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30 Connected Tech Gadgets to Help Long-distance Friendships and LDRs

With the pandemic causing individuals to remain as isolated as possible at home, the people you regularly meet for weekly cocktails or monthly get-togethers are suddenly only accessible via a screen.

However, even before the pandemic began, people sought ways to maintain contact with distant relatives. Today, we are fortunate to be able to interact without incurring additional costs—if you have a phone, you can call, text, or video chat at any time. Nonetheless, it occasionally feels as if a dimension of genuine human connection is missing.

Here are some suggestions that go beyond a phone or video conversation, such as long-distance activities and goods made particularly to link two people. While some of these may seem a little gimmicky, when you're missing folks you care about, having a specific means to show you care can be really comforting.

1. Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Your friendship or romantic relationship with your BFF or S.O. is essential to you. And if you're doing the long-distance thing, you're probably always seeking ways to feel more connected to one another, even when there are thousands of miles between the two of you. It's a good thing there are gifts for long-distance relationships! And, more particularly, friendship lamps that can sync with one another through WIFI, allowing you to signal a loved one you're thinking about them - simply by turning on the lights!

Light up the life of your loved ones - Friendship lamps are a one-of-a-kind touch lamp that provides a straightforward method to connect with the people you care about, no matter how far apart you are. Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them by lighting up their lamps in the color of your choice if you have two or more lamps linked to WIFI. No matter where they are in the world, all you have to do is touch your light, and they will be aware of your thoughts for them. To alter the color of your lamps, if you want to communicate different messages, hold down on the top of the lamp until the color of your choice appears.

These lamps can display various colors, and you will need at least two lights to get the most out of these Friendship Lamps.

The lights are under 7 ounces in weight and 14 cm in height, and they come with an LED bulb that helps you save money on your energy bills.

2. LED Lantern Speaker by MoMA

Long-distance relationships can be made even more difficult because they take place in different time zones. For someone constantly talking to you after their bedtime, this speaker that also serves as a lantern is a unique gift idea.

This creative, playful design, which functions as both a dimmable lantern and a wireless speaker, has the classic appearance of a hurricane lamp while providing up to seven hours of continuous ambient light and crisp, omnidirectional sound. When the LED Lantern Speaker is associated with your mobile device, it establishes a Bluetooth connection. It's small enough to fit in your tote and take with you on picnics, camping vacations, and wherever else you might want to host an after-dark gathering—and it's splash-proof, making it ideal for outdoor activities. This lithium-ion rechargeable battery requires only four hours to charge and provides five hours of regular volume play fully. The charging cable is a micro USB connector.

3. Instagram-Friendly Books by Artifact Uprising

Want to give a bespoke long-distance relationship present to someone special on your anniversary? If your partner enjoys capturing memories on Instagram, you can make them into a book that they can go over when they miss you the most. It will make an excellent addition to their coffee table or bookshelf, where they can keep those treasured memories. These softcover books have a warm textured eggshell cover and internal pages that are 100 percent recycled, with patterns specifically tailored to accommodate your square photographs. There is no need to upload anything because you may connect directly to your Instagram feed.

4. ChatLight will instantly transform you and your bestie into Hollywood celebrities

ChatLight creates the illusion that you are video chatting with your partner under brilliant Hollywood lights on a daily basis. In addition to being featured on HSN and The Grommet, the tiny light can be used on any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It is also extremely portable. The manufacturer claims that the light can endure for more than 50,000 hours and that it can be recharged in fifteen minutes. It works flawlessly on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, as well as on the majority of desktop PCs. Chatlight can be recharged in about 15 minutes by plugging it into a conventional power outlet or any USB port, and the best thing is that it does not require batteries to function. The light bar on Chatlight can be adjusted in height and angle based on where you want the light to be projected. The brightness of Chatlight is controlled by a switch that you may turn on and off depending on how much light you require to look your best. There are numerous applications for it. Your Chatlight can be used to illuminate video conversations, keyboards, books, and live streaming video.

