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Celebrate These Special Days in June 2021 - A Monthful of Fun Days to Commemorate

We're all longing for a vacation, a special weekend, or even a fun day to offset the past year's dreadful experiences. If you're waiting to welcome "the new normal", this is it! June 2021 marks a year-plus of the pandemic. While we're not out of the woods yet, it's time to start preparing that celebratory feeling once again. Be thankful for what you have and celebrate these special days to bring back a bit of fun and laughter into your lives.

So, what does June have in store for us? Father's Day, of course. But that's not all. There are some delicious days to celebrate as well, such as National Onion Rings Day or National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! How about National Ball Point Pen Day to commemorate that oh-so-useful writing implement, or World Ocean Day to remember that the waters of the world sustain life as we know it?

There is a barrage of special days to celebrate in June 2021, so let's not waste any more time.

June 1

Dare Day

If you are looking to throw a challenge at someone and/or perform a daring act yourself, Dare Day on June 1st is just what you should look forward to. Don’t hesitate as this is the day to go ahead and perform your daring act.

Dares come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and there is no limit to them. If you are planning a prank or asking your crush out for a date, then look no further than this date. Before you perform any dare make sure it is safe and legal and you are not hurting anyone’s sentiments. So what are you waiting for? Bring out the Daredevil in you and perform a truly daring act to turn everyone’s head. 

World Reef Awareness Day

If you are a nature lover, then the World Reef Awareness Day on June 1st will bring a smile to your face as, on this day, people around the world help in creating awareness for the ecosystem in the ocean’s coral reef through active engagement. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the importance of reefs and how you can protect them.

The Coral reefs are rock-like structures beneath the ocean floor and home to millions of sea creatures. These creatures rely on the reefs because they serve as their life support system and also provide their food. Unfortunately, because of pollution and global warming, these reefs are perishing. You can also blame the chemical sunscreens that tourists use and uncontrolled tourism at these coral reef regions.

On this day, you can help create a healthy reef ecosystem by spreading the message of the importance of the reefs and protecting them by using non-chemical-based sunscreens and also by eliminating the use of plastics. Remember that healthy ocean life depends on healthy coral reefs to survive, and you can make a difference today. 

National Go Barefoot Day

Millions around the globe can’t afford a pair of shoes so you can mark this day by donating an old pair of shoes to those who are forced to go without. You can also kick off your shoes on this day and take a walk down the green grass across your favorite park with your loved one and feel Mother Nature up close. Besides, there are lots of benefits of going barefoot, which include improved balance, enhancing the leg muscles, and good posture.

This time of the year is perfect for going barefoot and enjoying the weather with some shoe-less actions. Apart from the warmth of nature, you can also feel the joy of donating your shoes to underprivileged people who are not as lucky as you and haven’t worn a shoe their entire life.

June 2

National Bubba Day

If you have a friend or a family member named Bubba, then celebrate this day to show them how important they are in your life. Make them feel special by sharing a memory or by going for a long drive with them. This day was founded by Comedian T. Bubba Bechtol to celebrate everyone we know as Bubba.

Bubba is a name that is frequently used as a kind nickname for a brother, and the name is also used by many family friends to compliment a dear family member. You may also have met numerous Bubbas in your life. This is an extremely popular term for someone who is close to your heart, and this is their day. So go ahead and throw a party for the Bubba in your life and make them know how special they are to you. 

National Rocky Road Day

If you are a lover of ice cream, then this is the day for you. This day is all about eating the delicious Rocky Road ice cream that is traditionally made with nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate ice cream. There are also many modern variations with almonds, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chips, and all you need to do is treat yourself to your favorite flavor.

The combination of delicious marshmallows and walnuts in a bowl of chocolate ice cream was the initial preparation by William Dreyerin the 1920s, who is said to be the inventor of Rocky Road ice cream; but some claim George Farren blended a candy bar with chocolate ice cream and invented this delicious version of this favorite summer treat. It doesn’t matter who invented it. The taste of this delicious treat will make you fall in love with it and you can celebrate the day by serving yourself a yummy bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream or a Rocky Road candy bar. 

National Leave The Office Early Day

Frustrated by the daily routine of coming to your office and spending your time away from your loved ones in an office cubicle throughout the day? National Leave The Office Early Day is what you need to cheer up. On June 2 of each year, you can take an early day to have a fun time with your friends and family without the need to worry about your office work.

You can thank Laura Stack, the brainchild behind National Leave The Office Early Day. She opened our eyes by showing that Americans work about 49 hours a week, which is higher than an average European, and it can take a toll on them. Studies have shown that taking a day off can improve the productivity of an organization as employees can take some time off and utilize it for some much-needed family time, which results in them being more focused. So plan a movie night with your loved one or go for a ball game on this day and use it to the fullest. 

June 3

World Bicycle Day

Air pollution is becoming an increasingly unignorable problem, and millions around the globe suffer the negative effects on their health and well-being. To help make our planet healthy, this day is celebrated by using bicycles as the primary mode of transport to create awareness among people all over the world.

Besides preventing air pollution, a bicycle can help you develop your body tone if you use it instead of your vehicle. Usage of this green energy can help our planet breathe and help us get rid of the poisonous carbon dioxide that’s gradually choking us without our knowledge. On this day, instead of your regular mode of transport, which is usually your car or a cab, ride your bicycle to work or school and give a major contribution to our planet.

National Repeat Day

Here’s your chance to enact the movie Groundhog Day in real-life scenarios. Celebrate this day where you can do your daily task over and over. Repeat your favorite activities on this day, which is a fun way to celebrate National Repeat Day.

