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50 Fun and Safe Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day 2021

Father's Day is right around the corner, on June 20, 2021. Are you ready to celebrate this day with your pop in a special way this year? Ugly ties and useless socks aside, why not give him the one thing he's bound to keep in his memories for a long time - the gift of yourself and your precious time. Time is one of the best gifts to give the older generation because they realize the true value of time and how the decades can easily slip away from your grasp.

Let this year be different. Spend the day with your dad rather than give him expensive gifts that will sit on a closet shelf waiting for your grandkids to discover them as antiques!

To give you a head start, we've rustled up some ideas for how to spend time with your daddy this Father's Day. You can add your own twist of uniqueness to the activity you choose. The only important thing to remember is that it is his day, so plan everything around what he likes to eat, where he likes to go, what he likes to do, etc. But also keep in mind that going outside the house might not be a great idea, especially when we're almost out of the woods as far as the pandemic is concerned. We're not there yet so a day in an isolated location or at his home might be better than a jaunt to the public park, a trip to the mall, or even a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant. It's just not worth the risk.

So here are some of the ideas we've put together as a starting point for you:

1. Make arrangements for an indoor picnic with your Dad

On Father’s Day surprise your dad by arranging a picnic inside your house. Make sure you stock up on his favorite beverage or brand of liquor. Line up the dining table with an assortment of his most preferred snacks and finger food. It will be a change from your standard outings particularly in these times. Play board games such as Monopoly, Clue, Chess, and Scrabble. Play his favorite numbers to set the stage and create the perfect ambiance. Ask him about the good old days and enjoy the friendly banter. Don’t forget to make the perfect arrangements keeping in mind his favorite couch or chair to provide him that extra comfort.

2. Fly a kite together

Go to your backyard and fly some colorful kites with your dad. You can get these kites online or be creative by making your own by following some YouTube videos. It will be a great fun memory to share as your dad will love this activity that will remind him of the good old days. Make sure to check the direction of the wind before you plan to fly your kite as it needs a good amount of skill and effort to launch a kite, particularly if there is little or no wind.

3. Go on a bird-watching trip

Grab your camera and binoculars and head for your nearest bird-watching trail with your dad. Spend the day inhaling some fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make a list of birds that you see and try to know more about these birds from the Internet. Walk holding hands with your dad to strengthen the bond of love and share some precious memory. Do not forget to carry a blanket to sit amid a lovely green trail and watch an array of exotic and local birds. Carry a hamper with refreshments and water so that you don’t have to go looking for food and water and enjoy the day to the fullest.

4. Pamper your dad with breakfast in bed

Surprise and spoil your dad by serving him his favorite breakfast in bed. Customize it with his favorite veggies or ingredients to give it a mouth-watering look. He will appreciate your cooking effort on this special day and this will surely bring a smile to his face. Put some extra dollops of cheese or an extra helping of fruits to brighten up his day. You can even opt to cook some exotic or new cuisine, something which both of you had been contemplating for a while. So, go on and treat the foodie in him. Serve it with his favorite tea, coffee or cold-pressed juice as an accompaniment.

5. Indulge in an at-home wine tasting session

Indulge the connoisseur of fine wine in him by pouring some vintage wine in his favorite wine goblet. Don’t forget to perk it up with some fine cheese to give it a zing. You can even pair the wine with crackers, toaster pastries, fruit snacks, and corn chips. Take your pick from the finest wines like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato, and fizzy Sangria. He will surely appreciate the taste of this heavenly combination and it will mark the beginning of a great bonding experience between the two of you.

6. Complete a task jointly

Is your dad a good hands-on guy? If yes then indulge him in constructing a birdhouse together or building a dog canal right from scratch. This will bring out the architect in him and he will love this activity. You can even paint a birdhouse or try your hands at some garage activities together. Ask his opinions on the constructional methods and he will be glad to share his views and ideas with you. Enjoy a chilled can of his favorite beer while performing these activities together.

7. Go for a short bike ride

Take a ride together on your bike in the neighborhood or to your nearby park. Feel the gentle breeze on your face and share some great moments by cycling your way through a few places where you both were planning to visit. Apart from going green, the ride will bring good memories that you both can cherish together. Stop at your local ice cream parlor and order his favorite scoop of ice cream. You can even challenge him for a short bike race but don’t forget to let him win as this is his day.

8. Organize a backyard cookout with some close friends of his

You can set up the grill or barbeque in your backyard or garden and ask him to help you with those juicy and tender steaks. Make sure to cook it to his liking, rare or medium. Prepare some wagyu beef burgers or a rack of ribs. Add some barbeque sauce and grill some veggies to go with it to satisfy his taste buds. Make sure to clean the barbeque grill thoroughly before you start using it. Serve it to him with his favorite beverage to lighten up his mood.