5. The Hug Shirt is perfect for sending virtual hugs to a long-distance pal

The Hug Shirt is an incredible product to make people who miss their loved ones happy simply. This shirt allows you to transmit virtual hugs back and forth with your spouse in real-time, which is a wonderful feature.

The technology behind this product was developed by the co-founders of the company in 2002, and it makes use of powerful sensors that can use skin warmth and pulse rate data to reproduce the sensation of a hug.

When you use the HugShirt App, the Hug Shirt connects Bluetooth to your phone and captures a hug the same way you would record a video. It then transfers the hug data over the network to your friend's phone, where it is instantly delivered over Bluetooth to their Hug Shirt. Moreover, you may embrace your friends in real-time, from anywhere in the globe, if you all have the HugShirt App open simultaneously. You can even hug multiple friends at the same time.

6. Kast allows you to watch anything with your bestie from anywhere

Kast was founded on the concept of being able to watch anything with anyone, no matter where you are in the world.

It allows you to view movies and videos in sync with your spouse on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, among other things. The ability to talk and use your camera while watching is also included in the package. We all know that even the most ordinary experiences can be made more enjoyable by sharing them with the person you care about. Both the app and the website allow you to do just that with your significant other.

7. Hand-Holding Device Frebble

The Frebble is a wireless device that was recently funded on Kickstarter and allows you to hold the hand of your significant other from any location. Frederick Petrignani came up with the idea after hearing fellow MBA students express their desire to hold hands with the people they care about while using a computer or mobile phone.

In the blink of an eye, when you squeeze a Frebble device in your hand, the person to whom you are conveying your hand-hold will be able to sense your presence in real-time. According to the device's creators, when used in conjunction with video chatting, the device gives users a truly authentic and meaningful experience.

There are numerous methods to see and hear your loved ones through the power of the internet, but until recently, the tactile element has been lacking. With Frebble, you can cut through the distance and exchange the tiniest gesture – the squeeze of the hand – that means so much to the other party.

8. Headphones with noise-cancelling technology from Bose

A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones makes conversation much simpler in long-distance relationships. They are also excellent for blocking out unpleasant travel noises on the road or in a car. Its 11 levels of active noise cancellation let you listen to music, podcasts, watch videos, and make phone calls without being distracted. The sound is crisp, with distinct details. Every volume setting on these wireless headphones produces an exhilarating, lifelike sound that is both full and balanced. A unique microphone technology adapts to noisy and windy surroundings, ensuring that your voice is always crystal clear on phone calls no matter where you are. It's easy to stay connected without reaching for your phone, thanks to easy access to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for music, navigation, weather, and other things, and intuitive touch control on the headphones' earcups.

It's possible to comfortably wear these Bluetooth headphones for hours on end, thanks to the lightweight stainless steel headband and earcups that are tilted for the optimal fit. Obtain up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge with this device. By tapping and holding the right earcup, you can instantly listen to the previous Spotify session you were on or discover new music. Currently, this feature is only available when using iOS devices in conjunction with headphones.

9. 6th Edition of The Jackbox Party Pack

Alternatively, if you want games that are a little more PG-13, we recommend Jackbox. The Party Pack has a slew of games that you can log in to and play with your friends, regardless of how far apart you are geographical. (This is also a good idea for any holiday firsts, like Christmas, birthdays, and so on.) It's thoughtful, yet it's also understated. It has been made possible in TMP2 to turn some of the mini-games on and off to improve accessibility. Increased the frequency with which the gifts minigame appears in TMP2.

An issue that may cause Role Models to crash if a player drew an excessive number of lines in their avatar has been fixed.

10. LoveBox's Spinning Heart Messenger

Has the idea of sending text messages to your significant other and having them open them as if they were a gift ever occurred to you? In this way, the Spinning Heart Messenger by LoveBox conveys its message to the recipient. The app was developed specifically for long-distance couples by someone who is currently in a long-distance relationship themselves. The Spinning Heart Messenger was designed in France by Jean Gregoire in order to send messages to his fiancee, Melodie while attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

As soon as you submit a message using the LoveBox mobile application, the heart on the front of the box will begin to spin, indicating that your partner has received and read your message. You can transmit up to 168 characters or a hand-drawn graphic. Keep the words dear to your heart because they will vanish as soon as the box is shut.