Don’t repeat the activities that you hardly like; instead, do the ones that you love, like calling your mom twice and letting her know how much she means to you, or listen to your favorite track in a loop until you can’t get the song out of your head. Bring a smile on the counter girl’s face by telling her Thank You twice. It’s a fun day to bring out the duplicate in you by doing the same activities twice.

National Egg Day

If you are a lover of eggs, then this is the day for you as you can keep eggs in your diet all day long, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are good for your health and enriched with amino acids and proteins that enhance your health. This day should make you realize just how special they are.

Visit your local shop and purchase a basket of eggs and prepare them for a delicious breakfast like poached eggs, eggs benedict, or an egg salad. For lunch, you can mix it with rice to make a yummy continental meal, and later for dinner, bake them and enjoy a mouth-watering treat. There are plenty of other egg recipes that you can find on the Internet. So have an ‘eggcellent’ day! 

June 4

National Cheese Day

If you are a lover of cheese, then this is the day for you as this day is celebrated by consuming a lot of cheese products from breakfast through dinner. Cheese is an essential part of our daily lives for most of us. It is a popular food around the globe and its origins go back to over 4,000 years ago.

You can start your National Cheese Day by eating your favorite cheese pasta or a bowl of yummy cheese-filled soup. For lunch, you can have a piece of bruschetta with your favorite cheese; and for dinner, go with a delicious mozzarella-topped pizza to celebrate the cheese lover in you. Besides, there are lots of delicious snacks made from cheese that can tickle your taste buds. Try some exotic new cheese recipes or stick to the traditional yet delicious dishes like mac and cheese, and celebrate this day to appreciate cheese in its myriad forms.

National Hug Your Cat Day

Show your little feline companion how much you love them by holding them in your arms and giving them a loving hug on National Hug Your Cat Day. Millions around the world love and adore cats and they, like any other living being, need a special day to celebrate and cherish the bond between them and their humans. It is a day to bring out the cat lover in you.

You can visit a cat shelter on this special day where there are hundreds of stray cats, and hug them by volunteering. You can even adopt one from the shelter and give them a home of their own as a gift of a lifetime. Also, you can host a “kitty party” at home and invite other cat lovers to bring their cats and celebrate the day together. This is the day to appreciate their unconditional love for you and a great day to hang out with your feline friends. 

National Old Maid’s Day

This day is celebrated to honor the sacrifices of spinsters around the country. Back in the day, women were expected to get married and bear children, and failing to do so was deemed contemptuous. They were labeled as ‘old maids’ and often derided by their own relatives. But in the modern era, we consider spinsters powerful and independent individuals who deserve love like all of us. This is the day to show them how precious they are and how much we care for them, and to make them realize they are not alone in this world.

You can celebrate this day with the special ‘old maid’ in your family by taking them out for dinner or sharing a lovely moment. Just don’t call them that, please! You can even visit your local old age home and volunteer to show love and care for spinsters there. Surprise them with a bouquet or give them a specially baked cake, which will bring a smile to their face and will remind them that there is someone out there who cares.

June 5

World Environment Day

We celebrate this day around the globe to raise awareness of various environmental issues. It is the day to understand and try to reverse the damage that we have inflicted upon the very planet that we live on. If we don’t take care of our ecosystem, our future generations will suffer; so, on this day, people from all communities come together and think of positive changes that they can effect to make the world a better place to live in.

You can celebrate this day by joining various environmental groups. Take part in the world's environmental forums and try to learn about various environmental problems and their solutions. You can also share your ideas for the betterment of the environment. Support various environmental organizations by donating a small amount that will inspire them to carry on with their journey of healing the world. 

National Trails Day

We celebrate this day to support various local and national trail services in the US and encourage people to go out and discover magnificent trail tracks around the country. Many bird enthusiasts can grab the opportunity to celebrate this day by discovering local trails for birdwatching and others can navigate through a beautiful trail to be in the peaceful arms of Mother Nature.

You can celebrate the day by biking down an unknown trail and experiencing the beauty of nature like never before. You can even go for canoeing and paddle trips on an unknown trail to know more about the surroundings. Apart from discovering nature, National Trails Day also gives you an opportunity for a cardiovascular workout. Support your local rangers on this day by thanking them and appreciate their hard work on maintaining these trails. Take your best friend and walk down a beautiful trail on this National Trails Day and create a few special moments together. 

National Gingerbread Day

This day is celebrated by all the gingerbread lovers around the country to show their love for gingerbread, and they do it by sharing their favorite gingerbread recipes and swapping them for new ones. Gingerbread tastes sweet, and this sweetness is achieved by mixing honey with ginger. Gingerbread foods come in different varieties ranging from delicious cakes to cookies to sourdough muffins.

On this day you can visit your local bakery and try various gingerbread recipes to show them your support. You can also try an array of gingerbread recipes at your home ranging from cupcakes to pancakes and invite your friends and family for a tasty gingerbread treat. 

June 6


Bring out the patriot in you and show your love for the country on this day. On June 6, 1944, about 156000 soldiers from the Allied troops (USA, Great Britain, and Canada) attacked the beaches of Normandy in France and changed the course of WWII by beginning the end of the Nazi regime. These soldiers gave their lives for our freedom and this is the day to thank those brave soldiers.

You can visit your local war museum and see some historical items from this epic day. There are various ceremonies and memorials held on this day to show respect and gratitude to these soldiers, you can take part in them and experience their story of sacrifices for the betterment of our future. Relive the moment by watching a few documentaries on D-Day which will surely make you proud. 