9. Take him on a virtual tour

These days, many famous museums like the British Museum and Louvre Museum have virtual tours that enable people to walk through their galleries and see their precious collections virtually. Take him on such a tour by logging in to the Internet and show him some of the most precious and antique artifacts from around the world. If he loves museums then it will be a great way to surprise him on this special day. You can even help him take part in a virtual zoo tour where he can see a few exotic animals without the hassle of traveling, from the comfort of his house.

10. Plan a movie night together

Take him out along with the entire family on a movie night. Make sure to book the seats in advance as on special occasions like these the tickets are pre-booked by many. Also, if he is not much of a multiplex fan or if you feel it's too risky, you can arrange for a movie night in your backyard with the help of a projector. Play some of the classics that will take him on a trip down memory lane.

11. Go for a swim together

Pack your swimming gear and indulge in a water sport or just enjoy swimming with your dad in your pool. Make sure to brush the pool properly and skim it for this special occasion; and if you don’t have a pool, visit your nearest waterbody to enjoy the summer together by challenging him to a fun swimming contest. You can even try new swimming strokes and learn a few old-school tricks on swimming from your old man. He will enjoy these memories and cherish them forever.

12. Sign him up at a virtual fitness club

Is your dad a gym freak but can’t access the gymnasium due to the present outdoor situation or any other reason? You can sign him up at one of the many virtual fitness clubs available online. There are plenty of courses ranging from medium to hardcore workouts that you can choose for your dad to take up. This will keep him active and he can perform an array of workouts from the comfort of his home. There are even one-to-one sessions that he can take advantage of to develop those six-pack abs that he always dreamt of.

13. Help him attend a virtual concert of his favorite band

Is your dad a music freak or always complaining about a concert that has got canceled due to the pandemic? Help him attend his favorite concert by signing him up on a virtual concert platform. Make sure to book the tickets early as these days they are selling out like hotcakes. He can enjoy his favorite musicians performing live right from his living room. Spice up the experience by serving him his favorite beverage, and put on your oven mitts to make him some home-baked cookies. Show him how to record these concerts so that he can enjoy them later at his convenience and relive the experience once again.

14. Help him create his favorite Lego model

On this Father’s Day, gift your dad a Lego creation to help him construct his favorite movie props or his favorite car model. You can also come up with a Lego model idea and build it together with your dad. There are several YouTube videos on building Lego models, so you can watch them together and indulge in creating a perfect Lego model. After you're done, you can share his Lego masterpiece on your social media to help others appreciate it and help bring a beaming but perhaps sheepish smile to his face. He'll be a little 10-year-old boy again!

15. Rent his dream car and go for a ride

Everybody has their dream car, including your dad. Help turn that dream into reality by renting his favorite car online and take him for a spin in the neighborhood or on a short road trip. Plan the trip with the help of the Internet so that he can enjoy it to the fullest without getting caught in any traffic snarls. Add some spice to it by playing his favorite tunes on your day out. He will love the cool breeze on a deserted highway or a drive along a winding coastal road, and it will be a moment to cherish for a lifetime.


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16. Create a playlist for him 

Go online and download some of your dad’s favorite songs and present him with a playlist that he will appreciate. You can even add a few tracks about fatherhood to make him feel special. Make sure to add tracks from his favorite genre. You can even personalize it with a recorded message at the beginning to tell him how much he means to you. He will listen to these tracks throughout the year and these songs will always remind him of you.

17. Treat your dad to a meal at his favorite diner

On Father’s Day, take your dad out for dinner to his favorite restaurant. Book his favorite spot in advance to avoid any disappointment and pamper him with his favorite cuisine. You can arrange a special Father’s Day theme song to be played while both of you enjoy the delectable dishes together. You can even try some new eateries to celebrate the day. Order a special cake to be brought out on his arrival - or at the end of your meal to end the day on a sweet note.

18. Take him out on a shopping spree

Dads hate to shop but they love being pampered by their kids. Splurge lavishly on him and pick up the tab for a change, something which he has been doing all these years for you and the entire family. Help him select his favorite clothes or put together an entirely new wardrobe to mark the occasion of Father’s Day. Color-coordinate his outfits and don’t forget to get him matching yet comfortable footwear. You can also select some accessories like a good leather belt and wallet to complement his outfit. Help him select his favorite wardrobe online and help him browse through the listings. If he is fond of formal wear, pick some matching ties - or you can order tailor-made suits. Help him select the fabric and get it custom-made to suit his taste and complement his style. 