11. App for Gifting Goodies

Even though you don't have to wait for an anniversary or a special occasion to send gifts to your long-distance partner, dealing with shipping can be a major hassle—and it's something you should only have to deal with a couple of times a year. Goody, a new gifting app, makes it simple to send gifts to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

You don't even need to know the recipient's address because they will receive a gift notification straight to their phone when the gift has been delivered. Thanks to the app's inclusion of top gift brands such as Le Labo, Milk Bar, and UrbanStems, you'll only have to visit one location to find the perfect present for your significant other.

12. Couples Pillowcases by BoldLoft from the bottom of my heart to yours

Two pillowcases are included in the set, one for men and one for ladies, and they are machine washable. The tiny stick figures look like something out of a children's book, which only adds to the innocence and sweetness of the piece. If you have that kind of love story going on, then these pillows are unquestionably the ones for you to have. The fact that the male stick figure is blowing bubbles that form into hearts as they travel across the other cushion to the girl stick figure is what sets these pillows apart from the rest of the competitors. Is there anything else we should say? That's about the sweetest thing you can find on the internet.

The item is wrapped and ready to be given as a gift. Who doesn't appreciate the convenience of something like that?

The envelope closure, which is unique in design, ensures that your pillows remain safely inside the pillowcase. (The last thing you want to do is wake up in the middle of the night without a cushion!)

Fabric on these pillowcases is made from a particular, long-lasting cotton blend, making it softer and more durable than ever before. As a result, your pillowcases will endure seemingly indefinitely, just like your relationship. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and offers color fading protection. That means you'll get more excellent value for your money. And everyone appreciates a pillowcase that is silky soft. The fabric is also really soft, so you will have no trouble snuggling up to this pillowcase that will always remind you of that special someone in your life. Super soft, ridiculously lovely, and relatively simple to use. What more could you possibly ask for in life?

The BoldLoft From My Heart to Yours Couples Pillowcases will undoubtedly be a hit with both male and female customers. You'll like cuddling up with these pillows, and you'll appreciate how affordable they are. You don't care for this particular design, do you? There are hundreds of thousands of options to pick from, so you are sure to discover one that is ideal for your specific connection.

13. Create a Google Photos Album that can be shared with others

One of the most successful methods of virtually sharing experiences and memories is through the use of images and movies. However, one of the most important features for families and friends is the ability to collaborate on shared albums, which can be created in Google Photos using a variety of different features. Albums can be created and accessed either through the Google Photos website or through the Google Photos apps (for iOS and Android); each album currently supports 20,000 videos and photos, and Google Photos offers unlimited storage if you agree to compress uploaded images to 16MP resolution or higher resolution (otherwise, they count toward your overall Google account storage tally).

To make the experience even more delightful, the app incorporates a number of clever capabilities, which range from built-in picture editing tools to AI-powered elements that weave together collages and memories to make the experience even more unforgettable.

Go to the Albums tab on your mobile device or the web to begin adding albums to your collection. Select the "+" button to begin adding new albums to your collection. Give it a name and personalize it by uploading photos from your phone or computer to it. Once you've finished editing, you may share it with others by hitting the share icon (), or on iOS, you can tap the three-dot menu () > Share.

To add photographs or videos to an existing album, tap the "add to album" icon at the top (a square with a plus sign on the top right) and pick them from your phone or computer to be added to the album. Updates to shared albums can be seen in the Sharing section of the menu bar.

14. Make a Spotify Playlist with your long- distance bestie

Music has the ability to bring people together, but you don't have to be in a crowded stadium waving lighters (or smartphones) to be moved by a song. Music-streaming services allow you to carry your tunes with you everywhere you go, and with Spotify, you don't have to prepare a traditional mixed tape to share your favorite music with others.