National Gardening Exercise Day

If you love gardening and often spend your time nurturing your plants in the garden, then this is the day for you. This day is observed to promote healthy gardening activities that help burn the extra calories from your body, like digging, planting, mowing, weeding, and pruning. Overall, it’s a day to spend with your plants by performing various activities for them and feel the warmth of the open sky.

On this day go to your garden and perform activities like pulling unwanted weeds and plant some new seeds and get your body moving. Use your shovel to dig up some mud for a new plant and bend down to plant a new rose bush. Keep yourself engaged and make yourself feel how precious it is to spend time in your garden. Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze in your garden and make it a moment that you will cherish forever. 

National Yo-Yo Day

Have an impressive Yo-Yo skill? If you do, then this is the day to show your friends and family your Yo-Yo skills. On this day you are even allowed to carry your Yo-Yo to your workplace and amaze your co-workers with your skills. This toy has survived many generations and is loved by everyone, from young to old. It is so popular in the country that they even have a National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, California.

On this day go ahead and learn a few new Yo-Yo tricks and if you don’t own one, get yourself a brand new Yo-Yo. You can even pose with your Yo-Yo collection and share it with your friends and family or add a rare Yo-Yo to your collection.

June 7

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

If you are a lover of Chocolate Ice Cream then this is the day for you to eat your favorite chocolate ice cream on this day - throughout the day! It is the second most popular flavor and loved by people of all ages.

Celebrate the day with a scoop of this delicious frozen dessert and try out different varieties of chocolate-flavored ice cream. Surprise your taste buds by combining other flavors like mint with chocolate ice cream or try adding marshmallows and peanut butter to give it a new avatar. Enjoy the day by taking out your loved one to your favorite ice cream parlor. And don’t forget to order the chocolate ice cream! 

National VCR Day

Back in the 80s and 90s, the VCR was extremely popular among households. Apart from being able to play movies, they served as a recording tool to save your favorite shows and watch them later. Nope, no TiVo in them good ole days. To honor this machine, this day is celebrated as National VCR Day.

You can celebrate this day by watching a few movies or a recorded VCR cassette, which I’m sure your parents have in their collection. You can also take the initiative to digitalize your old VCR cassettes by visiting a digital agency or searching for one over the Internet. It is a great day to honor this amazing retro machine that has helped millions of Americans record their precious moments. 

National Boone Day

This day is celebrated in honor of Daniel Boone, a pioneer who explored the forests and valleys of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. This day commemorates the arrival of Boone from his home to Cumberland Gap situated on the (upper) Yadkin River located in Wilkes County. On this day in 1769, Boone created Boonesborough in Kentucky, which is considered one of the first American settlements.

You can celebrate this day by visiting museums and learning more about Daniel Boone. You can also read a few history books and visit the places where he lived, and pay homage to this amazing explorer. 

June 8

National Best Friend’s Day

Although you don’t need a reason to spend time with your bestie, a special day to celebrate your bonding with your BFF always brightens up your day and puts a smile on your face. As the name suggests, this day is celebrated to honor your closest friend and cherish your relationship with him/her. This is the day to appreciate the friendship between you and your old pal.

You can celebrate this day by giving them a treat at your favorite restaurant or planning a get-together. You can also present them with a nice friendship card or spend the day together doing a few activities that you both enjoy. 

World Ocean Day

This day is celebrated to raise awareness for oceans around the world. It is a day to think about the stuff that is constantly polluting our oceans and try to resolve them through seminars and discussions.

You can celebrate this day by visiting seminars and take part in discussions regarding the betterment of oceans and get to know the mechanics by which we can make a difference. You can even donate to any ocean awareness campaign that can be used to better oceans worldwide.

This year, World Ocean Day will be celebrated virtually for the second time against the backdrop of the global pandemic. The theme for this year — The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods — will be produced by the United Nation’s Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the Office of Legal Affairs in collaboration with Oceanic Global, a non-profit organization, and presented by Blancpain. This year’s event will swing the spotlight on the wonders of the oceans and how it serves as our life source and supports humanity and all other organisms on our planet. 

National Name Your Poison Day

This day is all about making choices, either bad or good. The choices can also be between small or large. Traditionally, this day is to celebrate your favorite alcoholic drink by choosing the quantity or the flavor.

You can celebrate this day by visiting your local bar and selecting the drink of your choice - or you can simply try ordering a drink you’ve never had before. It’s a fun day to make awkward choices and confuse your mind with alternate options. So raise a toast to this day and enjoy your favorite tipple. 

June 9

National Donald Duck Day

This day is celebrated to mark the debut of America’s favorite duck, who appeared on the silver screen for the very first time on this date in 1934 in The Wise Little Hen. Donald Duck is an iconic character and is known throughout the world for his funny and witty charm and loved by millions. Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy, meaning child king, and its origins can be traced back to Old French. He has made an appearance in the most number of films as compared to other Disney characters and was even bestowed the honor of being one of the fifty greatest animated characters of all time by TV Guide in 2002.

You can celebrate this day by watching a couple of Donald Duck cartoons with your friends and family. You can even visit Disneyland where there are lots of fun events on this special day. Why not try your Donald Duck impression?

National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day

This is the day to celebrate the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, which is a delicious form of pie and is quite unheard of. The stem of the Rhubarb tree along with strawberries are smashed to make this mouth-watering pie. The plant itself can be easily planted in your garden. Celebrate this day by growing some rhubarb plants in your backyard in advance and making some delicious pies. 

