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80 Budget-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for a Pandemic-weary Holiday 2020

With well over 225,000 people in the United States now having fallen victim to the novel coronavirus and its deadly COVID-19, the upcoming holiday season is far from being a cheerful one. Still, life goes on, as they say, and those of us that have been lucky enough to suffer minimal negative impact during this prolonged pandemic period are unquestionably obligated to try and bring joy and cheer into the lives of so many people who are left lonely, afraid, and depressed during the 2020 holiday season. To that end, let's begin by looking for affordable Christmas gift ideas that we can explore for this year's round of gifting. Of course, money is tight all around, but you'd be surprised how many gifts you can find under $10, $30, or $50 if you look around. To save you some trouble, we've put together a longish list of possible Christmas gifts to consider buying for your loved ones, members of your immediate family, other relatives, close friends, and colleagues this year. Most of these gifts are also available online, which means you can buy them and have them shipped to a different address if you're buying them for a long-distance friend or overseas family member, for instance. With that, let's dive into this carefully curated list of budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas for Christmas 2020 - the COVID-19 Christmas. #1 - Ice Roller for the Eyes and Face - Stress is one of the less-talked-about effects that impact the human mind during a pandemic situation, and this popular relaxant for the face and eyes is perfect at only $12. It will help relieve the tension, it's great for the skin, and it goes a long way in alleviating overall stress. Of course, it's not a magic wand, but anything that can help reduce stress is an absolute essential at this time. #2 - Reusable and Portable Metal Drinking Straw - Is there anyone on your Christmas gift list that's a germophobe? In today's world, everyone should be exactly that. This portable metal straw telescopes down to a size where you can easily attach it to your keyring. The recipient can sterilize it themselves to ensure maximum safety when consuming beverages outside the safety of their home. #3 - Kitchen utilities - Everyone has that old corkscrew wine bottle opener or potato masher that's seen better days. If you know someone like that, it's easy to find gifts for under $10. If your budget is slightly higher, you can consider a set of sharp knives, a fancy garlic press, or even some nice tea towels. #4 - Set of Custom-printed Face Masks - Everyone needs face masks, right? Well, why not bring a little fun into the tedious exercise of mask-wearing and have custom prints put on them? Your friends and family will love them, and it will encourage them to stay safe when moving around outdoors. You can even send in a photo of yourself and they'll add it to the mask to make it like you're not even wearing one! #5 - Heated Car Blanket - With a cold and snowy winter predicted for the Northern part of the United States, you can help bring on the heat with this heated car blanket that plugs into the cigarette lighter port. It's convenient, portable, and affordable, and there's a wide range of color options to make your gift more festive and Chrismas-y! #6 - Mushroom Grow Kit - Nope, not those mushrooms! These are delicious organic mini-mushrooms that can be grown in about 10 days. It comes in a box that includes the spores and the soil, so all they have to do is spritz it with water every day. In 10 days, they will be ready to pick and make some delicious stroganoff or mushroom dip for Christmas dinner. Yum! #7 - Themed Christmas Tree Ornament - There's no such thing as having too many Christmas tree ornaments, so getting this as a gift is a great idea for anyone. Try a themed ornament like Harry Potter or another popular character that the receiver is especially fond of. If nothing strikes you as unique or personal, just play it safe and go with the classics - glass baubles, reindeer, etc. #8 - Mini Personal Heater - This winter, get your grandma a personal heater to keep her warm through those snowy nights. Surprisingly affordable, these retail for about $25 and are highly portable and lightweight. It's the perfect Christmas gift for someone who needs a personal space heating solution for that extra-toasty feeling. #9 - Silk Pillowcase - Ah, the feeling of a luxurious hotel bed with rich linen sheets and silk pillowcases. Well, if you're going to skip that luxury mini-holiday this year, you might as well splurge on a few silk pillowcases and spread the cheer around the family. Being silk, they're about $30 for a standard-sized pillowcase but worth every penny. Research and anecdotal experience show that sleeping on silk preventing early wrinkling of facial skin, in addition to stopping your fair from crimping or frizzing. #10 - A Cookbook - Why not? After all, the stay-at-home trend is leading