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Expert Advice on Long-distance Relationships [Videos]

It's hard to get expert advice on long-distance relationships because you have to undergo the experience yourself in order to truly understand the nuances that go into such an arrangement. Relationships are hard enough even when you're physically close to each other; imagine making it work across thousands of miles! Some of the tips and expert advice you see in these videos we've curated for you might seem like common sense. That's because most good things are based on common sense. But don't be quick to dismiss them just because they sound like platitudes that everyone throws about without understanding their true meaning. In order words, don't judge a book by its cover, to use a platitude and make a point!

Video 1: 6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

This video shows you simple ways to keep your long-distance relationship alive and well (kicking, even!). A summary of the expert advice has been provided below the video for your convenience.

6 Tips for People in a Long-distance Relationship:

  1. Give each other a personal gift to hold on to (here's a great gift idea for you!)
  2. Set routines and learn about each other's schedules
  3. Build trust and try not to jump to conclusions
  4. It's not about quantity, it's about quality
  5. Make time to see each other but manage your expectations
  6. Embrace the challenges together
At worst, the tips in the video above could prove invaluable in saving a flagging LDR; at best, it will strengthen your resolve to stick through it until you're ultimately together.

Video 2: Texting in a Long Distance Relationship

This interesting video by relationship expert Amy North tells you what to do and what to avoid when texting with your long-distance lover. Definitely some useful tips here for those who text too much or get too sentimental with their messages.

Video 3: 3 Secrets to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last

Creating unexpected moments, developing skills to compensate for the lack of physical intimacy, and getting into a 'team mindset' to deal with challenges and obstacles to your long-distance relationship. These secrets are explored in great detail by Matthew Hussey, touted as the "world's leading dating advice expert for women", in this final video.

Can I Make It Work For My LDR?

That's the big question, isn't it? How do you relate to the expert advice in these videos? Do you think any of the points mentioned can help strengthen your long-distance love just a little bit? We often see unnecessarily strained relationships between long-distance couples because of simple little things they did or didn't do. Of course, some relationships are naturally stronger than others, but that's only because those couples have been doing something right, whether they knew it or not. All you need to do in order to improve your own relationship with your long-distance lover is to identify these things and start doing them - or stop doing them if they're affecting you in a negative way. There's no evidence to show that long-distance relationships or LDRs are 'weaker' than geographically close relationships or GCRs. No study has been able to prove that LDR couples last for a shorter period of time or that there's any less love between them. That's huge because it gives us hope that we can make it work no matter what. There are a number of ways to deal with the sheer distance and lack of physical intimacy, as these videos show. We hope the expert advice from professionals in the field of dating, love, and long-distance relationships in these curated videos will help you bond with your long-distance bae and stay emotionally connected - always and forever.
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