National Earl Day

Do you know an Earl? If you do, this is the day to celebrate him! Back in the day, Earl used to be an extremely popular name and this day is dedicated to all the Earls out there.

If you have an Earl in your life you can celebrate this day by inviting him for dinner or watching a movie together. You can also give a call to the Earls you know and tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life. 

June 10

National Ball Point Pen Day

This day is celebrated in honor of Ballpoint pens, also known as ball pens or biro, which revolutionized the way we write since their invention in 1943. Before it, we used to use fountain pens which can be quite messy sometimes due to their liquid ink.

You can celebrate this day by writing a letter to your bestie using one of your Ballpoint pens or you can also gift him/her a nice-looking Ballpoint pen. You can even mark important dates on your calendar by using a Ballpoint pen. 

National Herbs and Spices Day

Do you enjoy cooking with various spices and herbs? If yes then this is just the day for you as on this day we celebrate the usage of various herbs and spices in our everyday life.

You can celebrate this day by cooking your favorite herbal soup or prepare a dish using your favorite spices and condiments. You can even indulge in some good old-fashioned gardening and sow an herbal plant in your garden as well as learn about the medicinal importance of various herbs and spices. 

National Egg Roll Day

Are you a fan of Egg Rolls? If your answer is in the affirmative then this is the day to celebrate your love for this comfort food. This is probably one of the easiest and tastiest foods to prepare, and everyone loves eating them.

Celebrate the day by preparing a few egg rolls and sharing them with your friends and family. You can even be a bit more adventurous and add different ingredients to mix with your egg roll and try some new flavored egg rolls rather than the traditional fare. 

June 11

National Corn on the Cob Day

Almost everyone loves the taste of sweet corn on the cob, and it is an iconic representation of the scorching summer months when barbecues and backyard cookouts are all the rage. Mix a pinch of salt and pepper and this food becomes more delicious and might even serve as your comfort food.

Celebrate the day by eating boiled or grilled sweet corn for your breakfast or dinner. Visit your local supermarket and buy a few sweet corns and prepare tasty dishes and show off your culinary skills to your family members and friends. 

National Flip Flop Day

Who doesn’t like a comfortable pair of Flip Flops in the summer? This day is all about wearing Flip Flops and visiting places like the beach or going to your local hot dog vendor.

You can celebrate this day by switching to a pair of comfortably Flip Flops rather than your usual shoes or sneakers and enjoy the comfort of a soothing breeze caressing your feet. Call up your gang and tell them to wear Flip Flops and then go for a game of volleyball on the white sands of the beach and appreciate this comfortable footwear. 

National German Chocolate Cake Day

This day is all about eating one of the most popular cakes in America, the German Chocolate Cake. Although the name sounds German, it was originally invented in America in the year 1852 by a baker named Sam German.

Enjoy the day by eating different varieties of German Chocolate Cake along with your loved ones. You can even try to bake your own German Chocolate Cake in the comfort of your home or visit a local bakery - perfect for anyone looking forward to enjoying the delicacy but without the hassle of preparing one. 

June 12

National Red Rose Day

Who doesn’t like the smell of a fresh red rose? This flower is considered to be one of the most popular flowers in the world and is appreciated for its fragrance and beautiful appearance.

You can enjoy this day by planting a few rose bushes in your garden or by gifting your loved ones a bouquet of freshly cut red roses. Gift your bestie a rose on this day to encourage his/her knack for gardening. Why save it for Valentine’s Day when there’s yet another day dedicated to this delicate flower.

National Jerky Day

If you are a lover of jerky then this is the day for you. Jerky is a kind of flavored, dry meat loved by millions around the country. The roots of jerky can be traced back to the northern and southern parts of America.

You can celebrate this day by trying different varieties of jerky, such as deer, chicken, pork, or beef jerky. You will love the delicious taste of it. You can even prepare a few jerky dishes at your home and invite your friends for dinner. 

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Everyone loves a freshly baked peanut butter cookie as it’s delicious and can be easily made at home. This day is celebrated by consuming a lot of peanut butter cookies teamed with your favorite hot beverage.

Try a few new recipes of peanut butter cookies or head for your favorite aunt’s place who is an expert in making delicious peanut butter cookies. Eat it with your loved ones or enjoy it while watching your favorite Netflix show. 

June 13

National Sewing Machine Day

This day is celebrated to honor one of the most iconic and essential machines in the history of mankind known as a sewing machine. This groundbreaking machine made our life easier and to this day we can appreciate the importance of sewing machines in our life.

You can celebrate this day by using your mom’s or granny’s old sewing machine to stitch and sew a few clothes or you can learn how to use it from them and try making something innovative. You could learn a new design or pattern, share your tried and tested tips and life-saving tricks with friends or post them on social media, create art designs or stitch funky clothes, or stitch your creative ideas together to celebrate this day. 

National Children’s Day

This day is celebrated to honor children in our life as well as finding ideas on how to improve their life. Children are the future and on this day we take a vow to make their future bright.

You can hang out with your kids and give them more time on this day. Visit the zoo or teach them a new hobby on this day. You can also visit underprivileged kids and spend the day with them. Give them life lessons as a gift by sharing a few meaningful stories with them. 

National Weed Your Garden Day

This is the day for all plant lovers as it is celebrated by extracting unwanted weeds from your garden. Weeds can be destructive to your beautiful garden and you should keep an eye on unwanted weeds that can sometimes harm your beloved plants, bushes, and shrubs.