all of us to become accomplished culinary specialists with our own brands of experimentation in the kitchen. A cookbook with some exotic cuisines might be a great idea to alleviate boredom and bring some excitement to the palate. It also makes the ideal gift for someone who's home alone and cooking for themselves anyway. #11 - LED Vanity Mirror - Perfect for the woman who wants to look perfect all the time. These cute little make-up must-haves come with a series of LED lights to give your face adequate lighting when touching up for the day or an evening out. They're usually swivel-mounted on a pedestal and pretty useful to have at the dressing table. #12 - Throw Pillow Case with Family Names - The perfect Christmas gift this year might not be that signed family photo you sent out last year. For your Christmas 2020 gifts, send something more functional that's also personalized with the names of your family members. #13 - Hats, Scarves, or Mittens - Winterwear makes great Christmas gifts. Well, except for those uggo sweaters your grandmother knits you every year. But getting cold-weather accessories makes for thoughtful gifting and it's relatively inexpensive. It's also perfect if you have no clue what else to get that person. You just can't go wrong with a smart scarf or a jaunty hat. #14 - Coffee infused with Wine - Sure, wine-not? For coffee lovers who also love a good glass of merlot, here's a blend of the two. They come as beans and can be used in any standard coffee maker. It could be an acquired taste so only buy this for someone you know is a little adventurous with their palate, or else it's just going to sit on a shelf somewhere. #15 - Crossbody Leather Bag for Cell Phones, Cash, Passports, etc. - Not that too many people are traveling these days or even leaving the house except for essential purposes, but a crossbody bag can be yours (well, theirs) for about $20. That's faux leather or synthetic, mind you; the real deal will probably cost you a lot more. But you can barely tell the difference unless you're an expert on leather goods or after it wears off. #16 - Travel Pillow - Can't think of anything good? A travel pillow is a great gift for anyone, especially someone who loves to enjoy a sit-down nap once in a while, even when not traveling. You'll see a lot of variants in this category starting at about $12 for the basic version. #17 - City Map Drinking Glasses - Know someone living in a big city? These city-specific map glasses make a perfect holiday gift. Choose from 32 major U.S. cities or ask for a custom print if yours isn't on the list. Cheers! #18 - Charger Bracelet for iPhone - iPhones are notorious for their batteries running down just when you need that little extra juice. How about a snazzy bracelet that doubles up as a phone charger? It's the perfect gift under $20 and it comes in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. There's one for every type of person and it's a super-useful utility to have with you at all times. #19 - Reusable Starbucks Personalized Coffee Cup - Gift this to someone you love and they never have to worry if the cup they're getting their coffee is 100% sterile. It comes with their name emblazoned on the side and they can wash and sterilize it themselves before they head out for their morning brew. #20 - Automatic Pan Stirring Thingamajig - with a timer, too! - Whomever you gift this to, they'll never ever have to say that they slaved over a hot stove all day. This awesome gadget just stands inside your pan, stirring it while you sip your pina colada watching TV, waiting for your dish to be ready. The best part is that you can set a timer that audibly alerts you when your cooking time is over. #21 - Recycled Vinyl Record Coasters - Creative! Someone actually cuts out that center part of the record where they have the name of the tracks and repurposes them as coasters! You'll still see the hole in the middle but it will be covered by a laminate so no leakage. Fantastic! You're probably wondering why you didn't think of it first. #22 - Wallet - Ah, the classic wallet. That favored Christmas gift that nobody even thinks about anymore. Well, you can revive old traditions by doing a round of wallet-gifting this holiday season. Everybody loves a new wallet, and even more so if they find five bucks in it! #23 - Coffee Table Books - Another classic gift idea for Christmas 2020. These fat tomes look impressive on any coffee table, giving guests the impression of sophistication and class. Or, you can buy a gag book like one of these: Sh*t My Kids Ruined: An A-Z Celebration of Kid-Destruction or Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be, or even Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo. They're all guaranteed to be picked up, read through, and become dog-eared in record time! #24 - Giant Wine Glass - This massive wine glass can hold an entire bottle of wine. Perfect for that wine-loving grandma in every family who 'enjoys a glass of wine every now and then' but drinks on the sly and gets plastered at every holiday gathering - starting at 10 am! P.S. for her private collection only! #25 - Sushi Making Kit - Do you know someone who loves sushi but doesn't want to go to a restaurant for fear of COVID-19? Get them this beautifully made sushi kit for their kitchen. It's got all the bits and bobs you need to make a delicious sushi meal for two. #26 - Homemade Bread - A lot of people are making bread at home these days. If you're one of them, you can gift a loaf or two to friends and family living nearby. Nobody can resist the taste and smell of freshly baked bread and it's super-affordable for you. It works, any way you slice it. #27 - iPhone Dock - Newer iPhones support wireless charging, so buying a wireless charging dock is a good idea for someone who is flashing about their new premium smartphone. The dock itself comes in a variety of brands, designs, and colors, and you can downgrade to a normal dock if you feel that a wireless charging unit is out of your price range. #28 - Hot Dog Toaster (Pop-up Type) - A quick hot dog is often a favorite snack. Just put two frankfurters in the center slots and one cut hot dog roll on either side. Press the lever down, set the timer, and voila! Your hot dog is ready in minutes. Slather on the ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, etc. for a delectable snack anytime hunger strikes. #29 - A Gift Bag of Candy Treats - Because who doesn't love candy, right? Just pick a few of their favorite candy brands and put them in a nice gift bag. Done for under $20 and will be appreciated long after the taste of sweetness has left their tongue! #30 - Eyestrain-reducing Table Lamp - With much of the world's workforce working from home, a nice, inexpensive WFH table lamp is sure to be a big hit. There are tons of options across various price points, but make sure you get one that's non-intrusive, lightweight, portable, adjustable, and helps keep eye strain to a minimum when working in front of a screen for long hours. #31 - Set of Post It Notes - For people who love to write sticky notes all the time to remind them of things that need to be done, a set of multicolored Post It pads might be the ideal Christmas gift. It's also suitable for students because of all the note-taking and annotations they need to do in their textbooks. These sticky notes act as reference markers so they can find a particular piece of information quickly. #32 - Six-pack of Craft Beer - You can do a mix-and-match of different types of craft beer. You'll definitely be spoiled for choice on this one. There's a ton of microbreweries selling their wares locally, so go for something local mixed with something exotic and maybe something truly weird. Put them together in a small crate, wrap them with love, and send them on their merry way this Christmas. #33 - Magnetic Wristband - Handyman in the family? Gift him a cool workman's wristband that magnetically holds whatever he needs, such as screws, nails, screw-heads, etc. The quality brands are relatively inexpensive at under $20 for a basic magnetic wristband, but you do get a few models with some bells and whistles for a little extra. #34 - Vintage Football - Vintage sports gear is a classic gift idea that will never get old. A beautiful Wilson football from "back-when" will look perfect on the mantel or the coffee table and is a great conversation-starter. Get one of these for an old buddy overseas and it's guaranteed to make him homesick but in a nice, nostalgic way. #35 - Bottle of Wine - Combined with that Giant Wine Glass (#24), this would make a perfect gift basket for anyone who loves their wine. You can get a local wine for as little as $10 to $12, and they're not all that bad unless the recipient is a wine connoisseur. But wasn't it meant for that day-drinking grandma anyway? #36 - Freezable Pint Glasses - Does someone you know love a cold beer every now and then but keeps complaining that the chillness goes away long before they finish? Then these freezable pint glasses might be the perfect Christmas gift for them. The glasses, once frozen, will then maintain the temperature of the beer for a much longer time than normal, and without diluting it in any way. #37 - Emoji Mini-pancake Pan - Any household with kids or adults who love emoji will love this mini-pancake pan. The good ones are a little pricey at about $30 or so but they're food-grade certified and will last a long time. That's practically years and years of fun eating smiley faces, mehs, cheeky faces, and LOLs! #38 - Bottle of Olive Oil - If you're worried about someone's heart health, a good brand of fine extra virgin olive oil makes a great Christmas gift. Olive oil has a lot of wonderful properties for health and cosmetic benefits. Every wonder why people in the Middle-east have perfect complexions? One of their secrets is years and years of using olive oil for practically everything. It doesn't mean you'll get great-looking skin overnight, but it's a good start to a healthy life and definitely a better fat alternative for cooking. #39 - Fruit-infusion Water Bottle - Health-conscious