A collaborative playlist on Spotify allows your long-distance friends who have access to the playlist to make additions or deletions to the tracks. Creating one is simple: right-click on any playlist and select "Collaborative Playlist" from the drop-down menu. (If you think that your friends' horrible music is getting out of hand, you may turn off this feature at any moment.)

15. Webcam Logitech C922 Pro Stream

The C922 is a high-definition camera that can transmit and record high-definition 1080p video at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. It is equipped with two microphones with omnidirectional polar patterns, which ensures that both streamed and recorded footage are clear and uninterruptible. The horizontal field of view of the camera is 78°, which allows for simple installation on a wide range of monitors and laptops.

16. The Apple Watch is a long-distance timepiece

For more than a century, watches have been the most popular gift choice. They are functional, fashionable, and, if properly cared for, they will last for a long time. High-quality objects have been passed down through the centuries as family heirlooms and can hold significant sentimental value.

Various factors contribute to the Apple Watch's popularity as the most popular smartwatch on the market. It's very customizable, has a straightforward design, connects to all devices with ease, and displays a lot more information than simply the time.

Once you get your hands on it, you'll quickly realize that it's one of your favourite gadgets for long-distance couples for the following reasons:

• Displays two time zones at the same time: this will save you time from having to conduct mental calculations to figure out what time it is where your spouse resides.

• Heartbeat reading feature: by pressing the button on the side, it will begin to read your heartbeat automatically. With just a few more taps on the screen, you may broadcast your heartbeat to a loved one who is far away. Isn't it a great approach to show them that you have a soft spot in your heart for them?

You can choose from four different face sizes, depending on the model you're looking at. It's ideal if you want timepieces for long-distance couples that are both his and hers.

When you combine high-tech with a straightforward design, you get a significant token of your long-distance love. With a well-chosen timepiece, you can't go wrong.

17. A talking pillow

Pillow Talk does not speak but instead knocks, allowing you to hear the beating of your lover's heart through the pillow. When it comes to long-distance relationships, this is an excellent technology. A customised cushion and a belt strap were the only components of the gadget at the time of its invention. One of you goes to bed and fastens a strap around his waist. The device sends a message to the second pillow in the package, which is on the other side of the planet, from your loved one, informing them of the situation. The pillow begins to flash and warm up as the night progresses slowly. This device allows you to experience the warmth of a loved one's body.

The device has been slightly improved in recent times. Pillow Talk comprises three components: a mobile application, a bracelet, and a speaker that is put beneath the bed. Your lover, who may be hundreds of miles away from you, let alone in another country, can now signal to you that it is time to retire for the night. While lying in bed, you put on your pillows and turn on the speakers, and. You can hear each other's heartbeat as if you were very close to one another. The biggest issue with the gadget is that the time zones should not be too far apart; otherwise, you may run into problems with the time zone conversion.

18. The Long-distance Kissing device Kissinger

An innovative wireless device that transmits kisses even at a considerable distance has been developed. Were you watching The Big Bang Theory and saw something similar to this on the screen? Well, it's practically the same thing; you both kiss the product, and the kissing product communicates the kissing product's scent to the other product.

There is a range of possibilities, but engineers in London developed the most convenient one. Their solution comprises a unique silicone tip that conceals several sensors beneath it. Because they can distinguish your lips movements, the mobile application sends information about them to the smartphone of your companion who is located in a different city than you. The person who receives a kiss is aware of your presence no matter where they are. They claim that it is genuinely somewhat realistic.

Kissinger is also capable of learning — it retains information on how individuals prefer to kiss, which will be used to improve the device in the future.

19. Nintendo Switch for your gamer friend

Long-distance couples and friends alike will benefit significantly from the Nintendo Switch, which has been dubbed "the world's most advanced long-distance gaming system." You can play hundreds of games on the fly, thanks to the console's portability. Playing online allows you to set it up on your television, take it with you while travelling to see your long-distance spouse or long-distance friend, and play on your computer. It's a fantastic console for individuals who want to play on a large screen and want to take it with them wherever they go. There are three different play styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode are available.