Celebrate the day by spending time in your garden and extracting unwanted weeds. Team up with your bestie and spend the day together under the open sky by extracting weeds from your garden soil. Don’t forget to weed regularly and keep the healthy practice around the year. 

June 14

National Flag Day

This is the day to show respect to the American Flag as it is the true sign of identity of every American worldwide. On this day we cherish our great country and the glorious history of our American flag.

You can celebrate this day by honoring the brave soldiers who gave their lives fighting for this country. Raise an American flag in front of your house or wear a cap bearing the American flag to show your respect for the country. You can even attend your local flag-raising ceremony and pay your respect. 

National Army Birthday

This day is celebrated in honor of the creation of the American Army back in 1775. These oldest army recruits were not as experienced as modern-day combat forces and mostly consisted of local colonial armies. But they never let their inexperience come in their way of protecting the country.

You can celebrate this day by visiting your local Army museum and donating a small amount for the betterment of a veteran American soldier. You can also volunteer your time in an army hospital or raise the army color in your house. 

National Bourbon Day

Are you a lover of the famous Bourbon Whiskey? If you’re nodding your head in agreement then this is the day for you as it is considered America’s national whiskey and people enjoy consuming this drink on this special day. This day is dedicated to this fine blend of whiskey and celebrated throughout the nation.

You can invite your friends and share a bottle of some of the finest bourbon whiskey at your home or you can watch a few documentaries on the production of bourbon whiskey and enrich your knowledge about this popular drink. Or, if you want to celebrate the day a tad differently, round up your buddies or make a solo trip to Bardstown in Kentucky and find your way to the eleven distilleries located within an area of 16 miles and crack open a bottle in the Bourbon capital of the world. 

June 15

National Nature Photography Day

If you love nature photography then this is the day to celebrate your photography skills as this day is celebrated around the country as National Nature Photography Day. This is the summer season and millions of Americans will spend taking breathtaking nature shots with their camera and celebrate the joy of nature photography on this day.

You can celebrate this day by traveling to a popular lake or a park and by taking a few photographs. Invite your friends for a trip together and enjoy this day by capturing some beautiful shots of Mother Nature. 

National Smile Power Day

This is the day to celebrate and spread the joy of a smile. Throughout the day perform all your daily work by putting a smile on your face and celebrate the power of a smile.

You can celebrate this day by think of some hilarious memories that will bring a smile to your face or crack a few jokes with your colleagues and make them smile. You can also put a smile on a homeless man/woman’s face by buying them food on this day. 

National Prune Day

Do you enjoy eating prunes? If yes then this is the perfect day for you to celebrate this delicious fruit. It is dried fruit and tastes a bit like brown sugar and is quite tasty to taste.

You can celebrate the day by visiting your local supermarket and buying a packet of dried prunes. Share it with your friends and family as apart from its delicious flavor it is also known to be a great antioxidant. 

June 16

National Fresh Veggie Day

This is the day to celebrate fresh veggies as the name goes. We all know how beneficial fresh veggies are for our health and this day is celebrated for the cause of eating lots of fresh veggies. And if you’re a health freak or a strong advocate of eating lots of fresh green veggies, all the more reason for you to celebrate this day with enthusiasm.

You can celebrate the day by collecting a few fresh veggies from your garden or your local supermarket and by preparing some tasty fresh veggie dishes like tossing up a salad. Challenge the dormant chef in you and invite your friends over for a healthy fresh vegetable treat which I’m sure they will appreciate.

International Waterfall Day

If you are a nature lover then this is the day for you as it is celebrated around the world as International Waterfall Day to appreciate all the beautiful waterfalls in the world.

You can celebrate the day by visiting a waterfall and see the water falling and crashing on a rock beneath. The mesmerizing yet powerful noise will take your mind away from all your problems and you will appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. 

National Fudge Day

Bring out the fudge lover in you on this special day as it is celebrated around the country as National Fudge Day. Indulge in different varieties of fudge confectionaries and get blown away by the tasty flavor of your favorite sweet treat.

You can visit your local confectionary on this day along with your friends to try some great fudge recipes. You can even try to learn how to prepare it in the comfort of your home and play around with various flavors to create an all-new flavor. 

June 17

National Mascot Day

This is the day to celebrate the spirit of mascots throughout the country who have kept you cheered and entertained for many years. This day is celebrated to show support to all your favorite mascots and honor them.

You can spend the day visiting your local club and posing with your favorite mascot. You can also log on to the Internet and read some fascinating stories behind popular mascots as well as discover new ones. 

National Cherry Tart Day

This day is celebrated by all cherry tart lovers around the country as they try different cherry tart pies on this special day. On this day people relish the taste of their favorite cherry tart pie.

You can celebrate the day by visiting your local pie shop and try some delicious flavored cherry tart pie. You can also try out some cherry tart recipes on your own and invite your friends over a delicious treat. 

National Eat Your Vegetable Day

This is the day to celebrate vegetables and be healthy and strong. On this special day, we can include vegetables in all our diets throughout the day and thank nature for giving us an abundant choice of this healthy food.

You can spend the day preparing different vegetable dishes or simply visit your local veg snacks bar to try a pizza but with a vegetable twist. Promote vegetables in every way you can on this day to grow awareness about their benefits. You can exchange recipes with family members and friends and discover new flavors of your everyday veggies along the way. 

June 18

National Go Fishing Day

Do you enjoy fishing? If your answer to this question is an emphatic yes then this is the day to show off your fishing skills as around the country this day is celebrated as National Go Fishing Day. This day is celebrated by fishing some tasty fish in the local lakes or nearby oceans.