family members or friends will love this infusion bottle that you can buy for as little as $15 for a good brand. It comes with a central chamber attached to the lid where the fruit or material for infusion goes in. It then infuses its healthy goodness into the water without affecting the clarity or causing too many suspended particles. An all-day refresher that's also very healthy. #40 - Hot Sauce on a Keychain! - This to-go creation is an innovative solution for anyone who loves hot sauce on everything. Rather than ask for it each time, they simply pull out their keyring! It's a cool idea for those who like it hot, and they can be washed, sterilized, and refilled when needed. #41 - Silicon AirPod Case - The AirPod case is quite small, leaving it susceptible to dropping, scuffing, etc. A soft silicon AirPod protective case will keep it safe from all that, and it comes with a carabiner attached so you can snap it on to a keyring or a bag zipper. #42 - Board Games - Getting someone a board game during the pandemic is a very thoughtful gift idea. It will keep them engaged for hours when they're bored stiff at home, and it's especially great if they're a family, but it also works for couples living on their own. Some board game ideas are Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Jenga, etc. #43 - Embossed Leather Keyring - Classy yet affordable, an embossed leather keyring is a very personal and useful gift for Christmas. For someone who's always losing their keys or leaving them on restaurant and cafe tables all over the city, you can even have their name and number embossed on the side of the leather attachment. #44 - 'Make Your Own Italian Cheese' Kit - Yum, there's nothing that compares with artisan cheese made fresh in your own kitchen. The kit only requires milk - everything else, including the culture and the rennet (100% vegetarian), are included. A standard kit makes about 10 batches of cheese of different varieties - whole milk ricotta, ricotta salada, mozzarella, burrata, bocconcini, and mascarpone. #45 - Magazine Subscription - For those who aren't into digital media, you can get a three-month subscription to the New Yorker or a specialty magazine. It shouldn't cost you more than $10 to $15 and it will act as a monthly or fortnightly reminder of the gifter - aka YOU! #46 - Personalized Long-distance Friendship Mug - Do you have a BFF across the country who you're missing like crazy? Bring yourselves closer to each other with a pair of coffee mugs with maps of your respective states. Be together every morning as you sip on your favorite brand of brew miles apart from each other, but closer than ever. #47 - Bar Kit - Let the receiver make their own exotic drinks with this fully-loaded cocktail-making kit. it's surprisingly affordable at under $20 for a decent brand and it's definitely a keeper. A full set should come with shakers, a double jigger, a bottle opener, a muddler, bottle pourers, a cocktail strainer, a bar spoon, and steel shot glasses. #48 - Travel Guide to a Favorite Destination - Does someone you know keep talking about planning a trip to a dream location but hasn't done anything about it yet? Stoke their desire and passion for travel with a guide book to that city or country. It will give them additional motivation to start saving up and eventually make the trip. #49 - Skin Hydrating Kit - This winter regimen is perfect for anyone who regularly experiences dry, itchy, and painful skin during the colder months of the year. Make sure the kit comes with the standard cleanser-toner-moisturizer set, as well as eye get, lip balm, anti-aging gel, cream or lotion, and sunscreen. #50 - Grill Spatula with Light - No grill master should be flipping burgers in the dark. Never again with this cool two-in-one grill spatula with an LED torchlight built into the handle. It's completely washable and even dishwasher safe if you remove the torchlight. If you buy it as a set, it comes with a basting brush, tongs, and two sizes of spatulas/spatulae. #51 - Travel Toiletry Kit - Frequent travelers know only too well the additional expense of not being allowed to carry full-sized liquid bottles on a plane, this set of mini-toiletries is the perfect Christmas gift. It comes with all the travel essentials for a hygienic experience: deodorant stick, Q-tips, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, toothbrush, toothpaste, and even a mini shaving razor and wax kit. SPECIAL FEATURE - #52 - Friendship Lamps - This is NOT a budget gift but it IS one of the most affordable and long-lasting in its category. Save this for a favorite friend, family member, or a long-distance spouse. A pair of lamps are connected in different locations to their respective Wi-Fi networks. Once connected and set up, touching one lamp will trigger the other one to light up in a particular color! It's an exciting way to stay connected and keep in touch with someone you love no matter how many miles separate you from them. Hundreds of families, siblings, friends, and close relatives have attested to the