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Gift Ideas Series: Thoughtful Long-distance Friendship Gifts for Those You Miss Every Day

You've been friends since childhood. You’ve had sleepovers, gone for picnics together, shared little secrets, planned birthdays together, and even went to the same high school. You have so many memories of your time with your bestie. But as you grew up, each of you had to follow different goals and dreams and may have had to go in different directions. 

Friendships, especially adult ones, are complicated. They are hard to find, hard to maintain, and above all, hard to let go of in case things don’t work out. But it’s particularly painful when a close friend suddenly becomes a long-distance friend as you grow into adulthood. You will crave the memories you once shared and miss your friend dearly, especially on their birthday or during the holidays. One way to keep the friendship alive is to send them gifts that remind them of you and keep you in their thoughts. To that end, we’ve curated a list of long-distance friendship gift ideas for that over-the-sea-and-far-away friend you miss so much.

Long Distance Friendship Gifts - Touch Lamps: Also known as Friendship Lamps, Wi-Fi Touch Lamps, and long-distance relationship lamps, these table lamps come in pairs or sets. You can set each one up in a different location (across town or across the world) and connect them to their respective Wi-Fi signals. Once they're set up with predefined color for each lamp, touching one lamp will instantly cause all the other lamps in the network to light up in the color chosen for the first lamp. Any one of the other lamps can respond the same way with their own unique color. An innovative way to communicate your thoughts across the miles, and your long-distance friend will absolutely love keeping in touch with you with this fun and meaningful gift!

See How Friendship Lamps Work

Long-distance coffee mug: This state mug comes with the quote “Friends forever never apart maybe in distance but never at heart.” A perfect gift to let your friend know how much they are missed. You can customize these mugs with the state, country, or province of your choice. These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Crave Box: Gifting your bestie with a Crave Box shows how much you care. This 60-count care package includes a mix of sweet, salt, savory and healthy snacks. The best essential brands of chips, cookies, candy bars, popcorn, and crackers. Your bestie is going to love these!

Friend like You Candle: This comes designed with a soft color palette and whimsical line artwork, dandelion wishes to remind us how easy it is to see the joys in our lives and to wish the same for our beloved buddy. A lovely gift to your friend, who can use it as table décor or bathroom décor.

bracelet gift for long-distance friends

Partner in crime bracelet: Gift your friend this bracelet and let her know how much you miss those times spent together. You were both the naughty ones who got along very well and were known as partners in crime. These joy cuffs are fully adjustable and flexible. It has clear engraving with the words “Partner in crime” which is easy to read and packed in a cute gift box. 

Trinket Dish: This is crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic with a sentiment written on the plate: “A true friendship is a journey without an end.” Your friend can use it in the bathroom or kitchen, or it can be used to keep her rings, earrings, necklaces, or watch. This will make a thoughtful gift for your friend’s birthday.

Friendship keychain: A keychain made from high-quality stainless steel that will not lose its shine, just like your friendship. It comes with engraved words: “True Friendship knows No Distance.” This is a lovely gift for your friend who is moving away to pursue her career in a different country.

“True Friends Are Never Apart” Photo Collage Mug: This mug can be customized with photos of you and your friend together. A beautiful gift to your friend, a reminder of the times you have spent together. This mug can be used for your hot beverages or as a tabletop décor piece, as a reminder that you are being thought of and are special to someone.

Long Distance Friendship Picture Frame: This is a 4”x 6” picture frame. A nice gift for your best friend. Place a picture of you both and send it to your friend. It can be used as a Christmas gift or a New Year gift. It can be used as wall décor and also as a stand on the table.

A cute Minimalist Necklace: This is a long-distance Friendship State Charm Necklace. Gift this to your friend even though she is miles apart. Stay connected with this minimalistic long-distance friendship charm necklace. Choose the two states, where you both are from. It comes in three colors, silver, gold, or rose gold.

candle gifts for long-distance bestie

Homesick candles: A lovely gift for a friend who moved away and always misses her home and her friends. You can choose between states, cities, countries, and even specific memories.

Photo Book: A memorable gift you can give your friend for her birthday. She will love and cherish it forever. Make a photo book with all your favorite pictures, right from childhood to your adult years. Write a footnote under each picture, the place where it was taken, when, and for what occasion it was taken. Your friend will really appreciate it and always remember the days you spent together.

Long-distance game: IF you both are game lovers, then this is a good gift for your friend. You can choose her favorite board game like monopoly, life, or scrabble. You can share the game and play together. Take turns playing long-distance. Each day you’ll roll the dice, choose an action, set up a word. You can text your friend the actions you took during your turn, so she does the same. A fun way to stay close.

Memory Box: You can personalize a memory box by filling it with your favorite pictures, letters, friendship quotes, and mementos from the trip you and your friend took together. This will make a wonderful gift for your long-distance friend.

Coffee Mug Warmer:  If your bestie loves her morning cup of coffee, then this is the best gift you can give her. This will avoid her going to the kitchen multiple times to reheat her morning cup of coffee. This Coffee Mug Warmer keeps your liquids warm and is also spillproof and hence ideal for taking along on your travels.

Bose Sound Link around-ear wireless headphones II: This wireless headphone comes with an advanced system, HD voice for clear calls in windy or noisy surroundings, and the latest Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and seamless audio video sounds. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 15 hours of playtime. It is freedom at its best and comfortable to use. No more worrying about the earbuds falling when you accidentally touch the cable. This will be an ideal gift to your long-distance friend. She can listen to her favorite music or talk to you, while doing household chores, on her walks, or even while working out. Taking a call has never been so easy; you just have to touch it, without reaching out to your smartphone.