It has a 6.2-inch capacitive touch screen with multi-touch functionality and up to 9 hours of battery life. The length of time that the software will last will vary based on the conditions of use. Up to eight consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer gaming over Wi-Fi when using the Wi-Fi connectivity feature.

20. Kissing Whale keychains

As though your love will never be separated from you, this magnetic whale pair keychain will always draw you together. Male and female whales are attracted to each other and kiss whenever they come close to each other on this polished whale keychain with magnets.

This keychain is a symbol of a long-lasting love that will never be broken apart.

The whale personalised couple keychain is constructed of a high-quality zinc alloy that is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The surface has been polished to a high gloss Super-shiny and extremely scratch-resistant finish. It is made of a sturdy, durable substance that is anti-scratch and will never corrode.

The whale pair keychain comes packaged in a lovely gift box. Suitable for celebrations or festivals such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day. Fantastic, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind present that will be cherished by everyone who receives it.

21. Strava App for your exercise freak friend

Modes of communication are essential for couples who are separated by a long distance. Connecting on the Strava app—and tracking each other's miles—is a beautiful method for fitness couples to stay connected while exercising together. Strava offers something for every athlete, whether smarter training, deeper analysis, or safer sessions.

22. Glympse to Track your Long-distance friend

It's tough to be separated when you used to anticipate your loved one's every move. Glympse is an app that allows you to share your plans for where you intend to go in a given period of time during the course of the day. You have complete control over who can see you and for how long — excellent for keeping track of your travels when you're on your way to visit a loved one. They will be able to receive your Glympse notifications from any device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

A word of caution, though: if you're renowned for having control issues, location-based apps are probably not the best option for you. This would only serve to enrage them further and cause you even more frustration than you already have.

23. Together, you can watch Netflix

Indeed, Netflix and chill will never be the same without the portion where you actually "relax," but it's a decent substitute for sitting in front of the television on your own. And there is an unlimited number of different ways to go about it. While watching the movie, you and your companion can engage in a live chat discussion about it, or you can have a brief session during or after the film to share your ideas and theories about it.

24. Front Row allows you to become a part of your partner's day-to-day life.

Front Row, a wearable streaming camera, allows you to become a part of your partner's day-to-day activities. Attend a rock concert with your significant other, or observe them during their morning jog, their drive to work, or any other activity. When you use high-quality imagery, you might have the illusion that you are spending time together even when you are not. When you're in a long-distance relationship, technology can help you stay connected with your partner pleasantly and productively. Try out any of these gadgets with your significant other, or share your favourite tried-and-true devices in the comments section below.

25. A Voice Control Smart Speaker

Great long-distance tech presents include items that they 1. require and 2. are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Burning a CD for your beloved is the modern equivalent of investing in a perfect (and very gorgeous) speaker system. Only, you know, with a far better sound and with an almost limitless number of possibilities.

Gift this powerful smart speaker with built-in voice control that is easy to use.
With Sonos One, your friend can enjoy powerful, room-filling sound while controlling it with your voice, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay2, and other methods.

Amazon Alexa comes pre-installed, allowing you to play music, check the news, set alarms, get answers to your queries, and more, all while remaining entirely hands-free. The small footprint allows it to fit into almost any place. Place it on your kitchen counter or a bookshelf at your workplace; whatever works for you. Given that it is humidity resistant, you can even use it in the bathroom.

26. Portable White Noise Machine by Yogasleep Rohm

Good for maintaining calm, a sound machine that your companion may tote everywhere they go. This is incredibly excellent if their present home is noisy—or if yours is. With this bundle, you'll save $4.95 on the Rohm Portable Sound Machine as well as the accompanying Travel Case.

The Rohm effectively covers noises that may disrupt or divert sleep for adults, babies, and children, resulting in enhanced sleep for all.