efficacy of the Friendship Lamp as an effective and instant communication tool. #53 - 3-month Subscription to Pizza of the Month - Many local pizzerias around the country offer to have fresh pies sent to a local address of your choice on a monthly basis. It's cost-effective and helps the receiver get a taste of delicious custom-made pizzas once a month for as long as the subscription lasts. There's no tastier gift than this! #54 - State-shaped Cutting and Serving Board (Bamboo) - State pride can be expressed anywhere, even in the kitchen! These state-shaped bamboo boards are ideal as wall hangings but also practical if you plan on using them as actual cutting and serving boards. #55 - Lavender Sleep Mask/Eye Mask - Lavender is known to have a soothing effect on the brain and is extensively used in aromatherapy. This unique version utilizes the calming power of lavender and combines it with a sleeping mask to give the receiver a blissful night's sleep - night after night. #56 - Satin Sleep Set - Smooth satin pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie - what more could anyone want? This matching set of three items is a little bit pricy at about $40 but it's well worth the money if you're buying it for your girlfriend or your mom. #57 - Bluetooth Beanie - This unique tech product allows you to hook up your beanie via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Play music or audio on the device and hear it in the beanie! A brilliant solution for those who go jogging or running and hate those intrusive earphones but love listening to their favorite tunes. It's the perfect Christmas gift for the health and music buffs in your circle of friends and family. #58 - Cordless Trimmer/Shaver for Men - A men's trimming kit will help keep the receiver neat and trim at all times. A standard trimmer/shaver is rechargeable and, therefore, wireless, and it should come with several attachments for beard, mustache, and head trimming, and even a close shave. #59 - Bagel and Cream Cheese DIY Kit - Help someone learn to make their own bagel and cheese breakfast. One kit can make a dozen bagels and enough cream cheese for all of them. The kit is available for about $25 but considering how many bagels you're getting, it's a steal. #60 - Handmade Scented Soap Set - A set of scented handmade soaps cost as little as $10, and some retailers allow you to mix and match fragrances for the sets that you buy. The good ones are made with essential oils, which are generally quite expensive; however, since only a few drops are required for each cake of soap, the overall cost is much lower than if you buy our essence. #61 - Custom Necklace with Location Coordinates - For a long-distance lover or spouse, you can consider a gold necklace with your location coordinates engraved on them. Don't go cheap here because the color will fade away eventually. Make sure it's solid gold and engraved neatly by a professional. You can also get a bracelet with your coordinates if your partner doesn't fancy necklaces. #62 - Pistachio Serving Dish - True to its name, this pistachio serving dish is not just for serving pistachios but it even looks like one. It's two bowls that come together to form a giant pistachio! Your dad will go crazy over it and boast about it to his friends as he serves beer nuts or real pistachios to his more classy friends. #63 - Shiatsu Massager for Back and Neck - For your older relatives, a Shiatsu massager might be the ideal gift for a cold winter. The better ones come with optional heat control, but the basic principle is the rotating balls that remove the kinks from tired muscles and gently relax them while the person sits or lies down. With so many people working from home but maybe lacking the ergonomic chairs they used to take for granted at the office, this could make the ideal gift for any age group. #64 - Popcorn Popper - Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney, and other streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) operators have made the classic tub of popcorn a standard home snack. But most people still rely on heavy skillets or the microwave to satisfy their popcorn urges. A popcorn popper has the right thickness to ensure that the kernels pop properly and don't burn, making it a perfect gift ahead of Christmas binge-watching. #65 - Assortment of Pressed Teas - If the receiver is a tea lover, these pressed teas will be more than welcome. They come as pressed pellets of different shapes packed neatly in a wooden box and they don't require a strainer when making the tea. A box costs about $17 online. #66 - Tile Mate Car Key Locator - Another great gift for those who frequently leave their keys all over the place (see #43 - Embossed Leather Keyring) is this high-tech version that can help the key-loser (hey, no name-calling!) find their keys via Bluetooth that locates the Tile unit's tracking chip. #67 - Insulated Stemless Wine Glass - This stunningly-designed wine glass is triple-insulated and will keep the wine chilled long after it's poured. You can also use it