you went on your first date, where you first kissed, where you celebrated your first special anniversary, and so on. You can have those places marked on a map of your town or city, with labels, and have it printed out. It looks extremely well made and you can custom-order something like that on sites like Minted.com. It'll cost you about $35 or so but it's worth every penny when you see the tears streaming down her face. What a gift for your girlfriend! These 7 special purchases will make terrific gifts for girlfriends of all tastes and styles. You can make the gift even more unique by the way you spring the gift on her. Girlfriends love to be surprised, so hide it in the bag she takes to work, put it under her pillow, or even on the bathroom sink where she'll get a nice little jolt of joy in the morning.
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