Choose one of three calming sounds: Then choose from dazzling white noise, deep white noise, or soft surf, and adjust the volume to your liking; it can range from whisper-quiet to impressively strong. Yogasleep Rohm and Hushh white noise machines are perfectly compatible with this stylish, crush-resistant travel case.

It is made of rigid EVA material and has a double-stitched zipper to keep your Rohm or Hushh safe from bumps, scratches, and liquid spills.

27. PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

Even if you are always on the phone when in a long-distance relationship, it might be a bit depressing when you consider all of the germs that these devices contain. Fortunately, this is where the PhoneSoap Pro comes into play. It will take only five minutes for them to disinfect their phone with this fantastic tech present. PhoneSoap Pro, like our other PhoneSoap models, is designed to accommodate the largest smartphones, as well as the largest phone covers and accessories, such as OtterBoxes.

PhoneSoap Pro destroys germs in just 5 minutes, which is half the time it takes for our common phone sanitizers to do the same thing. Our ten years of experience in developing world-class disinfection devices has resulted in a design that is both faster and more efficient.

PhoneSoap Pro, in contrast to our regular models, disinfects your phone immediately when it is placed inside or at the push of a button when it is removed. You have the option of using an automatic or manual system.

Chemical wipes effectively kill bacteria in general, but they are not as effective at killing germs on mobile phones as they are on other surfaces. Uneven surfaces and applications allow germs to survive. However, PhoneSoap provides a consistent kill 100 percent of the time, no matter what.

Featured on ABC's Shark Tank, PhoneSoap's innovative bacteria-zapping technology has been tested and proven successful on the Discovery Channel. The company has sold to hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers on Good Morning America, The View, and QVC.

28. The City Radio to tune to hundreds of stations

A long-distance friend may tune into the local stations in major cities with this radio, making it an excellent present for someone who lives far from their metropolitan home. This is a magic box that connects you to the world's city radio stations in real-time. It includes 18 detachable keys with city names on them, which, when pressed, activate the radio stations of those locations in real-time, according to the manufacturer.

Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Havana, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Moscow, Nairobi, New York, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo are among the available cities. Most importantly, it's compact, so your best friend may take it wherever with her.

29. The all new Roku Streaming Stick Plus (+)

What should a long-distance couple do when they can't go on a date night in person? Of course, binge-watching television shows and movies is a must. If your partner doesn't already have this Roku streaming stick, which allows for endless hours of entertainment viewing, this is an excellent tech gift for any special occasion.

The long-range wireless receiver provides you with a more fantastic range and a stronger signal, allowing you to enjoy flawless streaming even in rooms that are further away from the router. Your favorite shows will come to life in astonishing detail and clarity, regardless of whether you're streaming in high definition, 4K, or high dynamic range (HDR). You'll enjoy a picture quality that's tailored for your TV, with crisp resolution and vibrant color.

This item is available for purchase. Instantaneous and responsive, you'll be able to stream your favorite shows and movies from Apple TV, Prime Video, and Netflix, as well as cable alternatives such as Sling, with ease. One remote allows you to watch the most talked-about TV across hundreds of channels, adjust the volume, mute, and control your streaming services all at the same time—use your voice to swiftly search across stations and turn captions on and off with just a few words. It's as simple as plugging it in, connecting it to the internet, and starting to stream content.

Make use of the free Roku mobile app to increase the volume of your favorite shows without disturbing the rest of the family. Stream everything you want, whether it's free TV, live news, sports, or anything else. With access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes across thousands of free and paid channels, it's simple to watch what you love and save money on your cable bills.

30. FrontRow Camera

This pendant-like webcam is great for livestreaming and recording videos so your significant other gets your POV on things - literally! All you need is a smartphone app to control the hardware and a Bluetooth connection to pair with the device. You can directly stream your videos to social channels such as YouTube and Facebook, or record videos to upload to your long-distance friend or lover overseas. The device itself has front and rear-facing cameras and can hold media files and run a few apps as well.


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