You can celebrate the day by asking your fishing buddy out on a fishing trip and don’t forget to take some fishing bait and rods to catch some exquisite fish. Pose with the fish that you catch and make it a memory to cherish for a long time. 

International Panic Day

Are you stressed with your office work or any related issues? Well, don’t worry as this day is celebrated around the country as International Panic Day where you can call an old friend to calm yourself by talking about good old times.

Although it’s named International Panic Day, it is a day to de-stress yourself from the burden of stress. Spend some me-time or listen to Pink Floyd, which will calm down your mind and help you to focus on important matters without taking too much stress. 

International Picnic Day

Do you miss the good old American Picnic when families used to go for a picnic in a park or the backyard? Well, relive those picnic memories on this day by taking time off from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

You can grab your picnic basket and celebrate the day hanging out with your family members and best pals. Don’t forget to grab a blanket before you leave and if possible, carry a few board games to play with your buddies. 

June 19


This day marked the end of slavery in America in the year 1865. It is the day to celebrate the right to freedom and honor those slaves who lost their lives while in slavery. 

On this day you can visit your local museum and know more about this hideous practice and watch a few documentaries on Juneteenth. You can also raise a Juneteenth flag on your front yard to support the end of slavery as well as read books about this special day on the Internet. 

National Kissing Day

This day is celebrated to appreciate a kiss. Around the country, people celebrate this day by kissing that special someone and by letting them know how special and loved they are.

You can celebrate the day by giving and enjoying a romantic kiss with your partner or it can be an affectionate kiss to your bestie. Enjoy the day kissing and spending some quality time together and make memories to cherish. 

National Garfield The Cat Day

This day is celebrated in honor of the most popular cat of the nation, Garfield which was created by Jim Davis and was first published on this day in 1978. Since its launch, it has gain immense popularity and this day is celebrated to honor Garfield the cat.

You can celebrate this day by reading a few Garfield comic strips or watch a few animated versions of this favorite character on the TV. If you have a tabby cat, pose with it and create a snap-happy moment. You can even bake some homemade cookies to honor this funny and cute cat. 

June 20

Father’s Day

This is the day to honor your big man and it is celebrated around the world for the sacrifices they have made for the betterment of their children’s life. It is the day to celebrate fatherhood and make the bond between a son/daughter and a father stronger.

You can celebrate this day by presenting your Dad with a unique gift. Take him out for a ball game or just stay at home and listen to the endless stories and memories that he can share with you as he goes on a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Make the day special for him by taking him out for dinner. Or, simply drive down to his favorite spot and listen to his insightful take on life, relationships, and more. 

American Eagle Day

This is the day dedicated to the national bird of America, the Bald Eagle. Apart from the country’s national animal, it is the symbol of the integrity and pride of the country.

On this day you can raise awareness to protect this species and read a couple of books about them. Watch documentaries related to the bald eagle with your friends and family on this special day and get to know about them. You can even go birdwatching with your camera and click a few pictures of this magnificent and regal bird. 

National Ice Cream Soda Day

If the vote for your all-time favorite drink goes to Ice Cream Soda, this is the day to celebrate the delicious thirst quencher as this popular flavor is known to be one of the country’s favorite. For many generations, this yummy treat has kept all Americans yearning for more and this is the day to celebrate it.

You can celebrate the day by visiting your local Ice Cream parlor and enjoy a delicious ice cream flavored soda with your friends and family. You can even try your hand at making this tasty treat at home.

June 21

International Yoga Day

We all know how beneficial Yoga is for our health and this day is celebrated around the world with gusto. Although it was invented in India, today yoga is immensely popular in all the corners of the world with several celebrities endorsing its benefits.

You can celebrate the day by participating in a Yoga seminar and by learning a few Yoga postures. You can also invite your friends and family over and start a Yoga group or join a Yoga Club that can help you to lead a healthy life. There are plenty of books written about Yoga and its benefits. So grab a copy and start reading them on this day. 

Go Skateboarding Day

Skateboarders around the country celebrate this day by showing their skateboarding skills. This is the day to celebrate the spirit of skateboarding as it is an immensely popular sport throughout the country.

Start the day by heading to a skateboard club and learn a few skateboarding tricks or sharpen your skills and become a pro. You can also experience breathtaking performances by various skateboarders and appreciate their skills. You can take the initiative to develop a skating park in your community on this day. 

National Seashell Day

Many of us like to collect seashells and this is the day to celebrate these beautiful shells. Summer is the perfect time to head for the beaches and collect a few shells to decorate your home.

Celebrate this day by heading for the beach with your friends and family and collect some beautiful seashells after taking a sunbath or simply walk along the shoreline and discover seashells of various shapes and sizes to add to your carefully collected seashell collection. It’s a good way to enjoy the day with your loved ones beneath the blue summer sky. 

June 22

National Chocolate Éclair Day

If your day is incomplete without popping a Chocolate Éclair in your mouth, this is the day to celebrate the delicious taste of Chocolate Éclair flavor. Enjoy the day with a Chocolate Éclair filled pastry and appreciate the yummy and rich taste of this delicious treat.

You can celebrate the day by heading to your local pastry or bakery shop and eating a few éclair flavored pastries or you can even try making them in the comfort of your kitchen. So put on your oven mitts and give your friends and family members a sweet treat on this day. 