19. Go kayaking together

Take him out for a kayak ride as the weather is normally perfect during this time of year for kayaking. Look online for kayak venues or head for your local lake for a fun-filled day together. Buy him a few kayaking items like a dry suit, kayak gloves, and paddles. He will love the serene view of the beautiful river banks and migrating birds while on a kayak ride. If he is trying it out for the first time, buy him a beginner’s guide on kayaking basics. You can even pore over some brochures to pick the perfect kayaking destination.

20. Discover and draw his family tree

This Father’s Day, do something different to make your dad feel special, like tracing his his family tree. He will be excited to know about his ancestors and his family's roots. Draw a family tree diagram with photos of your ancestors if you have them, and present this special gift to him on this special day. There are lots of websites that can do this for you, and you can also take the initiative to trace back your heritage from relatives and even long-time friends of the family.

21. Take your father on a vacation

Every individual, including your dad, has a favorite tourist spot. Find out where that is and give him a surprise by taking him on a short vacation to that special place. It will be a fun trip as you can take your whole family out on a delightful tour to help them get away from their daily grind. Make sure to carry a camera so that you can capture the moments together. Ask your father about memories or plans that he has for that place and help him to make them come alive.

22. Visit his ancestral home

Surprise your dad on this Father’s Day by taking him to his childhood home. It will bring back a lot of memories for him and he will love to travel back to the past. Ask him to regale you with some stories related to special or secret spots in and around the house. You might discover some fun and unknown stories about his childhood. The spark in his eyes will make you happy when he talks about his golden days, and it will surely bring a smile to his face and a tear to his eye, not to mention yours!

23. Organize a family talent night

Tell your kids and all other members of your family to put on a show like stand-up comedy or your dad’s favorite play on this special day. It can be a talent show where all the members can showcase their hidden gifts and surprise your dad. Ask him to participate, too, and show you some of his own skills. He will love the attention and will have a fun-filled time with all the members of the family. You can set up a stage in your backyard or simply make some space in your living room.

24. Host a lawn game together

It’s a great day to host a family lawn game in your backyard where your family members, including your dad, can show off their sporting skills in several sports like horseshoes, cornhole, and croquet. If he loves tennis, you can set up a temporary tennis court in your backyard and challenge him for a friendly game of tennis. Don’t forget to set up a scoreboard to make it look special as you can tally up the score to decide the winner after the game. An award ceremony at the end will add the perfect finishing touch, but don't forget that everyone's a winner at this special Father's Day event - even the fifth-best ball boy!

25. Help unveil his hidden karaoke skills

Set up a mike and play his favorite tracks and pass it on to him to help him show his singing skills. You can get a karaoke mike from any of the several online shopping sites. It will be a fun activity as your dad might start showing his dancing skills too while singing his favorite song. Ask him about memories related his favorite tunes and he might surprise you with bits of trivia around them. Don’t forget to crank up the volume on this special day.

26. Take him to your local golf course

If your dad loves golf, then this is the day to have fun under the blue sky with a tee-off time at his favorite golf course. Make sure to book a slot in advance as many families love to engage in this popular activity on this day. Ask him about a few golf shots, which he will love to share with you, and arrange a friendly match between the two of you. Make sure to clean his golf clubs the day before, be sure to get a golf cart, and maybe even book a limo ride from his house to the course to make it truly special.

27. Plan a hiking trip

Go online and search for a few nearby hiking trips to select the best one for your dad. If you have a national park nearby, it will be a fun outdoor activity on Father’s Day as both of you can enjoy the silence and serenity of nature. You can even ask him to select his favorite hiking trail. Don’t forget to carry a camera so that you can capture this beautiful moment together. You can ask him to share stories about his past hiking experiences. Be sure to gift him a pair of comfortable and cushioned hiking shoes before you hit the trail.

28. Go visiting with relatives or friends

Take him out to see some old friends or relatives he hasn't visited with in a while. It'll be a great nostalgic experience for him and possibly an enlightening one for you as he talks about the good old days. Learn more about your dad's childhood and younger days in one day than you ever did upto now!

29. Plant a sapling together

You can celebrate this special day with your dad by planting a sapling in your backyard. It’s a fun outdoor activity under the summer sky and when this sapling grows into a tree, it will always remind him of you. Even when he is gone, the tree will be there to remind you of his contribution to planting the tree. It will be a sign of the loving bond between you and your dad for many years to come. Make sure to select a hardy tree that will be there for the generations to see.

