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Gift Ideas for Christmas for Couples in a Long-distance Relationship or LDR

Do you have a best friend who is in a long-distance relationship? It's still six months away but you've already started mulling over gift ideas for Christmas for your favorite long-distance relationship couple. The only problem is, you haven't got a clue what to get them this year. How about these brilliant gift ideas for Christmas that will blow their minds and make your gift the most memorable one? Everyone loves to get gifts that offer real value in terms of usability and convenience. Your budget is, of course, the deciding factor, but these items below are excellent gift ideas for the yuletide. Your fave LDR couple will absolutely love and cherish these for a long time.
  • A Cold Brew Coffee Set for Him and an Ice Cream Maker for Her

Cooking at home is one of the hallmark activities of the Age of the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19. Millions of couples around the world are making things at home rather than going out, which hasn't been possible for the past couple of months. But even now, people are hesitant to face the crowds at restaurants. So, why not give them a gourmet experience right in their homes. You might want to switch out the gifts and give him the ice cream maker and give her the cold brew coffee set, but that depends on who will like which gift more. We'll leave that to you to decide.
  • A Matching Set of Luxury Passport Covers; Personalized, No Less!

If your favorite long-distance couple is split between two countries, they're sure to have passports. Why not indulge them with a duo of stylish suede leather or textured leather passport covers. It won't cost that much and it's a truly functional gift that keeps on giving. You can even have their names imprinted on the covers to give it a more personal touch. Great gift ideas for Christmas for the frequently traveling long-distance couple.
  • A Year's Subscription to Zoom Premium

Your long-distance couple friends are most likely using Zoom already, but you've probably heard the recent news that Zoom does not provide end-to-end encryption for free plans. The gift idea here is to upgrade them to a premium plan so they won't have to worry about privacy anymore. The normal price is about $150 for a year but there's an ongoing offer of $120 for the same Pro plan. We don't know how long that discount will last so get it as an early Christmas gift for them.
  • Pizza Stones!

People love making their own pies at home, more so during the lockdown that the world's countries are now contemplating once again to stop a possible second wave of COVID-19. Reports have been coming in that nearly half the states in the U.S. are experiencing a rise in detected infections. North Carolina's governor might be rethinking the state's plans to reopen businesses and schools. Around the world, nearly every country is seeing more COVID-19 positive cases after the first set of lockdowns were eased. In a tumultuous situation like this, why not give your long-distance couple friends something to celebrate at home? A quality pizza stone can replicate the beautiful golden crust that you normally only expect to see at a pizzeria. Make sure they're made from a ceramic material called Cordierite - those can be used in an oven as well as on a regular grill to make delicious, professional-tasting pizzas. Yum!
  • Luxurious His and Her Monogrammed Bathrobes Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton

Doesn't anyone use bathrobes any more? It used to be that you first luxuriated in an aroma salt bath for like two days and then sat around in your robe for 24 hours, just chillin'. Well, even in these times of shower, towel-off, and run off to do the 50 things on your schedule, a bathrobe makes a statement that you're going to be a little laid back no matter what - even if it's just for the 15 minutes you've stashed away for yourself in a day filled with hectic to-dos. Give your favorite long-distance couple the luxury of super-soft cotton bathrobes with their names - or just His and Hers - monogrammed on them. It'll help them feel just a little less flustered and a little bit billionaire. Great gift ideas for Christmas at practically any time of the year.
  • A Date Night Bucket List

Long-distance couples are often hard-pressed for time with each other, so they most probably have a 'date night' planned every week or so where they virtually hang out with each other. Make their date night even more exciting with this bucket list that they write stuff on and put in a little canister. They can collaborate on the writing part but obviously one of them will get to keep the canister. Each date night, they can pull out one of the little sticks and do that activity. You can even fill out a few to save them the angst of starting to ideate from scratch. Some good ideas would be to watch the same movie in sync while being connected on zoom on their phones, go on a virtual picnic with VR headsets (there's another great gift idea for Christmas!), go to different restaurants and meet virtually while dining alone, and so on.
  • Long-distance Touch Lamps, a.k.a. Relationship Lamps or Wi-Fi Touch Lights

Gifts for Christmas - Long-distance Touch Lamps | Friendship Lamps | Wi-Fi Touch Lights | Relationship Lamps Long-distance Touch Lamps
This is essentially a pair of lamps that can be set up in different locations. Once the units are connected to Wi-Fi and a special Group ID, if one of them is touched, the other will light up in a specific color. It's a great way to communicate your love for another person just to say "Hey, I'm thinking about you right now." They're relatively inexpensive, and Friend Lamps offers some of the best quality touch lamps on the market. It's one of the best gift ideas for Christmas or any time of the year for long-distance couples. Check it out for yourself.
  • A Cork Globe for Globetrotters

While the touch lamps literally give your gift the personal touch, a cork globe might be ideal for couples that travel a lot. They can each keep a globe with the other's location marked with a pushpin; hence, the cork. If they're true globetrotters, they can track each other's journeys across the world and have a fun time of it! If you've noticed, these 8 gift ideas for Christmas aren't necessarily seasonal, which means you can buy them and have them shipped to separate locations around the year. Nevertheless, Christmas is special for most couples, and more so if they're struggling with the challenges of a long-distance relationship. So, why not give them early Christmas presents this year by being their very own Santa Claus?
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