Best Friend Hoodies: A pair of these hoodies sports a heart shape with the phrase ‘best friend’ split between the two. You can choose complementary colors like, black and white. This will be a very touching gift for your friend.

Polaroid Snap: The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Cameral captures all the fun and spontaneity of the legacy Polaroid Instant Camera in an easy compact package. You just have to simply point and click to print vibrant, high-quality photos that you can share. No computer connections are required. This will make a good gift for your friend who loves to take pictures and selfies. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A Digital Photo Frame: This will make the best gift for your long-distance friend, who loves sharing photos. The Nix play Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame gives you control over your photos and the power to share them where you want. You can email photos for instant display from anywhere in the world, anytime. Create & update different photo playlists easily and choose which frame displays each playlist or send multiple playlists.

Soul Sisters Friendship Necklace: A lovely gift for your dear friend to celebrate your friendship. One for me, one for you. This comes in a matching necklace set. When you both wear it, you will remember the days spent with laughter and the fun times you have shared with each other.

Self-Care Basket: Gift this to your best friend. A spa gift box that includes two natural handmade soaps, one jar of silk body butter, one bath bomb. This will help her relax and unwind with this luxurious spa gift box. She will feel like a queen and cherish this gift.

Make-up Case: An ideal gift for your long-distance friend, who loves cosmetics. This is a toiletry bag. Fill it up with her favorite cosmetics and gift it on her birthday. She will love your gift.

Soul Sisters Pillow: This pillow can be personalized. It will make a lovely gift for your friend. She is going to love this pillow. Every swipe of the pillow will shift the sequins in different positions.

Letters to open, when:  This comes in a pack of 10 envelopes to write now, read later. This is the best way to interact with your long-distance friend. You fill the envelopes with letters, with words that will help your friend feel better when they are down. This is a great gift to give words when your friend needs them the most.

Trawoc 50Ltr Travel Backpack: This is a water-resistant daypack bag for cycling, trekking, hiking, camping. It is spacious and multi-utility. It has got several buckles, straps, and convenient pockets that make it suitable for adjusting a lot of travel stuff inside this large trekking rucksack bag. An ideal gift for your long-distance friend who loves to travel.

Personalized Docking Station Gift: This personalized docking station has lots of provisions to hold all his essential stuff. It has a spot for the phone, with a charging port included, keys, watch, flash disk, and more. The customization option makes it all the more special. This will be an ideal gift for your best friend who can have all her stuff in one place. She will be thrilled.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Keyrings: This is a sentimental gift idea for your best friend. It is a set of key chains with complementary jigsaw puzzle pieces. The text can be customized with dates, names or anything else that will be a constant reminder to both of you that someone far away is the missing piece of your life's puzzle.

Disney Best Friend T-Shirts: If you both love Disney, then this will be an ideal gift for your long-distance friend. These trendy best friend t-shirts make perfect sentimental tees for best friends like you too! The words printed on the tees “She’s My Best Friend” make it even more special.

Personalized Tree of Life Custom Music Box: A lovely gift for your long-distance friend who loves music. The design on the box is beautiful, featuring the tree of life engraving. Choose from a variety of songs to surprise your friend. You could also add a custom message, a photo, or a mirror on the inside covers. A great way to stay close to heart even though you are oceans apart.

Photo Cube: A wooden cube with pictures, quotes, and funny sayings on each side. Choose pictures that are special for the two of you, phrases that make you both laugh, and favorite memories. It’s a great reminder of your friendship. A thoughtful gift to your best friend.

Personalized Coasters: A personalized set of coasters with pictures special to you and your bestie, places that you visited, loved, and explored widely. Your friend is bound to smile whenever they are used.

Recipe Card Box: If you and your friend enjoy cooking, then this is the best gift for your friend. Compile a recipe box of all your favorite recipes, make notes and suggestions for things you already do. You can enjoy cooking together (virtually) though you are miles apart.

Book of the month club: Are you both book lovers? Then sign up to get a book of the month. You can read it together wherever you are and talk about it at the end of each month. The best gift you can gift each other.

Sculpted Keepsake Box: A friendship keepsake box is one of those practical gifts that are more than just a cute showpiece. This box has two sculpted hand-painted girls on a lid and the heartfelt “Forever true, forever friend” message inside. A beautiful gift for your dear friend.

Why you are my bestie book: This is a whole book of love dedicated to your friendship. You have to fill it in with feelings and memories before giving it as a present. This makes a good gift to your dear friend. She will love and cherish it.

Cute Phone Case: A phone case with a sweet penguin hugging another. It comes with a beautiful touchy message. It’s a phone case that truly knows the bond between you two. A sweet little gift to your best friend.

Best friends Photo Collage Canvas Print: A wonderful gift for your best friend who knows you are there for her whenever she needs help. This is an adorable photo collage to cherish all your memories together. The quote “Side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close at heart” says it all. Add your names to this gift for a more personalized touch.

Dandelion Seeds Necklace: The Dandelion seeds represent lasting joy, happiness and getting your wish fulfilled, surviving through life’s challenges. This Dandelion Seed Necklace will be a cute and thoughtful gift for your long-distance friend. You can choose the number of seeds for the item.

Moving Away Socks: An ideal gift for your friend who is moving to another state or country. Get her a pair of socks with both of your faces on them. This way, she will never forget your face and will remember your friendship, which will be cherished.
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