National Onion Ring Day

This day is dedicated to all the onion ring lovers around the country as we celebrate this yummy and crispy savory delicacy. Onion rings are a perfect alternative to normal fries and are extremely delicious - if you like onions, that is. But try it anyway; you may just acquire a taste for it on this special day.

You can visit your local burger shop and tell them to serve you some delicious onion fries on this day. Don’t forget to dip these yummy treats into your favorite sauce for some extra tangy flavor. Try some onion fry recipes at your home and call your bestie over for a plate of tasty onion rings. 

World Rain Forest Day

This day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness for rainforests. With the advancement of the human population, these rainforests are getting affected and some are on the brink of extinction. On this day, take a break and think about plans to protect them.

You can celebrate the day by visiting your local park and attend seminars to enlighten yourself about rainforests. Watch a few documentaries on rainforests and, if possible, donate a few dollars to the cause of conserving these rainforests. 

June 23

International Widow Day

This is the day dedicated to all the widows around the world; on this day, actions are taken to eliminate injustice that widows face around the globe. In the US, it might not ring alarm bells, but in the third world and even emerging nations, widows face a hard time.

You can celebrate this day by visiting your local NGO and donate money for the betterment of the widows. You can also read plenty of blogs on the Internet about how these widows face hardships inflicted on them by society, and how you can make a difference in their lives.

Let It Go Day

Worried about something that is bothering you for a long time? This is the day to forget all your worries and think about the steps that can help overcome your worries. This day brings out positivity in you and makes you strong by thinking positively.

You can celebrate the day by focusing on issues that are troubling you and try to find and eliminate their cause. Be positive throughout the day and do the things that you love to do and don’t let negative thoughts cloud your mind. 

National Pink Day

As the name suggests, National Pink Day is the day to celebrate the color pink and everything it represents, be it a flower or your favorite piece of clothing. Pink celebrates femininity and epitomizes beauty.

Celebrate the day by wearing a pink outfit and by buying a bouquet of pink flowers and gift it to your loved ones. Go ahead and paint your nails with various shades of pink nail polish and create new patterns of nail art. Or, make a bold personal fashion or style statement and color your hair pink or just use pink hair mascara to highlight your tresses. 

June 24

International Fairy Day

This is the day to celebrate the imaginary transcendental and tiny fairies of our fairy tales. No matter how grown-up we are, a good fairy tale always cheers us up and this day helps us to fascinate and think about those beautiful fairies from our childhood.

So put on your wings of imagination and celebrate International Fairy Day by reading some classic fairy tales and imagine yourself being a part of these enchanting stories. You can even arrange a fairy party and tell your friends to dress up like fairies. If you have a kid, read them a few of your favorite fairy tales and immerse yourselves in the innocent and magical world of fairies. 

National Handshake Day

A handshake is probably the most popular and ancient form of greetings and on National Handshake Day this form of greeting is celebrated around the nation. There are many forms of handshake which include formal and informal and this day is dedicated to all forms of handshakes.

Celebrate the day by shaking hands with as many people as you can. Try practicing a different form of handshakes from a firm grip to a casual one and spread this form of communication to your friends and family on this special day. 

National Pralines Day

If you are one of the countless fans of the taste of pralines which are made from nuts and syrup, National Pralines Day is the day to celebrate our love for this delicious snack. Pralines are made in different forms, from a cookie to chocolate candy and this is the day to eat lots of them.

You can celebrate the day by visiting your nearest or favorite confectionary and try some praline cookies or candies. Search and download some praline recipes from the Internet and surprise everyone by baking a few at your home. 

June 25

Log Cabin Day

This is the day to bring out the adventurer in you and re-live the Wild Wild West era by celebrating log cabins, a primitive form of housing in the forests or the suburbs. Today, they’re an American icon that’s all but forgotten.

Celebrate the day by being an active voice in promoting and preserving these iconic structures by attending seminars and by visiting a few. Explore nature by staying in a log cabin and experience the primitive way of life. You can bring your bestie along with you for a night’s stay in a log cabin. 

National Catfish Day

If you enjoy eating catfish then this is the day to celebrate your passion for this food. Apart from their delicious taste, catfish are also enriched with Vitamin D which is extremely beneficial for your health. Moreover, catfish dishes are extremely popular all over the country and those who love this delicacy hardly need a reason to indulge in their favorite dish. But this day serves you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love for catfish literally on a platter.

Celebrate the day by visiting your local restaurant and order a few catfish dishes. Try some catfish recipes at home and surprise your loved ones by inviting them over for a treat. 

Take Your Dog To Work Day

This is the day to celebrate the relationship between you and your canine friend as today you can take your dog to your workplace and trust me they will love your company throughout the day. The Take Your Dog To Work Day lets you celebrate this special bond in many ways.

Celebrate the day by giving a shower and brushing your dog and then take them along with you when you go to work. Your co-workers will love your canine friend and you will have a wonderful day together. 

June 26

Beautician’s Day

This day is celebrated around the country to appreciate all the beauticians who make you look glamorous and beautiful. This is the day to thank them for their efforts and spirit.

You can celebrate this day by visiting your local salon and try some new hairstyles and thank your beautician for his/her effort by letting the person know how much you appreciate his/her work. You can even give him/her a tip as a token of your appreciation. 

Forgiveness Day

As the name suggests, this is the day to forgive everyone and share the healing power of forgiveness. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive someone but we can at least try doing it starting from today.

You can celebrate the day by calling up people who were not that good to you in the past and tell them that you have forgiven them. Try to forget the past, calm your inner demons and practice the power of love and forgiveness which will eventually make you a happier version of yourself. 