for hot drinks but it's specifically made for wine. It comes in attractive yet subtle colors that shimmer in the candlelight. #68 - Fuzzy Cat Socks - For those cold winter nights, a blanket is just not enough. Help your friend or family member snuggle up in a warm bed with these toasty cat socks that are cute and warm. A good pair costs about $10 so think about getting one for yourself as well. It will be super useful when the snow comes. #69 - Weighted Blanket - If you haven't heard of this one, it's essentially a regular blanket with weights stitched into sections of the blanket. That means it will fall around you and keep you as snug as a... well you know the rest. Experts say that it also gives you a feeling of security and safety because it's almost as if someone tucked you in, just like your parents might have done when you were little. That's the same feeling you get from these blankets. #70 - Christmas Tree Candle & Incense Holder - The stacked levels of the Christmas tree open up to reveal candles inside, and the top of the tree acts as an incense stick holder. It's a great gift at under $30 and looks a lot more expensive, to be honest. If you know someone who loves candles and also burns incense sticks at home, this is an ideal Christmas gift idea. #71 - Touch-protection Keychain - A unique gift that addresses the concerns of a fearful public. The design of this keychain allows you to press elevator buttons and even open doors in public places without having to touch them. A handy utility at under $20 and an absolute essential when you're moving out of the house. #72 - Mini-fridge Electric Cooler (and Warmer) - At $50, this is not a budget gift, but it does serve the very useful purpose of keeping stuff cold or hot in a personal workspace. It's got just enough space for a can of soda, some yogurt, a couple of chocolate bars, and smaller edibles. It also makes for a great storage unit for personal beauty products that need to be kept in the fridge. #73 - Hampton Water - This $20 bottle of rosé will be welcome in any home. Add this to a gift bag to make it even more special. It's a popular wine that's relatively inexpensive and well-recognized as a brand. #74 - USB Cup Heater - On those cold days working from home, your coffee can cool off well before you're done drinking it. To help someone avoid that cold-coffee feeling in the middle of what was supposed to be a hot brew, gift them a USB cup heater that they can plug into their laptop or PC. Works with any ceramic coffee cup but it's better if you buy the set --> cup + warmer. #75 - Houseplant with Planter - A pre-potted houseplant with an attractive planter is a great gift for anyone who loves tending to their garden. It's also perfect for apartments and window-sill gardens. Some plants increase oxygen levels to quite a degree compared to others, so look for those. They're also natural air-purifiers. #76 - Laptop Sleeve - These come in a variety of sizes to suit each screen size, such as 8, 10, and 11-inch options for tablets/iPads, and 13, 15, and 17-inch versions for larger laptops. Make sure it has adequate foam protection or some kind of padding to absorb shock. some of them are just soft covers for storage so you might not want those for someone who moves around a lot with their hardware. #77 - Magic Bullet - This $40 gift is a great time-saver for anyone who loves smoothies and juices after their morning run. Blenders are expensive, so this offers an affordable alternative that also makes a perfect Christmas gift. You should be aware that if you're purchasing the product online, make sure it's from a reputed e-tailer rather than an unknown name. There are plenty of rip-offs that get into the mainstream e-commerce supply chain. #78 - Flavored Honey - If they love honey, they'll be absolutely delighted with this flavored honey that comes in delectable variants like lavender. Even when ingested (it's an edible flower), it has a soothing and calming effect and is often used to help chronic insomniacs get a good night's sleep. #79 - Wearable Blanket - Walking around in your blanket is not ideal unless it's a wearable Sherpa blanket. Snuggly-warm and comes with a hoodie. It's perfect for anyone who suffers yearly during the winter months and needs something more robust than a simple sweater or scarf to wear around the house or when out in the yard. #80 - Handwarmer Mug - An ingenious product that allows the user to slip their hand into a crevice around the mug to keep it warm as they enjoy their hot chocolate or coffee. We've only seen a right-handed one but a quick online search or asking at your local department store should help you find a left-handed one, too. We hope these Christmas gift ideas for 2020 give you soåme inspiration to keep that holiday tradition going despite the state of the economy and the nation. As we approach the most important holidays of the year, bring some good cheer to those who desperately need it. If you're one of the fortunate ones, pay it forward!
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