30. Arrange a photoshoot

Arrange for a family photoshoot with your dad and all your uncles, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, nephews, nieces, and cousins. You can hire a professional family photographer online or visit your local photo studio. You can arrange for a good location inside your house, like your living room, or you can host the photoshoot outside, in your backyard. It is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day as these photographs will be a long-lasting memory both for your dad and you. He can look at these precious photographs in retrospect and fondly remember that very special Father's Day in 2021.

31. Throw a costume party

Why reserve the fun and frenzy of a costume party to just Halloween? Invite your friends on this special day for a costume party together with your dad and other members of the family. Ask your dad about his favorite movie character and help him dress up in that costume. You will love to see the child in him come out as he will show his acting skills by performing an act from his favorite movie. Let him be Dirty Harry delivering that famous line: "Do you feel lucky, punk?" Or perhaps something more sophisticated, Mr. Bond? Make sure to arrange for a theme song to be played when the costume party is underway, and don't forget to pamper your guests with their favorite beverages and snacks.

32. Play video games together

If your dad loves video games, this is the day to let him show off his gaming skills. Ask him to sit with you and play a couple of his favorite video games together. Maintain a logbook so that you can keep track of the score. Challenge him to his favorite video game and bring out the kid in him. You can even ask other members of your family to take part in a game of Mario Cart together to celebrate the day. Put out some snacks and his favorite beverage while he is showing his racing skills and making you look like an amateur.

33. Go to a baseball game together

It’s a great day to celebrate a ball game together at your local baseball stadium. Book tickets in advance because the good seats inevitably go first. It will be a fun day together as you both root for your favorite team with a glass of warm beer and a ball game hot dog in your hands. You can also present him with his favorite baseball team cap to mark this special occasion. You can even pack some cookies from home to give the outing a personal touch.

34. Visit your local art gallery

If your dad is a lover of art, you can take him out to your local art gallery to show him a few artworks. This year, due to the pandemic, many art galleries are closed so it might be a better idea to take him on a virtual tour of various art galleries around the world. He will love different art collections from around the globe in the comfort of his home. Many galleries even feature their collections as 3D models, which makes them look realistic and more interesting, and your dad will love the novel experience.

35. Go fishing together

You can celebrate this Father’s Day by inviting your dad on a fishing trip. Select a local fishing spot online and spend the day together in calm river surroundings. Take your kids along with you so that they can learn a few tricks from your dad on the best bait to use for a particular type of fish or the best casting techniques. Carry your camera so that you can capture this beautiful moment together and which will last you a lifetime. Engage in meaningful conversations as your dad will love to loosen up on a beautiful day like this.

36. Visit your local amusement park

Bring out the little kid in your father by visiting your local amusement park on this day. Book the tickets in advance and help him try out different fun rides. He will love the thrill and chill of going on various rides and will thoroughly enjoy his special day. Take other members of the family to have a fun-filled day together. If the park has a ghost ride, it will be added fun as he will love the spooky monsters and the fun scares that come with it.

37. Arrange a spa day for your dad

Give your dad a refreshing experience by arranging a spa at home. He will love the relaxing deep tissue massage or he can go for a pedicure and facial right in the comfort of his living room. Pamper him by booking with some spa clinics online and he will be thanking you for a long time. You can also book other services like a good head massage or a hot stone bath that will help enhance his mood and improve his health.

38. Go bowling

Head to your local alley to have a great afternoon of bowling together with your dad on this Father’s Day. Tell your dad to show off his bowling skills and enjoy the ambiance with some cold beer and fast food available in your local bowling alley. Compete with him in a friendly game of bowling and let him win intentionally to bring a smile to his face. It’s a great place to strike a good conversation as the surroundings will enhance his mood. You can even invite some of his bowling buddies if he's on a team, but don't make it too competitive.

39. Set up a scavenger hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt inside your house or in your backyard. Give him a few clues to find his Father’s Day gift and make it fun. He will enjoy solving the clues and earn his gift. Arrange the clues properly and hide the gift in easy as well as hard-to-find places to make the hunt interesting. Your dad will love this offbeat challenge and it will be a fun activity for him that he will remember for a long time.

40. Plant a family garden together

On this Father’s Day, spend the day together with your dad in your backyard planting a few vegetables or flowering plants to create a beautiful garden. Get some seeds or saplings you think he might like and help him plant them on a sunny morning. It will be an amazing activity to cherish the bond of love between the two of you as you can indulge him in some meaningful conversations with your dad. The feel of fresh green leaves will enhance his mood and it will be a memory to cherish forever. You can do a quick search on the Internet to pick up a few gardening tips and implement them on this special day.