National Canoe Day

This is the day to go for a canoe ride with your bestie or gang of close friends as today the nation celebrates National Canoe Day. It is the perfect day to go for a small canoe ride as summer has arrived.

Celebrate the day on your neighboring lake under the clear blue sky in a canoe. Enjoy the peace and serenity and work out your muscles along the way. 

June 27

National Onion Day

This is the day to celebrate onions, one of the most essential veggies which lend various dishes their tangy or sweet yet distinct flavor. As we use onions in different menus, it deserves a day for itself so that we can appreciate its presence.

Celebrate the day by cooking various dishes by slicing or dicing and mixing fresh onions to get an amazing taste and add fillip to a dish. You can even try to grow some onions in your backyard by planting a few root-based onions. 

National Sunglasses Day

Sunglasses are a part of our American culture and on this day we celebrate this amazing visual gear that protects us from the harmful UV rays apart from giving us a smart and trendy look.

You can celebrate National Sunglasses Day by sporting your favorite pair of sun shades and take a selfie. You can also gift your bestie a pair of stylish sunglasses or indulge in some fun-filled twinning by sporting similar sunglasses and enjoy the day in the sun. 

National Ice Cream Cake Day

This is the day to celebrate one of the most loved cakes of America which is the Ice Cream Cake. This flavored cake is a treat for people who love both Ice Cream and Cake and is a combination of both.

Head for your favorite cake shop on this day and order a few Ice Cream Cakes. Try to bake it on your own in the comfort of your home and invite your friends and family over. 

June 28

National Insurance Awareness Day

This is the day to review your insurance policy and raise awareness of the importance of insurance. After all, who doesn’t worry about a secure future for their loved ones? Insurance can help cover your loved ones in a time of need and is a must-have necessity to ensure that your beloved family members or anybody else who’s close to your heart do not fall on hard times.

You can celebrate this day by exploring various insurance policies and see what’s best for you. You can also opt for an insurance cover for your loved ones who will be benefited immensely from this approach of yours. If you already have insurance, take time off your busy schedule on this day and review it. 

International Body Piercing Day

Ever tried piercing your body? If no then this is the day to get a piercing done for yourself. Body piercing is considered one of the oldest traditions of mankind and this day is all about celebrating this art form.

Celebrate the day by visiting your local body piercing parlor and get your ear or tongue pierced. It will give you a new style statement and you can even invite your bestie to accompany you. 

National Paul Bunyan Day

This is the day to rejoice in the memory of the most famous North American folklore hero Paul Bunyan who is always accompanied by his famous blue Ox called Babe. He is probably the most famous American lumberjack.

Enjoy the day by reading tales about Paul Bunyan. You can even pose with some of the magnificent statues of Paul Bunyan and share them on your social media accounts. 

June 29

National Camera Day

Bring out the photographer in you as on this day people around the country commemorate the invention of the camera and the photographers. This is the day to celebrate their effort in giving you the perfect piece of memories through photographs.

You can celebrate the day by capturing a few candid shots of yourself or nature and upload them on social media. If you are a photographer then on this day you can teach a few photographic skills to your buddies or learn new photography skills yourself. 

National Waffle Iron Day

This is the day to celebrate all the waffle lovers in the country. A waffle iron is made of dual honeycomb-patterned metal plates stuck together to design a delicious waffle.

You can celebrate the day by learning how to make waffles in waffle irons and share them with your friends and family. Try new recipes from the Internet and shape your waffles like a famous logo to surprise your friends. 

International Mud Day

This day is all about celebrating the importance of mud in our lives and enjoying it by taking a mud bath. On this day we can forget modern technologies and get back to primitive times by playing a mud game with our loved ones.

You can celebrate the day by inviting your bestie to a mud spa or enjoy yourself together in a mud pit. You can even try your hand at giving shape to mud sculptures and surprise your family members. Whether you choose to make mud pies and roll or squish in the mud and enjoy yourself to the hilt or simply slide or splash in the mud, celebrate the day with elan. 

June 30

National Meteor Watch Day

This is the day to celebrate meteors as on this day people all over the country keep an eye on the cloudless summer sky in the hope to see a meteor. Meteors have always fascinated us and this day is dedicated to these beautiful falling objects.

You can celebrate the day by gathering your group of friends or join a club and go camping far away from the city lights to watch the night sky. Don’t forget to carry a blanket and spend the time watching the starlit night sky and try your luck to see a meteor falling from the sky. 

Social Media Day

This is the day to celebrate the awesome Social Media platforms through which all of us interact digitally. It has changed our lifestyle and brought us together so, on this day, social media is honored and appreciated throughout the country. In other words, it’s another typical day for a millennial!

You can celebrate the day by posting and sharing your pictures or thoughts on social media or you can connect with someone who you didn’t speak to for a long time via your favorite social media on this day. You can also let people know the importance of this day by sharing hashtags related to Social Media Day. 

National Parchment Day

Every year, towards the end of June, connoisseurs of everything related to the kitchen can look forward to National Parchment Day. This day is celebrated to inspire convenience and innovative culinary ideas in the kitchen.

Parchment not only makes cooking a convenient and interesting experience, but it also enhances taste, seals in moisture, and locks in vital nutrients. It has not only been a quintessential part of traditional and authentic French cuisine but its versatility makes it a perennial favorite among chefs and foodies alike. To make a smooth transition from the wok to the oven and the final journey from the grill to your plate, parchment is an elegant and handy tool in the kitchen. So celebrate this delightful day with enthusiasm.

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