41. Help him create a time capsule

Dig a hole in your garden or backyard and help your dad collect a few memorable household items from around the house - stuff that'll bring back a flood of rich memories later on. Then put them in a waterproof bag and keep them in the hole to create a time capsule. Your kids can dig it up after a considerable amount of time and all of you can reminisce about the times gone by.

42. Send him on a trip to Mars!

No, not with Jeff Bezos, unfortunately. Instead, log on to NASA's website and select the virtual walk on Mars feature to help him explore planet Mars. It’s an interesting and educational feature that the website offers to enable people to feel the experience of a walk on Mars. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection at your home before accessing this website. The best part is that it can be accessed from both computers and mobile phones. Your dad will love the virtual walk and it will be a fun way to spend the day together. Arrange for some chilled beers and French fries or pretzels before logging on to the website - you want him to explore space but also feel his feet on solid ground on good old Earth!

43. Gift him a telescope and help him stargaze

This Father’s Day, give your dad a telescope to help him see different stars and constellations on a clear summer night. He will love watching the starlit sky and, if he is lucky, he might witness a falling star. At this time of the year, the sky is clear and he can take full advantage of it. Download apps like Star Walk on his phone so that he can point the telescope in the right direction and know more about stars. This activity will make him ‘feel like a star’ and it will be an immensely enjoyable Father’s Day activity.

44. Arrange for a virtual family get-together

Due to the present scenario, many people, especially the elderly, can’t visit their loved ones physically. You can take this opportunity to arrange for a video call with some of his old friends and give him a chance to indulge in some light-hearted banter with his pals. If some of your family members live overseas then this is the day to connect with them via video call and give your dad a special treat. He can socialize with them for hours and they can talk about some family times together. You can also tell other members of the family to take part in this fun activity and make this day a truly special one.

45. Set up a cooking session together

Bring out the chef in both of you by zeroing in on a dish and go shopping together for the ingredients. Try a completely new recipe or look for ideas on the Internet or your favorite cooking show. You can also try to add a unique culinary twist to the recipe by adding your special touch, keeping his preferred flavors in mind. If you don’t wish to go shopping, try to create something new with the ingredients available in your kitchen. You can even try an age-old recipe that has been passed down the generations and is a family favorite. Try to locate a cookbook that has your grandmom’s secret recipes and rediscover your favorite delicacies or a family classic.

46. Solve a puzzle together

Pick family photos and order a customized puzzle online as a Father's Day gift for him. It could be one of your favorite memories from your childhood or any other event that brings a smile to his face. You could also create a puzzle in the form of your family tree or both of you can enjoy a game of Sudoku as a perfect way to create a bond as a family. As you put the pieces of the puzzle together, help him discover family memories that foster nostalgia and help him relive the moment.

47. Host a beer tasting session

Both of you can head to his favorite beer bar or a local craft brewery and enjoy a few refreshing pints on this special occasion. Or you can enjoy his all-time favorite brewski in the cozy comfort of your home. To give him the ultimate treat, plan and arrange a craft beer tasting session with a heady assortment of lagers, ales, and IPAs sourced from your local brewery. He might end up finding a new favorite tipple and thank you for coming up with this cracker of an idea to celebrate this special occasion.

48. Make fondue memories together!

If your father digs entrees and appetizers, get a fondue set and make him a special meal for Father’s Day. Browse the web and create a mouth-watering fondue menu to serve up a meal with a difference. Dip the entrees and appetizers in cheese or melted chocolate. Watch him savor some warm and melt-in-the-mouth fondue and share his favorite one with you. Let him try his hand at making some fondue or add his special touch to come up with a new recipe - and let it be your secret comfort food. You can even surprise guests or other members of your family at special family gatherings or parties with this surprise recipe of yours.

49. Build him his own bar

Get out your carpentry box and design a stylish and functional bar for him. You can look for designs over the Internet or unleash your creative side. Go shopping for matching wine goblets and champagne flutes to complete the setup. Don’t forget to stock up on his favorite beer, wine, and single malts to let him enjoy his favorite poison lounging in the comfort of his home. You can even include a mixer for those special cocktails to let his creative juices flow. Additionally, put in a soda and ice dispenser, without which the setup will be incomplete.

50. Buy him a portable hammock

If your dad is an outdoors person, he will treasure a portable hammock - more so if it is given by you. As most portable hammocks are lightweight, he will not have any trouble carrying it whenever he goes camping or hiking. And if he prefers to lounge in his backyard and enjoy the sunshine, he will love the hammock because he can set it up and relax in his favorite spot in the garden or backyard.  He can use it to read his favorite book, take a quick nap, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds around him while he swings in the cool summer breeze.

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